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  1. I know it is possible to alter a diamond and curve it to a degree by cutting the ties (usually 3rd to 4th of each connection) that link the sleepers on the track underside based on my experiences of modifying a code 75 double slip. As a caveat I'm not sure how much flex there will be available in a diamond using this technique, if the OP has an old one to spare it may be worth trying this and seeing how much curve is possible. Then there's also the potential issue of maintaining trouble free running.
  2. Thanks for the advice Chris. You've given me idea for using a similar arrangement on the other end of the loop to get access for freight from the up line to the branch. Genius! Apparently the point work is possible to construct, but not by a relative novice like me. I made an enquiry with a chap on e-bay who also has his own YouTube channel who can build these to 51mm track centres. Now there is no need to, all I need to do is acquire a couple of single slips. Cheers, Bryant
  3. Thanks, that does make sense, perhaps more so if the branch feeds into the goods loop where directly ahead is the head shunt. I've attached what I've what have in mind based on everyone's feedback. Getting freight from the Up onto the branch could be done with a facing point cross over on the main line in the area of the red box.
  4. Ouch, I missed that! Thanks for showing me the error of my ways. What you've suggested makes perfect sense.
  5. Hi All, Hope you are all doing well. In a previous thread with help and feedback from a number of members I'm have a more or less finalised design of the storage yard I have planned. Regarding the scenic section I also nearly there too, however I have a couple of quandaries which are highlighted in red. Currently curved points are used to enable a movement from the loop to enter the up main. I'm potentially looking at getting a custom piece of track made to enable entry onto the up main line and to also allow enter from the up onto the branch within the top right red box
  6. Hi Ian, Having endlessly planned with XTrackCAD I've done my share of fiddle yard designs and optimisations. The last layout I had before dismantling had similar constraints, you'll definitely need 4 feet to start. Leaving aside the branch fiddle for the moment I've drafted out a nine road with 3 bidirectional, 3 up and 3 down. Better still you could think about close to full length trains or if not double parking in each loop. Minimum radius is 22 inches in old money, I used medium radius points to start the fan and curved points there after. Width wise it comes to just over 18
  7. Thanks David, having suffered sciatica once myself I think you are right about at least a lift out section. Given the state of my current woodworking skills my line of thinking is flip the layout so that the minimum track is affected. That would mean that the area of the bridge and quayside in the original plan will be the area of the lift out. If I use the baseboard edge as a quay then effectively I'm only looking at the elevated double track being in the lift out. An elegant solution methinks! My line of thinking with the double track bay was to use one as a motor rail facili
  8. That is also my thinking too regarding a feature bridge an open sea in the operators well. I'm having a look online to see if there is any modellers out there that have done a bridge on a 50 inch radius curve. I've worked out on XTrackCAD that the Quayside will be 5 inches down, I could elevate the line over the quayside by another inch, so with 2 inches to the water level the line would be 8 inches above
  9. No problem, your shed manufacturer tip has saves me over a £1000 compared to the nearest quote. Just to get the word out to any followers of this thread who may have an interest, the manufacturer has been really busy of late so my date of installation won't be until nearly mid-November. Speaking of electrics what sort of heater are you planning on to keep it warm in those winter months? I'm thinking along the lines of either a single 2kW convection heater or two 1kW ones once insulated and skinned. Cheers Bryant
  10. If you are still coming over to view the sheds on Saturday you are welcome to pop in and see mine.  I am about 20 minutes from the shed company or if you are going to Skegness you will almost pass my house on the way back to Tamworth !  I will be in all day as it will be the first  weekend I have to start on the layout after waiting for months ! Let me know, won`t be offended if you don`t but it might be worth seeing it ?

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    2. class26


      No problem, just pleased you had a productive journey. I finished lining the shed and the boards are now up so today i was just laying out track approximately to see how it will all look in real life. This layout has been planned for years but there`s always something you haven`t thought of.  My problem is I hate fiddle yards but need somewhere for the train to "hide" before returning. After much head scratching today i think i got there ! I will be opening a new thread on here (my first) once I have electric installed and there`s something positive to see. 

      Did you make it to Skegvegas ? Not a bad afternoon for it.

    3. B McG

      B McG



      Hope all's well. It was quite a nice day up at Vegas, however it's now fast becoming a distant memory!  How are you getting on with your prep work? I did have a look to see if you had started a thread but didn't see anything posted.  There was something else I wanted to ask about your setup in your shed rather than post on the planning thread.  I was wondering whether you insulated the floor of your shed and if you did, how you approached it?   


      If I did go for it the plan would be to use a breathable membrane on the existing floor, covered by a frame of 75mm high joists with 50mm celotex board in between the joists. Next would be to use aluminium tape to close all gaps between the joist and the boards and then cover with 18mm ply for rigidity.  It would mean a bit of extra work and expense but I'm am leaning towards doing this to maximise comfort in the dark months.  I would be interested to hear whether you'd think this is worth doing.


      Cheers & happy modelling,


    4. class26




      I have fully insulated my shed. Well not me but my builder. We used insulation material that you use in lofts then clad by what he called marina board. We also used this for the floor. I definitely think you should insulate though ! One thing, when the shed was first erected there were a few knots in the wood which popped out making small holes. We used some filler before starting the insulation and this seemed to have worked as it emerged from the recent deluges without problems


      The layout is proceeding ok thanks but you are right, I haven`t yet started a thread on here. I know I ought to but I would like it a little further advanced first. As my company has all but closed due to this blasted virus I will have time over the next few months. We are in group travel with most of our client`s being schools who have been told no foreign travel so you can imagine the devastation that has caused. Basically we have had virtually no income this year and it looks as though that will; remain the case until a vaccine is found.

      Do let me know when the shed arrives and good luck.






  11. Look forward to seeing this! I take it it was a multiday job? Cheers Bryant
  12. That looks great. Also thanks for the recommendation. We're going up next Saturday with a view to finalising a quote and a quick visit to Skegvegas to boot
  13. Cheers for that Philou! I'm very lucky to have an understanding wife :-) In the original draft going to park the trains two per loop as some of these loops were 20 feet plus long. To be honest with my current collection it was overkill hence the rethink to unlock more scenic space. Here's my current plan. It all my designs to date (Probably 20 - 30 now) there are no gradients on the running line or the fiddle yard. The station platform have been set up to allow 10 coach trains or an 8 coach HST set. The only gradients will be on the branch which descends at 1 in 50
  14. Hi All, Hope you all are doing well and staying safe out there. Just an update on progress I've been having a rethink regarding the fiddle yard. After much head scratching I concluding things were getting too crowded, particularly on the fiddle yard side for the running lines and the descending branch with respect to my post earlier in the thread on the March 27th. With a little over a foot width for both the branch and the running lines I've come to the realisation as suggested by some members in earlier posts that I would be better off by having the running line within the fid
  15. No problem, been busy myself! If you're still stuck is it worth getting a builders merchant to deliver the balance of raw material and getting a second hand mixer to finish it off yourself? Also have you got an electrician lined up for the power supply yet? For insulation you may want to look at this company that I think does the cheapest insulation board that I've found to date:- https://www.insulation4less.co.uk/40mm-celotex-tb3040-2-4m-x-1-2m I'm currently lucky enough to be able to work from home full time but at the same time source and price up material for this project.
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