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  1. That's a shame to hear as I normally serve the station on a regular basis on rail replacement.
  2. Hello everyone, Just to keep you all updated. Etches have been ordered a few weeks ago as the etchers reopened. I don't know when these will arrive but hopefully not too long. If something is out of stock and you want to purchase it, you can do this now but be aware of the delay in posting it as I do not know when the etchers will post them out. I have resubmitted the 4mm scale, 00/EM/P4 Ironstone side tipper dump car drawings for its next test etch. Hopefully it should build ok now and corrected some of its faults.
  3. Hello everyone, the Garratt is now finally finished and will be weathered shortly to be as close as it was late in life at Sneyd Colliery. The nameplates supplied in the kit appear to be too long to me so will get some custom made at some point.
  4. I better finish my drawings and get my order in! Thank you Mozzer
  5. Hello everyone, famous last works from me last time about the situation! At the moment, Etches are running out and I cannot restock until the etchers reopen which has affected a lot of other businesses but castings I am fine on. I am doing my best to keep up with stock levels and sometimes discovering stock elsewhere during my clean up so you never know what could reappear. At the moment in between building models for myself for a nice change, I'm back to redesigning kits so the next release should be the 4mm scale Ironstone dump car wagon having
  6. Met Brake van and dropside wagon kits from South Eastern finecast. Hurst Nelson brake van and RW60 rail wagon kits from RT models plus bogies, drophead oval buffers and socket castings. There used to be GP50 wagon kits from Radley models but having just checked the website it does not appear anymore. RtR, Bachmann 20T BR type brake van.
  7. Hello, I have finally finished my 4mm scale Backwards Minuatures Beyer Garratt. The kit has been a bit of a pain to build and have put it off over the years and the footplate along with the buffer centre line being too narrow. Anyway, I've forced myself to finish before starting anything else and have built it to as close to Sneyd Colliery's example and will be such named. I will be priming it tonight. I have also purchased a Oxford Road Janus recently, not a loco I ever wanted but thought why not. The buffers have been re
  8. Hello Tony, the Mallard D16/3 chassis is a bizarre design but I went along with it on mine and means I was able to pack all of the boiler with lead. The front bogie with beefed up bearings takes a lot of the locos weight. I still need to add pick ups to its front bogie and glazing so this weeks job hopefully. The Kitson A class 0-6-0ST is now almost finished. The lining even after a coat of varnish shows signs of carrier film annoyingly and a piece has broken away and needs replacing. I wont be weathering the loco as it wi
  9. The 4mm scale Kitson A class is now almost finished. Part of the lining has come away and needs replacing and some of the carrier film is exposed sadly even though it was applied them on a gloss surface.
  10. Hello, some further progress of my 4mm scale, 00 gauge Kitson Consett A class. Painting now finished, just needs lining then varnishing. I have also finally finished some RT Models Hudson tipper wagons, there is a third but awaiting some 3 hole disc wheels just for a bit of variety in the rake.
  11. Hello Tony, with things going quieter for me at the moment but I'm still working in the desolate outside world. I have had the chance to complete those half finished projects. Just finished and red oxide primered after these photos was taken is a 4mm scale Judith Edge kit of the Kitson Consett A class, they even had rights to run on the main Line.
  12. Hello everyone, well its been a long time since I've updated this. Recently things have started to go a bit quiet for me, so time to finish those half completed projects. This one is a 4mm scale kit by Judith Edge of the Kitson Consett A class 0-6-0PT that ran in the north east. I've always liked the locos so when Mike produced the kit, I had to have one my first build of one of their kits.
  13. Hello everyone, hope you are all well with the current climate. Unlike many of you though, I'm not on lock down as I'm still required to transport workers far and wide. With this is mind, the usual delays to orders do still apply but In the next few hours unless I'm called out, I should have all orders bar one finally completed and being posted out on Monday . I will try my best to keep the website updated with stock availability, however restocking won't be happening for a while as a few manufacturers have closed down during lock down.
  14. Hello everyone, sorry for the delay in replying. As many of you have gathered, I have been very busy with work working very long hours and having to stay away at times. of course this has an affect on RT Models as my job has unpredictable hours and days. Not only has the railways been affected but so has my local area from flooding so it's been chaotic the last few months. I try to get orders done when I can and usually get called out to go and cover something immediately so adds further to delays. My life is very unpredictable a
  15. Hello everyone, I should have another batch of W4 domes back in stock shortly as I sold out a few weeks ago. I'm hoping to resume packing orders when I return at the weekend from working away on pre planned work but with the way things are going on the railways I might be out everyday again working long hours so please bear with me.
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