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  1. Hi Ken Modelling with one arm might bring you down to the speed that the rest of us work at. May your recovery be swift and uncomplicated. John K
  2. I fear you may have misunderstood. If you take your own router which is password protected and not connected to the internet, it matters not a jot how many thousands of people are using phones around you. I have twice operated at Warley successfully with JMRI and smartphones with no interference fro any other systems. Digitrax duplex is a waste of space in a busy environment. John K
  3. We suffered the same problem with Digitrax Duplex throttles on 82G at Peterborough a while back. Digitrax seems particularly susceptible to these issues. Suggest you look at connecting to JMRI and using smartphone throttles connected to your own dedicated router. Best John K
  4. Hattons already have them for sale on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Heljan-H7-A3-001-Class-A3-4-6-2-2750-Papyrus-in-LNER-Grass-green-with-unstream/233393942029?hash=item36575cee0d:g:pTAAAOSws65dxEK~ John K
  5. I am afraid that there is a bit of misinformation being circulated here. All Guild members have recently been circulated with information about Guild Events and other matters. I note that Sir Douglas has correctly put some of that in his thread. Any information not contained in the summary that went to members, or that is not available to members on the Guild website, is extremely likely to be incorrect. John K
  6. Your old notebook is probably quite capable of running a Linux operating system and then you can escape the clutches of Microsoft. JMRI runs brilliantly on Linux mint. https://m.wikihow.com/Install-Linux John K
  7. I'm sure you probably have hard copy but the documentation can be found on this page: https://www.signatrak.co.uk/product-support/docs/library/DAC_DOCS/ Best, John K
  8. I have four of these driving 30 tortoise machines. They are easy to set up and I have not touched them since. https://www.signatrak.co.uk/products/layout-automation-and-accessory-control/dac20-accessory-decoder If you want to save lots of money, and you have the necessary skill, you could use use Merg units John K
  9. John K

    55H 9f

    Hi Adam It is just personal choice, and i have been around the 7mm world for a while. I just think the Lee Marsh stuff looks great and, I have never heard a single complaint about how it runs. Best John
  10. John K

    55H 9f

    And if I were wanting to spend that sort of money it would be the Lee Marsh one that I'd buy. John K
  11. The Gauge O Guild's two-day show/convention is only a couple of weeks away on 31Aug/1st Sept. The Show Guide is available on the guild website here: https://www.gauge0guild.com/Guildex Telford Guide 2019.pdf See you there, John K
  12. Hi Electron Can I ask about your initial premise. The modern O gauge world no longer uses heavy open frame motors, and does not run at 24V. Little maxon or canon motors driving high efficiency gearboxes are the order of the day. Are you running very old models? Except for a few, heavy drawing, twin motored diesels most O gauge DCC-ers, of which there are now very many, use standard OO/HO rated decoders. I have been running DCC in O gauge since the turn of the millennium. John K
  13. Simple mistaken identity I think. RFS mentions LV102 several times John K
  14. Absolutely agree - Two buses every time John K
  15. I was at GCR all day yesterday with a club layout, and I have spoken to our team who are there today. As a major victim of last month's destructive event I would strongly urge against making unsubstantiated comments about details of the burglary at GCR. I don't think we should be commenting about security arrangements with hearsay information. John K
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