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  1. Hi Ben Thanks for that advice - do you use 10% water to the IPA? With regard to the 60s, never had that problem on the older ones but these two Bow Fell locos are the newest edition. Many thanks and regards John
  2. Hi I have had this problem on my ESU ECoS sometimes and reset the decoder to factory again CV8 to 8 and then all was back to normal. On second attempt to re-number decoder, all worked. Hope that may help John
  3. Hi Ben Don’t know whether you have tried re-spraying one of the latest Hornby Class 60 locos but, if not, beware! I have just started stripping my second Bow Fell loco and, with both locos, had a nightmare removing the glazing! Hornby must be using a new glue which even after 20 minutes in freezer did not help. Phoenix Superstrip 2 assisted in removal but misted the glazing so Shawplan lazerglaze now required. John
  4. Instead of cutting off end see earlier posts regarding carefully drilling out axle box aperture to 3mm. have done this with all my locos and no issues at all since.
  5. Thank you - I used Railmatch track dirt for the main base chassis weathering and it really does highlight the intricate details on the model. I have not weathered my EWS and Large logo locos yes but they will definitely be next. Really looking forward to the arrival of the Freightliner ONE liveried 66 - already have intermodal loaded with several ONE containers.
  6. Thank you Eric Alltorque, glad you like it
  7. To get back on track, here is the latest edition to Parkway fleet. Another one of Hattons superb class 66 locos in the guise of 66593. Gently taken apart and Zimo 6 function decoder fitted. Once again, removed rotating axle ends and drilled hole to 3mm. Runs superbly. Weathering completed with my airbrush and Humbrol weathering powder. Absolutely delighted with the loco, which is my third one and a fourth on order.
  8. That looks really good, my favourite livery. Must admit, the Heljan 47 is my favourite even though it maybe a bit “Tubby”! On a good few of my Heljan 47s I have added Express lighting kits and it makes a big difference with the independently controlled lights and a lot brighter than the standard lights fitted. Have also replaced any original wheel sets with up to date Heljan sets for better pick up! Great modelling and enjoy your thread. Regards John Also,, the haulage power is fantastic compared with other manufacturers 47s.
  9. Well D2 Not a GREAT modeller and I do not have low standards. Even the Bachmann 66 needed work on to make it correct! I have drilled the rotating axle end holes to 3mm and re-fitted rotating axle ends with a touch of glue and glaze over axle ends and loco runs superbly. My EWS 66 hauled 16 Bachmann HTA wagons up one of my Helixes no problem - I cannot get a Bachmann 66 or 70 to perform like that. I have attached a few of my re-sprays you may, or may not, want to drool over!! Have a nice day
  10. Thank you Yes Tor Done mine and running perfectly John
  11. I have two of the Hattons class 66 locos and one on order. Absolutely delighted with my locos and cannot understand all this sniping from some members. Wonder how many of the snipers are actually modellers? Well done Hattons, a superb model and great value.
  12. Hi Fran Many thanks - looking forward to seeing them. Best regards John
  13. It was great to meet the Accurascale Team at Model Rail Scotland. The stock on show was superb and, as well as my DRS PFA wagons, now have 3 British Fuel and 12 Cawoods! not sure if I heard correctly during chats but maybe Fran can confirm or tell us I was hearing things. Did I hear mention that Accurascale were going to manufacture loads for the PFA containers or am I dreaming? Best regards John
  14. I often use Railmatch satin varnish, enamel that is, and get it from Rainbow Railways or Howes. Rainbow also sell Precision and are a great seller. john
  15. Hi Ben Thank you, very kind of you to share. best regards John
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