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  1. This was the only thread that came up on a Hornby 'M' motor search. I searched because the 'M' motor is very small, comes with a cradle that encompasses pickup wipers for all 6 wheels in my case for a S&DJR 3F Jinty. From my experience these motors seem to be very weak as my loco slowed through curves, pulling 18 wagons plus and wouldn't run slowly. It just hummed so obviously no pickup problems ! When running light engine at a scale 20 mph and blocked with a finger, rather than develop wheel slip, the motion ceased moving and it hummed quite loudly. Now thought I, that sounds like magnet weakness ? At just £5 a replacement motor was cheap enough. The trouble is it's given a minimal improvement When I put a screw near to the removed motor there wasn't enough magnetic pull to hold securely. My new motor has the same identifying stamp, are they all that weak ? Or was there a bad run ?? The loco in question was DCC fitted by me and I've not yet bothered to do a decoder change as I don't think that is the problem This I think is the only locomotive from a shed of 80+ that hasn't enough power to develop wheel slip. Something wrong somewhere ? anyone any ideas ?? I do have 2 other 3F, both Bachmann and while I've loaded them to a stall the wheels keep turning !! Geoff T.
  2. As always Gentlemen, thanks for the advice. I've today ordered some 0.35 Phosphor Bronze wire. I like the idea of a twisted centre over a pin and will see if I can incorporate that. I have also inherited a '00' SR 0-8-0 'Z' kit, less motor & gearbox. All brass and nickel silver. As it's cost me nothing yet. I'm tempted to have a go. Before that I need to be confident that I've made this 439 work acceptably. Then to get a high level gearbox and motor. Geoff T.
  3. Thanks for that Barclay, I was previously advised phosphor bronze and will probably get some on order today. I don't want to return to this should my first attempt fail. After some white metal scraping the wheel sets run well when all attached to a tired 9V battery. Before the thinner and perhaps more springy wire comes I'll be looking at exactly how much weight the bogie has to take and how free it is under that load. By all accounts this is where 0-4-4 problems arise. I'm beginning to get excited !! My only completed 'Locomotives' both ran on 24.5 mm Tenshodo Spuds, my building limited to the bodywork and squeezing a DCC decoder into a Roxey Moulding Hollingbury Tram Geoff T.
  4. More progress, heck wish I could keep up with the local snails !! My spare decoder fits in the bunker, trouble is I'll have to keep as a lift off fitting just in case I ever need to change the decoder. The bunker base is sealed, just have the wires coming out My present difficulty is making up contact wipers for the insulated wheels. This is the plan :- two wires mounted in a copperclad strip from which the red input to the decoder will be attached. I want to connect together with a small tension spring, but I don't have any and trying to find what I THINK I want is not being easy. That may, or may not be the best idea. Any suggestions ? Trying to find a suitable springy wire to eliminate the spring idea is not easy. Then of course I need to attach the bogie and find how much pressure it can accept from the tail heavy model and stay on the tracks. I probably didn't help myself by using the largest brass flywheel I could fit in the space. I like large flywheels for smooth running, but this is all aft of the second driver axle. At least today with with the grey/orange/black wires attached and a crocodile clip attaching red, the motor was running through the decoder. This highlighted some fouling so I've been in a scrape white metal mode. Geoff T.
  5. I know I'm not the only one ... To have unfinished projects that you eventually return to finish (I hope) Well coming up 11 years ago I had this idea to make a loco kit. It had to be what I wanted and not just because as a first build it should be something easy. I'm back into the box of bits that remain, I want to finish it. Currently I'm trying to build up the pickups. from plasticard, copperclad, springy wire. My chassis with gearbox runs well with power. As soon as pickups are in I have to get the rear bogie arrangement 'right'. The loco is packed with lead, but it still tail sits. The actual weight to be supported on the sprung bogie is low and as long as it moves sideway freely enough should/could be able to stay on the rails. Since I started this I have built 2 small Roxey Mouldings white metal kits. Fingers crossed. Geoff T
  6. John new is quite right in that they simply don't have the ability to trot off to the works where there will be bins, or boxes of the component parts. They won't have made up packages less wheels, simply not a viable commercial option. Bearing in mind they are still chasing their tail in trying to get all their products back into the market after Covid shut down and moving some production to PPE for the duration. Like many things it Could be done, particularly for their own shop, but not a path they would wish to take. Particularly when the chosen wheels from Alan Gibson are slightly smaller than the options I would use (Dapol & Hornby) which need great care in reducing the brake block thickness to prevent heavy fouling !! Geoff T.
