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    Steam in Bristol 1961-1966
  1. Bath Road closed in September 1960 with remaining locos being transferred to St Philips Marsh. I think it was in 1962 that most of the Pannier Tanks transferred to Barrow Road. When St Philips Marsh closed in June 1964, the remaing Halls and Granges transferred to Barrow Road, the last remaing steam shed in Bristol. When the shed closed in November 1965, its allocation was Halls, Panniers and Standards. The last three Jubilees were withdrawn by May 1964. The last Midland engine on its books was 43924 in June 1965. Even before 1962 the shed had a small allocation of GW 53XX class.
  2. 56 years ago - Tuesday 10 September 1963 Steam around Bristol 7022 Hereford Castle departs from Bristol Temple Meads with 3C16 9.00 Bristol to Plymouth Castles 5054 Earl Ducie and 5056 Earl of Powis on Bristol Barrow Road Black Five 44806 departs from Bristol Temple Meads on 15.45 Temple Meads to Gloucester 4910 Blaisdon Hall tows failed Hymek D7030 onto Bath Road Diesel Depot Barrow Road Jubilee 45682 Trafalgar waits to depart from Platform 12 at Bristol Temple Meads with 3N10 20.15 to Leeds
  3. 56 years ago today. Monday 9 September, 1963, first day of the Winter Timetable. Steam in the Bristol area. Jubilee 45676 Codrington climbs Fishponds Bank with 1E64 8.40 Bristol to Sheffield Jubilee 45690 Leander descends Fishponds Bank with 1V31 7.35 Nottingham to Bristol Pannier Tank 9660 runs LE through Bristol Temple Meads Jubilee 45675 Hardy passes Barrow Road Shed with 1V39 Southbound Devonian 5972 Olton Hall at Temple Meads with 1M96 14.00 Plymouth to Manchester With a quick turnaround Jubilee 45690 Leander returns north with 1N87 17.35 Bristol to York
  4. Saturday 11 August 1962. (57 years ago today) King at Bristol Temple Meads on the "Bristolian" County on Summer Saturday Paddington train at Bristol Temple Meads 5042 Winchester Castle at Bristol Temple Meads
  5. 55 years ago, 1st August, 1964. Yate, north of Bristol on the Midland mainline. A busy Summer Saturday 1964 was the last year when over half the Summer Saturday extras were steam hauled Jubilee 45721 Impregnable heads a relief 1V29 Midlands to the West Country Holbeck Jubilee 45658 Keyes hurries north with 1N48. 11.45 (from Bristol) West Country to Leeds Black Five 44825 heads north with 1N40 Newton Abbott to Bradford extra Castle 5056 Earl of Powis leaves the Midland mainline at Yate to approach Bristol via Filton and Stapleton Road with 1V54 10.05 Wolverhampton to the West Country Unexpectedly Jubilee 45721 Impregnable returned north with 1M39 18.10 off Bristol Temple Meads to Wolverhampton after the failure of the fostered Castle
  6. Coaling and ash plants at Bristol Barrow Road September 1963
  7. Weymouth Station Bristol Barrow Road (although the arches were demolished in 1991 to make way for a dual carriageway) Bristol Barrow Road Coaling Plant The view from the Road at Lawrence Hill Station Bristol, looking towards the Midland mainline and Fisponds Bank
  8. These have been in my Flickr account for some years, so you may well have seen them. They were taken in 1967, the final year of steam on the Southern
  9. Locomotives for scrap and preservation at Severn Tunnel Junction 53 years ago today, Saturday April 23, 1966 9F's 92216/35 and 6947 Helmingham Hall Destined for IOW but didn't quite make it - 84014 92220 Evenng Star - eventually restored and worked on the mainline in 1970's and 1980's
  10. Bristol Barrow Road Firemen and Drivers in the 1960's
  11. 55 years ago today. Maunday Thursday, 26 March, 1964. I spent all day (11 hours) on Temple Meads Station. 08.00 5074 Hampden departs on 1M68 Bristol to Manchester, deputising for failed Brush D1693. 11.45 An Easter relief to the Cornishman, 1V32 Sheffield to Paignton. 14.20 A relief to the 9.05 Liverpool to Plymouth 1V92 Manchester to Plymouth 44831 15.00 Castle 5042 arrives with 3B37 13.30 Pontypool Road to Bristol parcels 18.30 Ex-works Standard 5 73138 waits to depart with 2M74 Bristol to Birmingham stopper 19.00 7924 waits to depart on 2B90 19.00 Bristol to Weymouth
  12. 55 years ago tomorrow ... Monday September 9, 1963 Besides the engine, the photo shows detail of the coal pile at Lawrence Hill, Bristol, used by small local coal merchants https://www.flickr.com/photos/bristolsteam/5132591414/stats/ Another shot of the same location showing a coal merchant filling sacks with coal for delivery to local homes https://www.flickr.com/photos/bristolsteam/8175104222/in/photolist-J3b83D-Rs5usW-dspxEN-cKpBco
  13. I went around Tweedmouth Shed on Sunday July 10, 1966. It had closed to steam, but K1 62006 was in the shed.
  14. In February 1963 (during the Big Freeze) 46220 arrived in Bristol on the Glasgow portion of a Manchester to Plymouth train. It travelled via Shrewsbury and the Severn Tunnel and was serviced at St Philips Marsh Shed, where I saw it later in the day. I believe it worked back LE.
  15. 54 years ago - Summer Saturday in the Bristol area - 22 August 1964 NE B1 enters Temple Meads on a local working to Weston Super Mare https://www.flickr.com/photos/bristolsteam/5251623840/in/photolist-RoF8j9-914WNC Holbeck Jubilee climbs Fishponds Bank with northbound express https://www.flickr.com/photos/bristolsteam/5401078202/in/photolist-9egWnY GW Hall at Lawrence Hill with a train from Wolverhampton https://www.flickr.com/photos/bristolsteam/10101019344/in/photolist-LGDZ6v-goAn8W Black Five passes Barrow Road Shed with a northbound express (Note the spotters standing on the wall by the mainline) https://www.flickr.com/photos/bristolsteam/24612306078/in/photolist-DuUv7N
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