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  1. Thanks  Matthew,

    I was struggling with transfers. But I used V3 393 as there are photos when first built with small numbers 390 the first V3 is the same. I do agree that in most cases the numbers were larger. I was originally going to number it as per post  war livery. Tey had larger numbers.

    You're right Pete, the photo that I was looking at of 393 was post war, taken in 1946.

  2. Mine is from Ace, but some of the etches have McGowens on them so if nothing else it should be interesting. No doubt I will make things more interesting for myself.


    Mine is also the V3. I hope what I do will be of help to you.

    Mine was made from the Ace products kit as well, have you got the updated version with better tank sides etc? It may be worth checking and asking William Ascough for any updated parts if it is an old kit.

  3. Very nice Matthew,  


    I had a bit of a Great Eastern day, picking up kits for a GER open, a special cattle van and a wool wagon (Powsides, D&S, and Ragstone respectively) the GER open and the wool wagon were E&T finds with the bonus that the open had half a dozen GER ground signals nicely made up and painted wrapped up inside the box - it also contained a set of new Slaters wheels and all for only

  4. Like many of us, no doubt, I saw this in the RM and recognised you, Mr. Cousins, Sir.  Impressive layout and some lovely locos and stock.  We get used to reading that 'each square represents a square foot' on layout plans; it made me smile to see that on your garden layout each square represented a whole square metre.  Some size - it must be great fun, especially watching expresses flash by and slow freights trundle along.  

    Thanks for the kind comment Steve, but so far the track still needs more fettling to cope with express speeds! Freights do trundle quite nicely though!

  5. Interesting, Matthew. The web is rich with images of 75A going back well before 1932 when it was remodelled for the resignalling and electrification.  See Flickr and the ASLEF websites for the best views.

    Images of the shed around the Great War makes you wonder how they managed to keep track of which locos went where - not a single computer in sight!

    My memories are spending every Saturday morning in 1959-1962 at the end of the platform. If only...

    The OS map I used(2500 scale) is pretty accurate but, of course, does not give the subtle variations in levels which I found to my cost AFTER I built two of the baseboards!

    Your project sounds interesting too!



    Best regards


    Thanks, for that, I shall send you a progress pic when I've done some more to the painting.

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