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  1. For the HAA you want 13" oleo. Spring versions from accurascale or cast from Lanarkshire model supplies. Will have to check what size are used in HEA, but think it is the same. If you want to check yourself, look on the barrowmore model railway club website at the BR wagon books, they tell you the size of the buffers fitted to each wagon.
  2. Because the weather is nice, have been out with the spray cans before work. Have now got a outbreak of yellow ends on my bog carts. If this weather holds, might have some pictures to show later this week. PS-This post is not intended to point out the lack of such paint on clives models lol.
  3. Nearest wagon available would be the old mainline ore wagon model. Might be possible to modify it to closer to what you need (end vertical struts etc).
  4. Thanks, that means using trix sides I can make 119, 120, 123, 124, 126, 79xxxIC units, and 303 & 311. Using the DC kits 108 bodies, I can make 107, 108 and 114. Using replica suburban I can make 115, 116, 117, 118, 125, 127, plus 302 to 308 (except 303 and 306). Mk1 coaches cut and shut can give 105 and 113, plus 309. Just need to figure out easiest way to make the 100, 103 and 109, that would be everything then IIRC. No point with 101, plenty of Lima about, same with 104 and 110.
  5. Ok, how about this for imperial. 5280 ft (1 mile) times 12 (reduced to inches) Divide by 76.2 Then divide by 60 Then divide by 60 That would give you inches per second for 1mph Roughly 1mph is one quarter of a inch per second.
  6. A question for the fellow fans of the humble bog cart. I have figured out that the Swindon designed units all used the same window size, slightly smaller than the normal MK1. What about the 119? It was basically the 120 design built by outside contractor with the Derby can on. Did it use the smaller Swindon windows?
  7. One mile is 5280 ft. We model at 4mm/1ft. 5280 time 4 gives you a scale mile in mm. (1 mph) Divide that number by 60 will give you the distance per minute for 1mph in mm Divide that number by 60 again will give you the distance per mm second for mph in mm. Once you know what 1mph is in mm per second, just times that by what speed you want to get the distance per second, then time them over that distance. 1mph works out at 5.86mm per second.
  8. Sorry, had to post my thanks for sharing these, as a like is not good enough. A glimpse into a world long gone.
  9. Check out this thread First 116 went north to scotland in 66. Don`t know about the 121, but they did have some 122, and 131 parcels conversions of such.
  10. Just looking through the first gen DMU book by Hugh Longworth, there are listings for 67 and 72 for allocations in Scotland. There are class 100, 1010, 105, 107, 108, the IC sets, 120 and 116. Nothing for any BRCW units up there, so the only way you could use it is as a visitor from south of the border.
  11. What have you started? Better points, in 00, 00sf, em, and various other less mainstream requests. Then double it for flat bottomed versions. I think someone will be a busy man lol.
  12. Interesting thought. How much different would BR have been if they had done more manufacturer upgrades? A extra 56 class 47s using bits from the 46s, just like the first 20 generators? Or the 40s rebuilt in class 47 bodies (like the tender of the 47 shows) which could have 2400 bhp with intercooling of the original engine or the full 2700 of the 50s with the newer cylinder head. The block was the same for both, as one of the 50s did end up with a 40 block. If they had re-bodied the 40s and intercooled them, you would have had a loco with the same pulling power as a 40 even with ETH but in a bo
  13. I do have a weak point if I see a cheap Lima duff or per, especially if I also see a cheap mazac victim to remote them with. Might even see about getting my Triang Heljan hybrid tractor out and finish it off. With the improved Bachmann version, and now the accurascale version coming out, there didn't seem much point continuing with it.
  14. The first prototype toffie apple machines were only 1250, the production machines were 1350, and a few were uprated to 1600 using intercooling , with a pressurised cooling system (which for some reason BR tried to avoid , but then the bog carts had pressurised cooling and how much trouble did they have with them) and one was 2000hp, with a extra air intake filter on one side. The V12 EE block used when re-engined was capable of 2000hp, the de-rating used in the 31 accounts for why they lasted so long. Interesting fact. In the class 47 50 year history book it shows the t
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