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  1. IIRC the lever braked ones are clasp brakes from the earlier conversions and the brake wheel ones are disc braked from the later conversions to air brakes.
  2. Have a look at grindleford as it is on a curve with a bridge just before a tunnel.
  3. Thanks for that. I have some hachette mk1s left over from my cut`n`shuts, thinking they will be perfect for a bit of modifying into one of these rakes.
  4. To awaken a old topic, does anyone know where I can find out about these coaches? I need to know about bogies(BR1, commonwealth, B4) and brakes (VB or XB). Any body can help?
  5. I need to contact the factory in china that made the hatchette mk1 coaches, as i think one of the people assembling them is a glue sniffer, judging by how much glue was used on the coach i just disassembled. I almost broke the side removing the glazing lol.
  6. obviously death comes from yorkshire, we end up with the jobs no one else will do. Quick plea to all the fellow cut and shutters out there, does anybody have the sides for the tiang/Hornby BG or know where a set are available? (not at the stupid evilbay costs now being asked). They may be too long for the BG, but are perfect to cut and shut into 105 DMU brake compartments.
  7. Help, I am addicted to the hatchette MK1 coaches. I now have 12. They come in useful for cutting up for my Craven's DMU. I have more than I need for my DMU fleet, so what to do with the others? Do I repaint some into blue/grey and use as coaches? Do I chop them into something else? (Got a itch for a refurb 309). Any ideas anyone?
  8. Gibbo, can I just say that was most eloquently put. Sounded like crap, but eloquent crap lol. I myself have a different theory / outlook for life. Simple in that treat others how you wish to be treated. It doesn't always work as you have to allow for the stupid, which unfortunately do appear to be increasing. And as for snow flakes, grow a pair. It is actions not words that matter.
  9. How`s this for political incorrect and still relevant lyrics?
  10. How many of the woodhead book will be sold before it is even released? I know i have just paid for a copy lol.
  11. https://www.modelrailwayscenes.com/products/passenger-luggage-trolley-3-pack
  12. IIRC the furthest one got was Sidney airport from KX.
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