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  1. Just to revise this. After a good few months away from the hobby I have revised the trackplan and come up with this with some extra space to play with. I think its a neater plan than the first and less cramped. I was going to go down the route of virtual quarry but that would need to have some form of loading. So I looked instead at the wagon repair facility much like the one at tees yard. It seemed like a more interesting prospect which would bring a more varied rolling stock. Bearing in mind the location of Hull and trying to keep similar to the Hull King George Dock EWS Train Office, there is a variety of wagons and locomotive power in my chosen modelling period of 99 to 03. Not too sure which scenic break to go for on the left and haven't even begin to think about the one the right. Just looking for any opinions on whether you feel the plan makes sense both operationally and visually. As previously this project isn't happening any time soon. cheers, Lukasz
  2. Lukasz


    The first set of images with the 60 just reminded me of this photo. A strong likeness between the model and Mountsorrel. regards, Lukasz
  3. Is the inside of the shed too clean? Seems a bit devoid of clutter. Otherwise those photos are very realistic. Black and white still has the edge for me. cheers, Lukasz
  4. Lukasz

    Knottingley WRD

    Due to interest in the time period modelled and the location I have followed this thread for a while and the standard of modelling and attention to getting things right really does you credit. It's shows in the model. cheers, Lukasz
  5. The resprays are looking fantastic. Don't suppose you fancy tackling 37516 in loadhaul orange instead? regards, Lukasz
  6. Stroke of genius on the puddles. The reflections you get are great. regards, Lukasz
  7. Alas I am not. I found out through having a look on flickr that 516 has the dividing bars on the cantrail grille and 506 does not. shouldn't be too hard using some fine brass strip to add them. cheers, Lukasz
  8. Just a quick question ladies and gentleman, Is the Bachmann 37506 a body match for 516? It's currently a steal on a well known box shifters website and I was considering respraying it in to loadhaul orange and black? thanks for any replies, regards, Lukasz
  9. Just had a read through the whole thread. looking real good regards, Lukasz
  10. Thanks for all the help so far. Mick - I'll save the 60's I have for another project then. thanks. And that trackplan is fantastic. A lot easier to get a idea of space for the area than looking on google maps. Dave - The baseboards may well be widened to 2ft so I can incorporate a little curve but the prototype is quite straight as it is. The track at the back is fictional so I will probably curve that a bit. cheers, Lukasz
  11. Yes the trains do tend to be quite short and the longer trains I'm modelling are through trains as such. I planned for the trains running into the yard to be quite short anyway, Only a small handful of VAA/BA/DA and maybe a couple of BDA. Ahh right, I was planning on modelling through trains but as the line is freight only then not needing any signalling will make it a whole lot easier. thanks for the help, Lukasz
  12. So I've been away from the hobby for a while after converting the garage which was my workroom (playing room) and after a few months of arm chair modelling I have a come up with a plan that won't come into any sort of progress for another few months. The plan is to model a shortened version of the run round loop at the EWS train office in Hull. It features various traffic with steel from the bay and of course the acetic acid and other commodities. With use of a bit of imagination a small rail served business can be placed at the top based on a very small version of the one at Ely Potters Group. Then if I push my luck and suggest that other trains come down the line to use the run round loop I can have a varied amount of trains. At the time the acid trains were pulled by various traction such as 37's predominantly, 47's occasionally, 56's and later in the period the dreaded 66's. There was 60's around Hull at the time with the Hull Dairycoates train and I am suggesting it ran through here. But anyway enough waffling I'd like to know what ground signals would need to be used here. Trains would wait in the bottom loop if they were early while the driver had a cup of tea or if another train was further down the line. An image of a train waiting at the office can be found here http://tonybuckton.smugmug.com/Trains/Class-37s-through-the-ages/19859199_MJh6mX#!i=1604653367&k=hh6g76R&lb=1&s=O Any help gratefully received, cheers, Lukasz
  13. Recently back on Rmweb and not been and had a look at the thread, Wow Jim you've managed to get through a lot of vehicles while I have sat and procrastinated about what I am going to model in 2012. Only thing vehicle based I have been doing is searching endlessly for a beacon models cortina kit. Of course they are near impossible to find. cheers, Lukasz
  14. Lukasz

    Outon Road

    The scenics on this layout are really good. Could easily watch the layout without trains and just appreciate the details. Really lovely layout. cheers, Lukasz
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