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  1. Jubilees on Bristol Barrow Road ashplant
  2. New Year's Day 1964 4951 Pendeford Hall backs onto a Paddington to Weston train at Bristol Temple Meads 7903 Foremarke Hall has arrived at Platform 6 at Bristol Temple Meads with a local from Weston
  3. Coal pile and coal pens at Lawrence Hill, Bristol in 1963
  4. Weekend of 20/21 November 1965, 55 years ago Bristol Barrow Road closed. Saturday 20 November. Stanier 8F 48266 leaves the sidings at Bristol Barrow Road Shed towing four withdrawn GW Halls to Gloucester on the first stage of their journey to the South Wales Scrapyards Stanier 8F 48751 arrived in the afternoon and was photographed on the Sunday. It departed north on a freight on Monday morning. 9F 92209 is stabled on the departure Road on Sunday 21 November Pannier 9680 was the last engine to
  5. It was on the Marsh on that day in the roundhouse next to the storage sidings. It may well have gone back to Crewe LE. 46229 was stabled on Bath Road Shed on route to Minehead on April 20 1964, hauled by 6825 Llanvair Grange. https://www.flickr.com/photos/bristolsteam/5285905560/in/photolist-946DyL I believe 46201 attended at least one Bath Road Open Day, perhaps 1967. It went back LE to Dowty via Mangotsfield.
  6. Close up of Ash Plant at Bristol Barrow Road
  7. The loco at Bristol Barrow Road - the crest just about visible
  8. Peaks worked into Bath Green Park on 3V17 00.37 Leicester to Bath parcels, returning from Bath on 3M28 20.25 Templecombe to Derby parcels. Certainly during 1963 and possibly 1964, the Peak had a fill in turn on 2B93 10.10 Bath to Bristol Temple Meads and 11.49 (12.12 SO) Bristol to Bath. When the Leicester parcels was steam hauled, Bath's two long standing Standard 3's 82004/41 deputised. When the Leicester parcels was discontinued into Bath (instead going to Bristol) the turn was steam rostered in 1965. Even after the closure of Barrow Road on 20 November 1965, the turn remaine
  9. Hi There is a copy of London Area freight WTT Sept 1960-June 1961 in michaelclemensrailways.co.uk Patrick
  10. New Year's Day 1964 Great Western Halls at Bristol Temple Meads (two of which have been preserved) 4951 Pendeford Hall & 4920 Dumbleton Hall 7903 Foremarke Hall
  11. Just 54 years ago today, 20 November, 1965, steam ended in Bristol with the closure of Bristol Barrow Road. On a cold dull Saturday morning Stanier 8F 48266 leaves the shed towing four condemned locos on the first stage of their final journey to South Wales By 11.00 the shed was completely empty with the departure of 92209 towing the last four condemned engines to Gloucester. 8F 48751 arrived on shed in the afternoon Happier days at the shed in the early 1960's A month before closure in October 1965
  12. Local coal merchant's premises at Lawrence Hill Goods Depot, Bristol, adjacent to the Midland mainline
  13. Bath Road closed in September 1960 with remaining locos being transferred to St Philips Marsh. I think it was in 1962 that most of the Pannier Tanks transferred to Barrow Road. When St Philips Marsh closed in June 1964, the remaing Halls and Granges transferred to Barrow Road, the last remaing steam shed in Bristol. When the shed closed in November 1965, its allocation was Halls, Panniers and Standards. The last three Jubilees were withdrawn by May 1964. The last Midland engine on its books was 43924 in June 1965. Even before 1962 the shed had a small allocation of GW 53XX class.
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