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  1. Some members have nothing better to do than moan about a Telly program how sad.
  2. Hi John quick visit house move in a months time so I will start back post once the new layout is underway. those Roxey parts need pin vices to hold them, get the Slaters chain if you can it looks better, back soon. Bob
  3. Phil what are you like couldn't stop laughing mate .
  4. A Biffa skip would be better good riddance's to bad rubbish.
  5. Yep, he will BS his way in somewhere like the last time he is an expert at it, look how many people fell for it and are out of pocket hope you all get your money back guys.
  6. Cop this a 10 week old Manilio will be the size of a shed when adult
  7. Yo CK what's Stubbs on about? is he building 12th century railway.
  8. I think that might be Microsoft Edge your Duckship.
  9. Sorry mate everything apart from tools is boxes up It depends on how quick I can move into my new home before I start work on it. Once moved in and I can't start the layout straight away I shall go to the todo list. boxes it's well marked I do have a 009 layout up and running to play with in the meantime.
  10. Just an update I will box this one away for a rainy day I've got to move house so all the stock is packed and anything unfinished stored away in a big todo box first I've a new layout to build first once I'm settled the old layout is stripped of anything worth keeping the boards have gone in a skip.
  11. Rich I've had to alter my plans from mainline to a secondary route I have heaps of stock to sell if there is anything you might need ask. Bob
  12. Try David at http://www.sefinecast.co.uk/ I believe he is in possession of copy
  13. 81C

    DJM, the end.

    Ian I believe a few of us had that opinion back then and it wasn't broadcast at the time he was left alone to try and make his business work, you could write a book on the subject now but I'd doubt if you would sell many copies.
  14. John thanks for the last 2 photo's I've finally got my hands on the correct Mike's Models crane which is shown in both of them, it looks as if it will need a shallow plinth to sit on for loading containers. Bob
  15. 81C

    Little Muddle

    Rob's spot on it definitely need a lick of black paint on the ends.
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