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  1. Does anybody have a photo of the roof of the above model? It looks like they are actually making the correct refurb ETH roof without the boiler vents.
  2. If that can is going to be a stores van, and not moved, how about modeling something not often seen, and have the handbrake pinned down?
  3. Must admit the work on the OAA does bring out the best feature of the old Hornby model, namely the body. Excellent work. Pity Hornby didn't put any interior detail on them lol.
  4. Check the barrowmore website. They have the BR diagrams that will show the buffers sizes.
  5. Leeds iirc originally had goods lines to the ear that have since been converted to platforms. Newcastle was the same. My question is how many others have had the same done, and was separate goods lines particular to any specific company?
  6. Just a general question relating to station track layout design. How many stations had separate goods lines that have since been remodeled with platforms added? Thinking along the example of Leeds. Also, were separate goods lines of a design used by certain companies more than others?
  7. New wagon, get it's either a HAA or a cartic4. Both would part me with monies from my wallet. Must resist the 37, but will fail on that one as well. Keep them coming.
  8. Was up at Wakefield on Sunday, and a 66 came through on some FCA (looking at realtime trains could only have been the Milford sidings to appleford sidings train) loaded with 2x30ft tankers per wagon. But too wet for a photo though.
  9. Fitting the super detailed bogies and parts to the Lima/railroad chassis I easy, having done a few myself. Just needs some 30thou plasticard iirc, a drill and a blade. Bits from the old body can be useful, like exhaust ports to fit into a Lima body, or the buffer beam surrounds for back dating a non HGR loco.
  10. I like this, but I was surprised it was the south end. The north end is even more crammed in with retaining walls and a cutting.
  11. If you need a power trailer combo just swap the underframe for a trailer one and remove the exhaust pipes. Not totally accurate but better.
  12. As a post script I like say I have since taken the route of using the Hornby bits in Lima chassis. But a question still stands. Is all the failures of these chassis due to mazac rot or a poor design with the thin chassis sections at the cab ends breaking under shock loadings (being dropped etc?). All mine are packed away due to house move, but has anybody got some of the first chassis with the broken ends who can check if the centre section has disintegrated further? My class 56 chassis with the broken buffer/cab sections have shown no sign of any rot. Just wondering how much is the rot and how much a design week point? And has anybody else had any other Hornby models with a similar chassis design with any problems?
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