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  1. Love this bout sea levels. Will have to rise a bit more before I get worried.
  2. You are too kind. Don't know if I would call it proper modelling, more a addiction to chopping things up and gluing them back together to make different things lol.
  3. The top two have the roller shutter door in the wrong place. It needs to be four windows plus four doors from the front. Then the roller door would be next to a window aft of it. When I cut it, I put it next to the window with the door aft of it. So it is a door width too far forward. Actually it should be easy to cut and glue back into the right place without even needing a repaint.
  4. Remember this? Well, it has been rebuilt using those 99p hatchette coaches, and now looks like this. Notice the slight error in the first class stripe next to the passenger door. This will need masking and a quick spray with the blue. Also, this has been done using gloss rail blue, not matt. This makes it look like the first repaints done into blue. It raises the question, were the first repaints into blue give gloss coats by the depot painters? This is a 105 TCL, not many built, and there use matched that of the 112/113. When the 112/113 were withdrawn from the north, they were replaced with craven power twins. These came from Derby, and had been delivered as triples, the only cravens centre cars built. The power cars were transferred, with these centre car trailers withdrawn and scrapped. My DPUs. There has been some bleed of the roof grey onto the sides where the doors are. This is again a quick remask and spray job to fix. I have posed them like this to see if anyone can tell the error I made? It was a WTF moment. And here they all are drying in the sun.
  5. if anyone is on fakebook, look for some videos posted by David Harrison on the transpennine 123 and 124 group. He has posted some films of the 123 and 124 in use.
  6. Thanks for this. I think the window question is it depends on if the windows had raised or flush frame, and if the frame was steel or alloy. If the latter, the paint would flake off . Keep thinking of the differences between the prototype MK3 and production windows. Also the Craven's units with painted frames, and the difference between the 104 and 110.
  7. Do the marker lights on the cab need moving? At the least they need to be improved from the little nipples they are now.
  8. Thanks for that. Have been looking myself, but the more people help, the more chance of not missing something. Saying that, I was looking at the railcar website and found a error on my DPU. One too many window blanked out. Time to get the knife out
  9. I have managed to get some modelling done, but back to work Monday. Whilst putting window blanks on my DPU, A question came up. This fine weather has allowed me to paint some models, my DMUs are going to be either blue or blue/grey. The question I am asking is what units had painted window frames and which did not? Looking through pictures I am confident that the Craven's have painted frames and the Metcams have silver frames. What about the others? As best as I can tell, they had painted frames.
  10. This one was timed at 70 mph at top speed using 12.3mm wheels and towing two replica coaches plus a black cat speed wagon. This was using the 1000rpm version. The biggest problem was traction with only one axle powered.
  11. This is a N20 with the output shaft shorter to fit between the axles of a 8`9" emu bogie. I have also done the same using a replica commonwealth bogie. It looks possible to get it in a 8`6" bogie with 12mm wheels.
  12. Just to be different, this is what I last watched on my PC.
  13. Not quite go anywhere. They do have C3 route restriction plus other local restrictions, mainly due to the steps at the small cab end bogie. The bodies are load bearing on these, built of steel sections with the Leyland bodies riveted to it. It was why they have little cabs at one end because the rebuild would have been too big due to the vertical steel sections either side of the door openings.
  14. Being a ex pom, the weather will give you something to complain about. UK in the middle of a heatwave with mid 20s for nearly two weeks. The GBL tender? Did you just cut off the static wheels and drill through to use the original cast metal block?
  15. Send the up pass via the dive under and the freights on the flat. Don't need bankers then.
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