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  1. Much obliged, thanks for the assistance! Cheers Bryant
  2. Hi All, The reason for this post is for some advice as a newbie to fitting DCC sound. I'm about to start the process of converting all of my locos to DCC sound and this is the first one I've attempted. I recently bought a decoder & speaker from a well known shop and on opening the package was initially somewhat puzzled. I didn't expect to see three extra wires and after consulting the Loksound guide, the pink and light green are Aux 3 and 4, and the purple one is Aux 2. I suspect Aux 3 and 4 are for a stay alive, however I'm unsure what Aux 2 is used for. Can anyone advise me on what these are for? (also see pictures attached) If Aux 3 & 4 are for a stay alive, would the best thing to do would be to heat shrink the ends of all three wires prior to installation? Finally a thanks to this forum in separate topic for the handy tips in how to shoehorn a speaker into a early Bachmann class 20. Very handy that, at least I'm part the way there! Cheers and thanks Bryant
  3. As a lurker I was so impressed with what he had achieved, far beyond my skillset. Really thinking of him and extending my prayers to his family that he makes this through.
  4. Hi Paul, I figured it out, I think I have a better solution that might work for you. I set everything at medium radius points and there are no curves under 90 cm (other than the slips and curved point inside radii) and each storage road will take an eight coach train. You'll need a single slip on the left hand storage entrance to enable bidirectional entry / exit and I tried to avoid reverse curves where I could. The compromise will be a reduction in the scenic area, but I don't think it will be much. Please feel free to PM me if you want the XtrackCAD file. Cheers Bryant
  5. Hi Paul, Hope you are doing well. I've attached what my current solution is, since my last post it has subtly changed to use a diamond on the bottom left and two medium points rather than a single slip. I designed mine at 91cm minimum radius except on a single 86cm off scene. I deliberately kept the radius as wide as possible as I would be running full length of passenger stock. Looking at you plan, I do like how you've approached it, looks like you have a similar space to me. Are you intending to run full length stock on your layout? This may have a bearing with regard any sharp curves into points and the increased risk of derailment. Also have a think about your curved points and the double slip on the right fiddle yard entrance, my experience has been hit and miss using them as facing in a fiddle yard. As a trailing point I never seemed to have a problem. The other thing to consider is on the top right where the 3 way may be a weak link with respect to the sharp curve into it and road 7 being on a reverse curve. Regarding your operating well, have you access to all the areas of your layout? Without access to the top side of the fiddle yard it looks around a 1.6 meter stretch which I suspect may be a stretch to far! When I designed mine I worked out 1 meter was the most that I could comfortably stretch and the only place I went beyond 1 meter was because I kept access at the top left corner. Thinking it through I'll take a look at your entrance to your storage roads on the both sides on XTrackCAD to see if it's possible to unlock more space there. Can I assume that there is a platform on the right on the edge of the baseboard on the up Doncaster line before they diverge into the storage roads? Will be back in a bit! Cheers Bryant
  6. Welcome aboard! If you are to avoid tight radius curves you'll definitely need that optional fill. If you were to use part of the 12 x 128 as a fiddle yard you should be able to squeeze in 6 lines using medium radius geometry.
  7. I ran into the same issue on two previous layout iterations both in a bedroom as well as a garage. In both instances it became a PITA, I had difficulty opening the windows in the bedroom as well as losing space for an office and a guest room. As we have no through access through the sides of our house the next layout in the garage eliminated one way of bringing in items meant for the garden at the rear. At the start of building the base for the model railway shed last summer I had to hand carry all the materials through the lounge and dining area. It wasn't long before the garage layout was dismantled to give me through access. The OP may want to think about a shed as an option to preserve the living space in his home. With insulation, an armoured cable for electricity supply and an oscillating fan heater it's quite a nice place to have for a hobby!
  8. Absolutely top work there, love the dockside. I can only hope I get close on my attempt at a similar harbour scene! Cheers Bryant
  9. Thanks all for useful tips help and advice. My 20 x 11" shed got delivered last November and since then I've insulated it and boarded it and had electrics fitted. In the Christmas period I also started on the framework to support the ply boards. Big shout out to Class 26, without the shed tip I couldn't have hoped to get this project running without blowing the budget! In the end two things emerged from the plan. I decided to keep the running lines (Cheers Chimer!) in front of the storage and I really wanted a double junction at the end of the station. So I sacrificed 3 roads in the upper storage yard and planned in 4 more storage lines on the lower level from the branch line 17cm lower with a run round loop. The goods yard was modified for a reception siding and the good shed was moved the other end and the engine shed and refueling was also moved too. I also went with Davids idea of a lift out section, however if my wood working skills are up to scratch and scenery allows I'll hinge this. I ended up with two bays for motorail and also parcels / newspapers, I could in theory use a single slip to enable a DMU to reverse out onto the opposite running line. For the branch I had my heart set on a harbour scene and worked it in so that there is a fleeting resemblance to Weymouth. It pretty much planned out now, it took me months of fiddling to get here so it's a final roll call for any feedback... Without further ado here's some screen shots and pictures. From previous photos in the thread I did a lot more in the than just build a base for the new shed, and yes we have a bar in our back garden that we built in 2019! (Very handy for lockdowns 1,2 & 3!)
  10. Here's a link that may be of use to you. It's my go to resource for old track plans:- https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=17&lat=57.41254&lon=-3.39046&layers=168&right=BingHyb Cheers Bryant
  11. You may want to reference this site for a track plan to scale:- https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=16&lat=51.99666&lon=-2.15521&layers=168&right=BingHyb Settings to use are OS 25 Inch 1892-1914 accompanied with bing hybrid. It's my go to for historic maps. HNY!
  12. Thanks for all the advice, after a some thought I decided I shouldn't skimp on such a vital part of the layout build. After a fair amount of searching on google I found a relatively local business and enquired about some sheets of birch ply. https://www.daviestimber.co.uk/products/BIRCH-BBBB-GRADE-PLYWOOD/P100049 Given the apparent shortages of building materials I was delighted to find that they had some in stock and I was really pleased with what I received for what will be a 19" x 10" size layout. I'll look at starting a thread when I start laying track in the New year. Cheers Bryant
  13. Hello everyone, Hope you all are doing well in the run up to to the festive season. In this post I am hoping to gather some opinions regarding the choice of a baseboard surface. On my previous layout I suspect that I may have used 9mm eucalyptus plywood as my baseboard surface (from Jewson) but I'm not 100% sure as it was nearly 10 years ago when I started construction. Since then I dismantled the garage layout in favour of a larger shed in the garden that in the new year will be the home of a new layout. I'm aware that most on here recommend birch plywood but thought I would ask whether anyone has used eucalyptus ply on their layout and what their experience was with it? I did find a single post of someone that did use it but that is probably too small a sample size! If the majority of recommendations still is to go with Birch has anyone had experience of using this business? https://sheetmaterialswholesale.co.uk/sheet-materials/hardwood-plywood/birch-plywood/ Regards Bryant
  14. It makes you wonder how many takes were made before that video was released. Consisting that many locos and the potential of derailments would have been a nightmare with that much rolling stock!
  15. I know it is possible to alter a diamond and curve it to a degree by cutting the ties (usually 3rd to 4th of each connection) that link the sleepers on the track underside based on my experiences of modifying a code 75 double slip. As a caveat I'm not sure how much flex there will be available in a diamond using this technique, if the OP has an old one to spare it may be worth trying this and seeing how much curve is possible. Then there's also the potential issue of maintaining trouble free running.
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