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  1. Staedtler make a Triplus Fineliner I have used the Neon orange on GWR war time livery lining to good effect I've ordered an Ochre gold one to test the colour they are dry board pens so a varnish coating will be required, they are just over £2 posted on Ebay. Bob https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Staedtler-Triplus-Fineliner-334-All-Colours-Single-Pens-Box-of-10-/222614234026
  2. Here we go this is what I found on Ebay, Rymans said the don't do gold but there is a golden ochre. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Staedtler-Triplus-Fineliner-334-All-Colours-Single-Pens-Box-of-10-/222614234026
  3. Thanks for the spread sheet Rich it looks very interesting and way beyond my humble efforts I will have a play if I get a quiet moment.
  4. I'll ask SWMBO to pop into Rymans to get one if they are in stock I can then let you know. those train sheets you have produced look very nice what programme are they running on they look similar to mine done on Excel if it's no trouble I would not mind a copy .
  5. If you have a Star with the wrong wheels on the front bogie email them a polite note that you would like them replaced with some off a Castle, they replaced 3 sets for me, don't get involved with SK he is very ignorant when it comes to some-one telling him thing are wrong he doesn't want to know I found this out with by personal contact with him at a show.
  6. I'm with you Morty put anything with a chip in it on my layout and the DC electrickerey track cleaners will reduce it to soot the system works well. clever dicky ex SiL done it when I told him not to and I cook a very expensive chip.
  7. Hi Rich I've got a Staedtler triplus fineliner neon orange the test piece looks really good, better than Bachmann's orange lining on their loco's
  8. Yo the Duck something to cheer you up is now in the hands of the Royal Mail on it's way to The Duck House.
  9. Rob John Dutfield on 01245 494 455 give him a call for your Hawksworth 3rd the website doesn't list stock.
  10. If you get stuck Rich AC Models Eastleigh have Grange wheels @£ 5.30 a set.
  11. Good luck with putting it back together Neal I hope all goes well.
  12. The Hornby Mag' AKA the railway toddler, rubbish, I don't know anyone who buys that mag or will own up to buying it.
  13. Why is your Pannier going down the farm track have you been watching the Titchfield Thunderbolt film again.
  14. Stationmaster Mike better watch his step when your around.
  15. Take you pick it doesn't seem to matter on here, anyway do you want to buy that crane before I sell it. Stavros
  16. Apart from the bogies the body was an excellent moulding I bought the first one for about 2 quid twenty or more years ago there is always plenty of them on Ebay they never seem to sell I bid on the one I got when it was posted for the second time I believe, then I forgot about it till I got the email asking to pay.
  17. Another Siphon G inside frame on the horizon from Ebay bargain at £5 and a set of American bogies sitting ready and waiting, there is a lot of them for under a tenner on that website.
  18. And wrote bond novels. Is that in Sussex ??
  19. I've got a kit and won't get round to making it I bought by mistake I thought it was the GWR one matey does.
  20. I normally go over parts like that with a soft pencil it shines it without it looking like a blob of silver.
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