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    Railways (esp 3rd rail), buses, music, Watford FC, classic cars and my kids
  1. Just found this topic, and whilst the 50’s isn’t my usual period, I am fascinated by Southampton and its railway network, so will be following with interest. It was also a pleasant surprise, as a Yeovilian, to see photos of my local post office on here!!
  2. The bus in the first photo has the later London Transport roundel, but no company names (ie Selkent/ London Central)above the door. Therefore I would say that it was about 1987/88
  3. Don't know the exact date, but as it's got angled ends it's pre late 1987.
  4. As a returning modeller, just rebuilding his stock levels, an EWS liveried 66 would be nice again. The last one (66068) is really hard and expensive to get. A 450 Desiro would be very nice. Don't know much about steam. Will leave that to those you do.
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