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  1. Stephen, As a thought, it might be worth dropping a message to COLINW of this parish as he normally brings a deputation down from the Tonbridge club and may be able to help out on the transport front. Kev
  2. Stephen, There is always the Uckfield MRC show in October ( http://www.uckfieldmrc.co.uk/exhib17nf.html ). A bit of a shameless plug I'm afraid seeing as I'm a member of the club Kev
  3. There is also HMS Landrail, which operated Airships and Maritime Patrol Aircraft , see - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RNAS_Machrihanish_(HMS_Landrail) Kev
  4. Last night was a quick flying visit to club for me (seriously knacked from work), all that was done was to separate the 2 boards and pack them into the transport configuration as we need to put the current exhibition layout "Oakley" up for testing and checking before the Horsham show next month. There won't be any updates for the next few weeks. Exchange sidings board MPD board Transport configuration
  5. Tonight saw a milestone, the last of the track was laid and then a coal truck and a coach were run through every piece of track and all points to check for running quality; there were only 2 points where the solder had built up and caused slight lifting, the best news being no gauge-widening or narrowing anywhere at all. The final PWay work, the shed area From left to right from the public side (North to South) Down the length of the layout as looking from the South Down the length of the layout looking from the North Next week will see the trackwork across the baseboard join cut through and the baseboards separated for the first time in several months.
  6. Jeremy, I've made bold and large the bit I'm referring to, I will be at the Horsham show on 6th May with UMRC layout "Oakley" and will be more than happy to discuss and advise you on this and other security matters from a professional stand-point (no charge for advice). Kev
  7. Re:- C1383 This pic shows that my 7&1/4 Class 12 15243 (see avatar) is stunning clean by comparison
  8. Linny, you could try messaging Gary (Blue Lightning) of this forum, he has started producing various transfers Kev
  9. The only response suitable to that saucy move is an overground lurch to DENMARK HILL
  10. Just my 2p worth, I always enjoy going to ally pally show, it's a chance for me to catch up with friends who are spread around the country and see a good mix of layouts (from the work-in-progress to the sublimely finished top drawer, all of which have their place in the hobby). The sheer size of Essex Beltlines blew me away and my first thought on seeing the fiddle yard was that my bank balance would have a major coronary trying to fill a FY of a similar size. I hope that when I/we finish building the new UMRC 'N' gauge layout (see link at bottom of my signature) there might be the possibility of an invite. It was also rather nice to have a sociable chat with Mr Y when he was outside having a crafty burn
  11. Clearly my time estimates are slightly out, this week saw the last 2 points laid and track into the 3 upper sidings in the MPD and also the access line to the turntable. This just leaves the shed area roads to be laid next week, which will complete all the track-laying .
  12. Another good session working on the layout, this week saw the final section across the baseboard join and the 2 long sidings that form the C&W carriage stabling / cripple repair / cleaning point. It's now on the final push to complete the track-laying (I estimate another 4 weeks work).
  13. The dreaded cold sponge, you saw that coming towards you and boy did you jump up and shift swiftly in the opposite direction
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