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  1. Hello everyone, I should have another batch of W4 domes back in stock shortly as I sold out a few weeks ago. I'm hoping to resume packing orders when I return at the weekend from working away on pre planned work but with the way things are going on the railways I might be out everyday again working long hours so please bear with me.
  2. The wagons ran on low profile diamond bogies with 2'6" wheels. 4mm scale whitemetal bogies are available from RT Models
  3. Good evening Tony, a rare bit of modelling and a chance to finish a project that has been ongoing for a very long time, yet there is plenty of other locos started after and finished before this one. Originally it started as a Mercian LNWR G2a full kit given to me many years ago. The first Super D I built was from a brassmasters kits for a customer. Unfortunately for some reason the loco body just didnt go together as planned so with Bachmann's RTR version, I managed to get hold of just the body. It is powered by a very large Mashima flat can and High level gear box, built to 00 gauge. Painting has finished and awaiting transfers as i've run out of early BR emblems on my HMRS transfer sheets without me realising. The loco will become 49106 as depicted in a book I bought a few weeks ago on London's local railways as it will be ideal for cross London freight as there is a unidentified one in West Brompton yard on the west London railway.
  4. Heres the photos as promised now i've found them of the former Titterstone Clee workings where the narrow gauge system ran and was also cable hauled down the incline to Bitterley Wharf to meet with the Standard gauge wagons.
  5. Sorry for the delay with the photo, literally haven't been home since after Scaleforum. Here is the photo as requested.
  6. Earlier this year I did a lost railways of Shropshire tour in one of my double decker buses. One of the areas visited was Titterstone Clee hill where the narrow gauge system ran, this is further up from the standard gauge system. There is still substantial concrete buildings up there. The bus is at the top of Dhustone lane stopped in a suitable turning area, it wasn't possible to drive to the top car park in case it grounded out. I will try to find the photos on the computer of the remaining buildings.
  7. Hello everyone, I am pleased to finally announce that the 4mm scale Hornby Peckett W4 and B2 lost wax brass safety valve cover, salter safety valves and whistle is now in stock and available this weekend at Scaleforun for £5.50 the set.
  8. Hello everyone, just to let you know the 4mm scale original bulleid West Country cab, short and extra long deflectors are in stock. These won't be added to the website till after scaleforum exhibition as I'm catching up with current orders plus got to pack more stock for the show.
  9. Hello everyone, fingers crossed I should have the following 4mm scale items released at Scaleforum. Peckett W4 and B2 brass safety valve dome, salter safety valves and whistle in lost wax brass to replace the Hornby models versions. Original square cab for the Bulleid West Country Short and extra long smoke deflectors for the bulleid West Country
  10. Ive had the dome in stock since March but there's been various quality problems with salter valves so these have been posted out today having had to make new ones plus the whistle so hopefully will be ready finally by the end of September.
  11. About SEF being busy, he certainly is as not only do they produce their own kits but they cast for other manufacturers and retailers big and small also.
  12. Sorry I've been quiet on here. Been working flat out around the country over the last few months. I have almost caught up with everyone's orders now, I will be going through the emails next week replying to those who have emailed about various things. At the minute I'm awaiting motor and gearbox packs for the 4mm scale sentinel kits, I hope to update the website next week also so will reflect on this and various stock levels. I will be attending EM north in Wakefield and Scaleforum in Aylesbury in September. It is hoped at Scaleforum some new 4mm scale items will be released. Revised etch drawings and patterns should be sent next week now I've got time off for now, as some people know, my day changes minute by minute.
  13. Hello everyone, I haven't been on the forum for a while. At the minute orders that have not been sent out, should be sent in over a week's time due to my very long hours I'm working currently. I currently don't have any motor/ gearbox packs to go into the 4mm scale sentinel loco kits. If you do order one, I will post the motor/gearbox pack seperately once these arrive but I have no timeframe on this. I also have no 4mm scale MW K class in stock, got one old class I left. More K class are on order though. I've seen the article in Model railway Journal.
  14. I haven't done much to the dump cars or anything else, down to time and spare cash.
  15. Hi Paul, im just awaiting the salter balance valves and whistle as unfortunately there has been problems with them and not happy to release them. ive got the safety valve covers themselves though. As an aside, if anyone has placed an order recently, please note that I'm being slow getting orders out at the minute as I keep being called out to replace real trains with buses on a daily basis, several times a day and out again in a bit. regards Robert
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