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  1. Without going political you will never get a major shift to rail under a tory government as a lot of road hauliers are tory supporters
  2. Wasn't there a plan in EWS days to re-engine the 60s with GE engines?
  3. See if you can Gretta as your honorary president , she'd love that!
  4. Is that the SLOA set? I believe they were second class pullmans . Did they all survive
  5. I seem to remember the reception sidings were actually climbing towards the hump , not the best place for loading. Still good to see the land having a rail use again
  6. I remember as a secondman on the potash trains out of boulby if the railhead conditions were bad taking the jumper cable out and shutting the reg air pipes as 20s seemed to be better driven singularly
  7. I know they weren't used much but were the bellows in locos fitted with connecting doors standard or was each class different? I understand only the CO-BO still has them fitted
  8. I wa looking at train times earlier and ones that were going via Castleford were taking about 12 min more but line capacity couldn't take all trains
  9. That grid used to to protect the aircon unit, which wasn't the most reliable piece of kit
  10. The 40 +24 or 25 seemed a common if unusual pairiin the other West in the 70s and 80s
  11. Saw some pictures earlier, looks like a right pain to rerail as a rail was part way down the chute
  12. Sad this is the boss positively hates 56s . If they had to do this to a old loco I'm sure a 58 would have been a better doner
  13. I hear what you say but unfortunately the cab was designed for a 47/56 controller not an EMD pedestal so I imagine quite uncomfortable to drive. And having seen on multiple occasions how these cabs stand up in an accident i wouldn't want that next to me in an emergency
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