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  1. Hi DavidCBroad, It was stopping abruptly as I was using the direction button to move from forward to reverse and back again rather than slow down to a stop before changing direction. It was a way of reducing time to complete the exercise. Geoff T
  2. A couple of weeks since I said I had a smile on my face regarding the 1361 series models. I've just done this video of my Heljan version shunting on my HS II layout, HS II for Happy Shunting, design version II. This is to prove that with more time than most would want to spend the Heljan 1361 CAN be made to run slowly and reliably. It was just a shame it's taken me 18 months to achieve what it should have been like out of the box ! Geoff T.
  3. I have a smile on my face. Both are running reasonably well. For the Heljan I made up 4 x thin plastic horseshoe washers that just fitted the axles. With the keeper plates removed and wheel sets held in by the coupling rods I was able to turn these 4 parts into two washers, one each side of the front wheel set. Reassembly was close, virtually no end float, yet free. I have now done a few shunting exercises without a stall, not one !! From a locomotive that could hardly do 6" without stopping. There was one hesitation, so perhaps there is still a rough ge
  4. I'm talking about Moaning and not Groaning, the latter always arrives with age and most noticeable when having to return to standing after sitting down for a while. I think we moan more than younger people because we've been around a long time and seen things done better. When you're young it's easier to accept crap as you don't know better. Please discuss and comment on any supplementary reasons. Decals, transfers ? be more specific Waterslide Transfers. The use of Americanised Decal will not cause an international incident. The story is :- I inherited half a d
  5. Ahh, Obviously scanned pwr's message too quickly, so one could say even worse if you buy fully finished RTR. Although forgive me as my Dapol '00' purchases have been either kits, or unpainted. I obviously spend too long with my nose in a pile of bits. A few '00' Ratio kit built wagons in the background, BUT :- I have started the Parkside 16ton steel mineral, quite a lot easier to see !! Must remember to clean my glasses !! Geoff T.
  6. What with pwr's problems with Dapol Kits and mine with Parkside kits I'm pleased to say that I'm just starting the last of my 4 x 7 mm wagons. It Is impossible to have anything wrong in a 4th Kit on the trot ?. Nope !! At least this time it's just that the enclosed brass wire isn't there. I don't know what thickness should have been included, but I have a packet of 0.5 mm brass wire on the shelf so it's not a problem other than a complete loss of confidence. WHY, Why ? I've made around 150 '00' wagon kits and almost zero problems. True some of the parts were a bit
  7. The Heljan strip down, I started, but after looking at the gear wheels and running under power with the keeper plate off I decided that all seemed O.K. What was obvious was the torque effect on the front axle. This making the axle move more than I'd been expecting. In so doing I felt it was moving the motion fixing screw head too close to the cross head. I decided to very gently bend the crosshead runners outwards just a touch. Reassembled and tested, there was just one 'catch' jerk while running a shunting puzzle exercise. Partial success that indicat
  8. Hi Les, As I said, with the Kernow (DJ) it seemed to be electrical pick-up, so last evening I took it into major service. I'd always been a little unhappy with the amount of grease visible on the axles between body and wheels. I wicked the oily grease away using folded wads of kitchen towel. Then I decided to use Brasso to clean all the wheel tyres to within a mm of their life - a slow old job as you can only access a small piece of the tyre circumference at a time. Thoroughly checked the alignment of all motion duly re-oiling after a good clean.
  9. Is there some Gipsy curse on 1361 series of locomotives ? My Heljan version stalls anywhere and everywhere. I can't see any fouling of the motion, but the stalling is a result of jamming somewhere, I fear in the drive gears. When stalled at slow speed, which is what it's required to do, there is a fine hum from the motor. Sometimes it will then jump into motion where I assume the decoder is loading the motor as it's EMF function works. Other times it needs a push with the problem evident in either direction. If run at a scale 30-50 mph there is no signs of th
  10. Is life always Black & White ? With a good layer of rust. Mucking about track cleaning before an outing a few years back.. Don't know if anyone has added Chalk wagons before and I'm not searching 154 pages - sorry !! Geoff T.
  11. I have finished a few more wagons, usually by stripping couplings from either Bachmann RTR, or earlier kit builds. This one used a pair of long couplers that I found in a box of spares. With a longer overhang I could set the mounting blocks slightly further back to keep my closer coupling in line with earlier production. So my Parkside PC49 LMS goods brake van :- Some 'rough' interior colour in case anyone is daft enough to try and look in. Seen here alongside it's brother a duckett less version. I only had 1 length o
  12. Hi Brossard, I am very strict with myself and 4 it will stay. However with Club member Ken really being into 'O' When Covid allows I can run his stock and on his layout. Anyway wagon number 3 ready for painting, wagon 4 still in it's sealed box and I'm frightened to open it. Why ? The fates are telling me to keep out of 'O'. The disaster story so far :- Dapol Sentinel came with broken guard irons at one end (Rails obtained replacements I fitted myself). Parkside brake van in sealed box, with no wheel sets. (Sent to me by Peco) Parkside 12 Ton Van
  13. Hi brossard Nice van underside, mine has now been painted using a home mixed GWR wagon grey that went wrong, Humbrol black with some N0.27 slate grey mixed in. Now a slightly off black and more use than a black, but too dark for GWRs later grey. Although I've always thought the GWR colour was much darker pre grouping. The expanding wagon collection had me laughing, being the owner of over 500 '00' freight wagons. Wagon building is addictive and while few will have room to run many 7 mm wagons my large '00' layout has run freights of between 50 a
  14. Thanks Hal Nail, It seemed odd to me, but as a friend who used to work at Wolverton said "Its a clever man who can see both sides at once" in his case referring to slightly different colours on each side of a refurbished coach. All in place so I have to live with it. So few 4 mm models have brake pipes it's something I'm not conversant with. Geoff T
  15. The group so far. Only the van sides painted at present, I had to hold it by the ends. A small group like this in 7 mm looks O.K, wouldn't work with 'N' !! More painting tonight, but already thinking about that fourth and final 7 mm wagon. Although I'm a fan of 16 ton steel minerals, but I think it has to be a RCH 7 planker. Geoff T.
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