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  1. Are those exhibtion coaches of pre-nationalisation vintage? The corridor connections look like they're Stanier. David
  2. I have always thought that these cabs look like Seddon Atkinson Strato range of trucks, like these; https://www.sotrex.com/seddon-atkinson-strato-420-8-x-4-alloy-body-tipper https://picclick.co.uk/1986-Seddon-Atkinson-301-4x2-tractor-unit-Sleeper-142900333634.html David
  3. The website actually says early August for an announcement. Although I would think that mid-August would give Mike & Ben a bit of time to catch their breath!! David Oops... I had just been reading the Caroline page and I got mixed up!!
  4. Hi Tod, I’ve just been sent a link to your message! Like you, I purchased what I thought would be one souvenir loco while I was working out of Miami. Obviously you can’t have just one loco!! I now have several FEC GP40s and a few UP liveried SD40s that I’ve relettered into the ones that the FEC used in the early 2000s. I’ve also got some CSX and TriRail stock too. Unfortunately I’ve not got anything to run it all on yet though. My stuff is a bit more modern than the FEC E7s though, although I do have a couple! I don’t think that the LifeLike E7s go for a great deal these days, even though they are good runners. I hope you find a home for your E7s! Regards, David
  5. I have just discovered this thread so I'm a bit behind the times, as usual! The layout looks very good though. As I said I'm a little late to the party, and this will be fairly moot by now. After a quick search I discovered people are selling copies of the film Kate Plus 10 on eBay, in clear envelopes on DVD-R discs. However, they mention that it's in public domain, so I did a quick search on YouTube which turned up this: I hope it's of some use, I'll probably watch it later. Regards David
  6. With all these passengers having arrived at the station, does that we’ll have to run more/some passenger trains this weekend?!! Dave
  7. Dtwo

    N gauge Class 50

    I’d like to see D400 in that condition too, however, the handrails on the very front of the loco would have to be removed. As the first class 50 produced there were a few differences, the lack of front handrails being the most obvious. Regarding fitting sound I’ve just fitted YouChoos’ sound to one of mine. Apart from Dapol fitting a speaker in the factory I can’t see how it could be any easier! Taking the backing off the double sided sticky tape was probably the most time consuming job! David
  8. Dtwo

    N gauge Class 50

    I have just returned from picking up 50040 and 50037 from my local model shop. I’ve not had a really close look at them but from first impressions I’m really happy with them. They’re excellent, quiet runners too. David
  9. It will be worth a trip down to Eastleigh just to see that!!
  10. I was given a link to your request for TEAs at Stafford. As I’ll be there helping Ian Morgan on Freshwater I’ll be happy to bring some of mine. I have about five Esso tanks and several others in varying liveries. I need to check their couplings and what wheels they have (if any) I also have two Revolution TEAs I could bring along too! See you in a few weeks! David
  11. The class 33/1 had a run out with the four cars for the 4TC, propelling at high speed. This was very successful but I think I will still weight the leading vehicles a bit. One thing it did show up was that the headcode on Crompton only illuminated in one direction and red blinds only........hopefully just a wire off somewhere. Thanks to a house move and all the chaos that brings, I’ve just managed to catch up with your excellent thread from April!! I’m very interested to see how your TC turns out. It’s looking great so far! And those 3D printed EMU fronts and corridor connections will be very useful too. Regarding your Dapol class 33 lights, have you checked that the two switches underneath are both switched to on? When they’re shipped, apparently they’re set with one on and one off. I hope that helps and I’ll look forward to seeing how everything progresses. David
  12. There were, apparently, quite a few! Some had the TOPS number in the “normal” place, under each cab window while others had it behind the cab doors. They also had a TOPS data panel, with a blue background. I believe that 47306 was the last green class 47 to succumb to blue in 1978 or ‘79. David
  13. Thanks Mike, I thought the next payment could be close given how rapid the progress has been with its gestation so far! David
  14. Ben, It's good to know the 92 is coming along well. Although that brings with it a question of payments. For those of us wishing to pay in instalments, when will the next payment become due? And, so I can budget accordingly, how much will it be? Regards, David
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