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  1. Would that be due to the influence of the American money and technology used in the early tube? After all, they are still called trucks in the USA.
  2. IIRC the contract for the conversion to the 153 did not include any changes to the seating (it reused what was already there/done on the cheap). So they carried the original trim they had from the 155. This was broadly the same as the 156 as built, grey seats with red stripes, cream tables and grey carpets. There is a BR video on YouTube about the doors on the 155 that shows the original interior.
  3. As to why we were still building EMUS with doors, look to the SR. They were the biggest user of EMUs so they were the driving force behind the standard EMU design. They wanted compartments for maximum number of seats per train and doors to each compartment for rapid loading. And they didn't want gangways because it would encourage people to move to the front when they got to London. And they also wanted the heavy underframe so they could rebuild on the cheap (rebuilding using old underframes was a old trick for the SR). If you want to see what chance was missed, look at the Wirral
  4. Looking at that photo, I didn't know Sheffield kept the 3rd bridge that late on. That photo can only have been taken at the now platform 4.
  5. Am I allowed to say I think it looks good with the roof display left there lol? A bit of what if they had built some later on.
  6. Knowing your taste, got to ask, do you mean girl bands from the 60s or girl bands in their 60s?
  7. Lincolnshire, so good you only need to visit once. I have been several times, but in my defense the is love Skegness (god know why).
  8. Funny you should say that as I ordered a copy the other day lol. Just waiting for delivery. Got the first gen dmu book sat next to me now. I do have to say a big thanks to people like you who spent the time and effort to collect all this info for future reference. The common and everyday became extinct and gone before most people realised or took notes. I do not presume the why or what it cost or took for these books you have done, but you do have my thanks.
  9. Try a search for replica 4epb rmweb 5bel in Google.it should bring up the blog where 5bel on here did one. Cannot post the link as working off my tablet ATM.
  10. B4 bogies would be wrong for the EPB (there was some that were removed for use with express stock, but these were iirc 2EPB and fitted with commonwealth bogies. For the EPB use the BR1 bogie bolster, if needed the springs can be modified.
  11. Has anybody done a upgrade to one of these? I'm thinking of getting one, and wonder what improvements can be made? I'm not impressed by the painted head lights, and was wondering if anybody has made any improvements to the cab front?
  12. I sounded if they could do a Co Co version? Lower axle load and if fitted with the DPU system as used in the USA, would be perfect to finally allow the retirement of the 37s knocking around that are expensive to overhaul.
  13. That's the point. The fuel consumption will be less than that (the best was the big lump in the class60 at 189). If you take the figure and half it, it would be close to what is being used on a already warm set. The worse figure would be for a cold set just coming into service.
  14. Does anyone know the ETH rating of the Mk5 sets used by TPE? IIRC the ETH works out at 100hp for 100 ETH. This is a rough figure from the hp lost from a 47 with ETH switched on (the figure varies depending on the actual ETH load). Even the worse big diesel engine used on the railway has a fuel consumption of approx 230g/kWh (the GM 710). So every 6 ETH would equal 4kwh (these figures are approx and rounded off, but would give you a idea of the fuel used leaving them idling each time). Is it more likely the prolonged idling is to make sure the coaches compute
  15. One cheap improvement I would do is making a false edge along the bottom of the shed, like some weeds or grass, to hide the way it is sat on the fiddle yard lines. Then the two lines then could have a buffer stop adding, I would have a pair of those big concrete ones, to hide the fact the line continue under the shed.
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