  7. Although I built my two with the supplied Alan Gibson wheels I'd also be happy to take without wheel sets. They're quite difficult to ballast with invisible weight for running empty and by substituting Hornby, or Dapol all metal wheel assemblies you automatically add a few useful extra grams. I suppose their policy is to now supply complete kits, everything included. They probably feel that to start supplying any without bearings and wheel sets would come under severe criticism as the contents wouldn't match the instructions !! Can't see why they can't do this 'direct' from their shop though. May be worth an Email. GeoffT.
  8. Dad-1

    DG Magnet Uncoupler

    Sorry to be a couple of days late, but I thank you both for the advice. I shall investigate the Gaugemaster magnet, at £12 it's worth it if I can get this working correctly. Taking Izzy's advice seriously ! Geoff T.
  9. I require one of the small electro magnets used with DG couplers I've made the couplers, but now find their electro-magnets are no longer available and it seems will no longer be made due to the only source for some special ferritic component no longer being made. Please P.M me if you can help. Geoff Trenholme.
  10. As always they look better weathered and in service ! The first one has the earliest markings, no black panels. My second may yet have the early markings IF I can be bothered to make up such small running numbers consisting of 7 digits each side. If you've tried working the HMRS BR Freight Stock pressfix sheet you'll understand what I mean. Brilliant runners at under 12.5 grams each. I'll prefer to run that light rather than spoil the outline and underneath with lead weights afixed. Adding weight in a load no problem, but won't I be doing them until back orders arrive. Geoff T
  11. I'll not try this again for a while ! The first production of these wagons had no black panels. I decided to try making 400520 & 400035 diagram 1/142 using the HMRS BR wagon pressfix sheet. I'd used a few bits off the sheet before and remembered that each subject is rather tight to it's neighbours. Plus being very small (in scale) they are very difficult to work with. In my case to see. I've tried before painting the chassis, probably because I thought it might go wrong and I wanted to do it before I see the opticians on Wednesday. From checking the few pictures I could find I also note that the early production had a weight of 9-10, that decal came from some Fox Decals. All future versions will be made using the kit decals. Geoff T.
  12. Because I grew up in the days of King Coal and was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne it's not surprising that I fancied a few of these new coal hoppers. They didn't last too long in the required sector, but were used for many other products, even sugar beet ? In my opinion a super little kit, very little to complain about and I'm currently running 2 without any decals. Must road test before finishing, partially while trying to decide what loads to add, be it sand, coal, iron ore, sugar beet. The load will help regarding the very light weight, with nowhere to add much invisible ballast. They weigh in at 11.06 grams, with a shred of lead in the voids behind the buffers I've reached 12.46 grams. Much to my surprise one in lightest form was able to pull 33 wagons around my garage layout that has some 1st radius curves. A bonus from trying to run my stock in it's lightest reliable condition, having said that the Bachmann 3F Jinty couldn't pull the train, but a Hornby J94 could !!. Seen in a much shorter train :- Geoff T.
  13. Hi Mikkel, Yes, laying abandoned - should have given a serious weathering first. That fencing is Ratio #144, comes as a pack of stanchions with shortish lengths of stainless wire. The holes seem ideal for longer lengths of brass wire I have here. You don't get much for a fiver, but then you'd have severe difficulty making something like that at home. I've used it once before :- There are so many small accessories available that many go unnoticed. Geoff T
  14. The Wagon Works has been active since the end of January when I last posted in my Blog thread. I'll have to check through exactly how much as once a project is finished, or nearly finished I just get on with the next thing and forget what's already gone under the bridge. One I have done half-cock as per usual is a Cambrian 10 ton ballast wagon. I thought I'd add some spoil from a small job, but was too impatient to await weathering first. I should add some more 'stuff', but this wagon is on my 'new' shunting layout that I've probably not mentioned on RMWeb An interesting project to drive, but also difficult to get the required slow running through Peco insulated Set-Track points. Then sorting out the Kadees. Nearly there, I think. Geoff T.
  15. Hi Dunsignalling, Every one to their own principals, so long as stock stays on the track it must be an acceptable answer. As ever in this hobby there are differing views and just to show why I resist adding what I may see as unnecessary drawbar weight here the unballasted 13 ton hopper manages beyond reason !! https://youtu.be/bxM-MT3HY-U Geoff T.
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