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  1. Hi Adrian, I need to replace my glue dispenser so I'll give Gorilla a try. Over 250 feet of fencing wires to add, that's why I kept to only 7 strand fencing. Geoff T.
  2. I've now progressed to a test of patience job, in fact the last significant component before I'll say this Club's test loop is finished. I'll start with a question. Has anyone found a fast setting glue that'll hold Nylon fishing line ?? My testing job is stringing all the fence posts. I've found even a fair quality superglue is poor at setting and in particular holding nylon fishing line to steel fence posts. I start with a knot to tie on then add some Loctite, this just about works because of the knot. I loop around each nail (That's what my fence posts are) and
  3. I fear that Jim just can't cope with the demands placed on him. I have spoken with him in the past, but not always been able to clear the problem of delays in getting re-prints of out of stock items. I regret that has caused me to no longer place any orders direct. It is a shame, but when I order it's because I need something and no matter how 'nice' the supplier is I will look elsewhere to get my requirements. Geoff T.
  4. I've still not finished my wagons. I keep jumping from project to project, one day some will be finished ! Here is a short video of a walk-down the clubs 16 foot plank. Is it becoming almost a layout ?? The difficult decision is how to work the points ? I'd go digital, but it's been built for the club so others requirements are significant. Questions now being asked. I will admit much of my time has been spent working on 4 mm scale ! Geoff T.
  5. H Woodyfox, I've had a look through your work, me I'm keeping well away from Brass !! That non-matching decal sheet easily made up a number set suitable for a Pressed Steel made wagon from 1950, B75442. The last decals went on tonight and had a Microsol treatment so I couldn't touch the exterior. Being impatient I decided to weather the interior and just add rust dabs on exterior hinges. Those rust dabs will be much less obvious when I weather the chassis and outside. Geoff T.
  6. For reasons that it's difficult to pinpoint I've been rather slow in getting on with this project. Last evening I added the last few detail parts to my Peco PS30 16 ton mineral wagon build. Now to check out what running number I'll be using. Another annoying discrepancy came to light when I checked out the decal sheet. It immediately struck me that the decal sheet had floor located hopper markings , then the numbering sequence was 'wrong'. After having made about 30 '00' kits of 16 tonners you get to know the ranges for diagram 1/108 wagons. The numbers on MY dec
  7. I've a long way to go with these wagons. However more grass edging laid today. This is to try and embarrass myself so much I keep working on it. I've also booked the West Bay, Bridport "Salt House" for a club open day come mini exhibition on 8th August. Fingers crossed nothing happens to our Pandemic progress. Geoff T.
  8. Thank you Gentlemen for the 'Likes'. Obviously unable to do more 'grass' laying until my additional supplies arrive. What I have done over the weekend is prepare the next middle board by drilling another 36 holes, cutting the heads off the required nails and press into place. Finally paint the varnish with dark earth coloured paint. Next, tomorrow I shall add the sand based 'gravel' alongside the ballasted track ready for the arrival of my replacement scatter. Perhaps tonight I'll find that part built 16 ton mineral, I've forgotten how far I've got !!
  9. With Lock-Down end in sight I need to push on with this Club Test Loop. I always intended on having strong fencing along the 'plank', one club member has a 4-6-0 and it must be secure from being accidently knocked off the plank to the floor. I pre-drilled holes to give an interference fit on 65 x 3.35 nails. Nail heads are cut off and I used a 4" all steel 'G' clamp to press in, leaving 6 Ft scale (42 mm) high. When all the grass edging is in place I'll string these posts with 15 lb fishing nylon. Still not certain about the number of strands, somewhere between 8
  10. Hi DavidCBroad, It was stopping abruptly as I was using the direction button to move from forward to reverse and back again rather than slow down to a stop before changing direction. It was a way of reducing time to complete the exercise. Geoff T
  11. A couple of weeks since I said I had a smile on my face regarding the 1361 series models. I've just done this video of my Heljan version shunting on my HS II layout, HS II for Happy Shunting, design version II. This is to prove that with more time than most would want to spend the Heljan 1361 CAN be made to run slowly and reliably. It was just a shame it's taken me 18 months to achieve what it should have been like out of the box ! Geoff T.
  12. I have a smile on my face. Both are running reasonably well. For the Heljan I made up 4 x thin plastic horseshoe washers that just fitted the axles. With the keeper plates removed and wheel sets held in by the coupling rods I was able to turn these 4 parts into two washers, one each side of the front wheel set. Reassembly was close, virtually no end float, yet free. I have now done a few shunting exercises without a stall, not one !! From a locomotive that could hardly do 6" without stopping. There was one hesitation, so perhaps there is still a rough ge
  13. I'm talking about Moaning and not Groaning, the latter always arrives with age and most noticeable when having to return to standing after sitting down for a while. I think we moan more than younger people because we've been around a long time and seen things done better. When you're young it's easier to accept crap as you don't know better. Please discuss and comment on any supplementary reasons. Decals, transfers ? be more specific Waterslide Transfers. The use of Americanised Decal will not cause an international incident. The story is :- I inherited half a d
  14. Ahh, Obviously scanned pwr's message too quickly, so one could say even worse if you buy fully finished RTR. Although forgive me as my Dapol '00' purchases have been either kits, or unpainted. I obviously spend too long with my nose in a pile of bits. A few '00' Ratio kit built wagons in the background, BUT :- I have started the Parkside 16ton steel mineral, quite a lot easier to see !! Must remember to clean my glasses !! Geoff T.
  15. What with pwr's problems with Dapol Kits and mine with Parkside kits I'm pleased to say that I'm just starting the last of my 4 x 7 mm wagons. It Is impossible to have anything wrong in a 4th Kit on the trot ?. Nope !! At least this time it's just that the enclosed brass wire isn't there. I don't know what thickness should have been included, but I have a packet of 0.5 mm brass wire on the shelf so it's not a problem other than a complete loss of confidence. WHY, Why ? I've made around 150 '00' wagon kits and almost zero problems. True some of the parts were a bit
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