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  1. So when are you going to make the proposed class 88? I am thinking of the one that would have been a electric class 58.
  2. I blame sigg69 for this. Was looking at the trix coach sides, and a idea came to me. Needs a bit more work, but surprisingly good so far for a 1st test build. Actually looks better in screen than in the flesh. And this is a never to be sighted at sheffield exchange either. Trix sides, Replica suburban ends, Tri-ang roofs. And a 1mm strip added to the bottom of the sides.
  3. I am after connections between coaches for my DMU, and want to know what connectors people use between coaches. I don`t want to wire them together as 3 coaches (or more) would be a bit difficult to handle. Thanks in advance.
  4. You can buy ones with tyres and ones without. The different versions are available as spares. If you are doing a free lance model, so are not too bothered about which bogie to use, I suggest finding the cheapest. The one from the javelin is not much cash. The ones from the DMU/EMU are more expensive, but to be expected as they can be used on lots of BR models.
  5. Those U shaped motor/gearbox units look like a viable way of having individual axle mounted motors in O gauge. They fit between the wheels well enough.
  6. Just watched ths, and had to share. Notice the LNER buffet in blue\grey. https://youtu.be/AFXaIBR1j_c
  7. I need to add MU equipment to my DMU. Does anybody know of any parts available or how to scratch build convincing MU equipment?
  8. That is the goods loops behind doncaster station. Wabtec/rfs/whatever the owning group are called this week is just behind the MGRs. The RES 47 must be taking cripples for repair to knottingly.
  9. Such Hornby wheels did you use? I don't think Hornby did 12mm wheels as spares. They do 14mm coach and 12.5mm wagon wheels.
  10. Must admit doc to having days like that. My worst problem is buying something then when it arrives forgot why I got it. Doesn't mean I don't find a use for them eventually . You have blown a chip. I have cut a replica powered chassis In half, as I think one of these is overpowered for a two car DMU. Got to see if it still works yet. And as to what I have on in the background whilst playing Trix jigsaw? https://youtu.be/EO9OSmPkR38
  11. Must admit, I am finding the cutting and re-arranging the trix coach sides very therapeutic and relaxing tonight. Wonderful way to unwind on my day off.
  12. If you want special edition versions, there is all the tinsley namers to go through.
  13. I ask the wisdom of others here who have more use of them than me, but I was dismantling a replica powered chassis last night, and the only thing I could think was this looks identical to Heljan chassis. Now, it is either been made with Heljan involvement or it is made in the same Chinese factory. Anybody else noticed this? Also, I will now be experimenting later to see of the Heljan bogies, gears etc are a match and can be swapped over. If so, the clayton bogies will be perfect with this for EMUs, as they have the correct bogie wheelbase and wheel size.
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