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  1. Sorry just found this after searching to find where I'd got it as I wanted to get some more ... and yes it works fine for points.
  2. I believe that the decision was made for "no DCC accessories" such as point motors for those specific reasons you mention. Correct it was up to the meet organiser to decide what DCC system to used, based on what the members had available. For example, I have a Lenz setup with a PC interface configured with JMRI and an old router, so everyone with a smartphone (or a couple of spare smartphones and tablets I had) could download the Enginedriver app and configure it, so although I had about 3 Lenz controllers available, everyone else could just use their phone. The meet we had was only 6 people so it wasn't really an issue. A full report of our (good grief was it really that long ago?) successful meet can be found here
  3. I've got a Thumper too - would love a Hastings unit but my kitbuilding skills are too much of a risk for the cost of the thing. I went out to video it, and annoyingly my phone threw a wobbly and lost all the footage I got at Abbots Ann and Red Post. I had a lovely shot lined up for the bridge over the A342 and after 20 minutes of waiting the yappy dog finally got bored and went away, then I found I had no footage so went home in a huff. Wondered quite what they were going to do up there for an hour, didn't realise there was anything still left there.
  4. Do you have a Hastings Unit? Cos the real one is heading up the Ludgershall branch this afternoon on a railtour.
  5. Previously it was a bike shop. Most of their customers probably cycled to and/or from the shop.
  6. So if they are trying to arrange to be transferred to Guildford by ringing the Camborne number and choosing an option … why not just give out the Guildford number directly?
  7. That's the whole point - you can't ring Guildford, you have to ring Camborne where they will call Guildford, get your information and call you back. You cannot speak directly to the Guildford store.
  8. There is information at http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/pg/165/Guildford However, it is not an unreasonable expectation to be able to contact the Guildford shop directly - which you can't. … so you might as well just do mail order and not bother to visit the actual shop, rendering the Guildford shop entirely pointless. Or use another shop's mail order facilities with next day where available. I'm not aware of any other physical model shop that you can visit, where you can't phone ahead directly and see if they have what you require in stock. I'm quite sure that many of us prefer to support local shops where we can rather than doing mail order, and this whole thing seems counterproductive.
  9. You can't contact the Guildford shop directly - by phone or email. You end up at the Camborne shop, then they will phone Guildford for you and call you back. An entirely unnecessary and complex waste of time, which I mentioned following my initial visit a few pages back.
  10. The majority of people still will have absolutely no idea of the cost of replacing items, or indeed the hundreds of hours involved in creating something - even a humble wagon - in the first place. I very much doubt that she would really be any different.
  11. Really like this layout, found as an RMWeb "pick", very similar to what I'm hoping to achieve with a small O gauge project in being a run down and clinging on to life branch. Will go back and read the whole thread again.
  12. Is, or was? Venue changes happen for various reasons all the time, and there is the chance that if something bigger and better is planned, the school may no longer be suitable or have enough room? Obviously being rural Lincolnshire there aren't a huge amount of options available but if I were in that situation I would be wondering. Of course, the chances of something similar happening again anywhere are still incredibly remote, thankfully.
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