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  1. Previously it was a bike shop. Most of their customers probably cycled to and/or from the shop.
  2. So if they are trying to arrange to be transferred to Guildford by ringing the Camborne number and choosing an option … why not just give out the Guildford number directly?
  3. That's the whole point - you can't ring Guildford, you have to ring Camborne where they will call Guildford, get your information and call you back. You cannot speak directly to the Guildford store.
  4. There is information at http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/pg/165/Guildford However, it is not an unreasonable expectation to be able to contact the Guildford shop directly - which you can't. … so you might as well just do mail order and not bother to visit the actual shop, rendering the Guildford shop entirely pointless. Or use another shop's mail order facilities with next day where available. I'm not aware of any other physical model shop that you can visit, where you can't phone ahead directly and see if they have what you require in stock. I'm quite sure that many of us prefer to support local shops where we can rather than doing mail order, and this whole thing seems counterproductive.
  5. You can't contact the Guildford shop directly - by phone or email. You end up at the Camborne shop, then they will phone Guildford for you and call you back. An entirely unnecessary and complex waste of time, which I mentioned following my initial visit a few pages back.
  6. I dropped by last week to check it out and was very impressed by the amount of stuff on show - and that's without all the other bits "out the back". Nabbed a few items, and ran out of money so if those couple of items in the second hand pile are there after payday I may well nab those too. Well stocked shop, friendly and knowledgeable owner, and reasonable prices. Good to see shops opening up in these tough times. Parking was a bit tight but if there's nothing left there is a "I know I'm parked like an idiot but this is where I am" sign you can get for your car if you are blocking anyone in. Interesting that there are a lot of 'railway themed' road names around there too. It's about 5 minutes from the M3 and not difficult to find at all, once you are in to the business units it's in the bottom left corner. I
  7. The majority of people still will have absolutely no idea of the cost of replacing items, or indeed the hundreds of hours involved in creating something - even a humble wagon - in the first place. I very much doubt that she would really be any different.
  8. cromptonnut


    Really like this layout, found as an RMWeb "pick", very similar to what I'm hoping to achieve with a small O gauge project in being a run down and clinging on to life branch. Will go back and read the whole thread again.
  9. Is, or was? Venue changes happen for various reasons all the time, and there is the chance that if something bigger and better is planned, the school may no longer be suitable or have enough room? Obviously being rural Lincolnshire there aren't a huge amount of options available but if I were in that situation I would be wondering. Of course, the chances of something similar happening again anywhere are still incredibly remote, thankfully.
  10. Just randomly scrolling through Facebook and come across a post by "MyGoldMusic" (an 'oldies' radio station) where they refer to the incident and the Rod Stewart angle.
  11. Perhaps that was the expected amount of profit from the show, in order to keep going for another year as many small clubs operate?
  12. I'm assuming that the original idea of the GoFundMe was to cover the club's "losses" from income on the day through the door and to cover exhibitor's expenses, however now the pot has grown so huge I'm guessing there will be a divide out amongst those affected as appropriate towards costs, for traders being losses of stock and income, and for the layouts/stock damaged to help towards replacements?
  13. Now it's caught the attention of fellow modeller Sir Rod Stewart. Maybe he'd like to open the show next year?
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