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  1. I don't think there was a definitive design for them but in the 70s and early 80s seem to recall a lot of orange, counters and seat vinyl. Before they disappeared they tended to be more bespoke the one on platform 9/14 at york had a lot of green plastic seats
  2. Thanks Ben , unfortunately Caroline fall outside of my East Anglian 1960s layout unfortunately. In normal years I am a regular driver on it in East Anglia and the east Midlands Cheers Russ
  3. That's just jogged my memory from many years ago, I bought something similar but was 'diesel ' sound but just a load of crackling really. I think mine was for static mounting but could be from same manufacturer. If I remember correctly I think they were based in Norfolk somewhere but can't remember their name
  4. Was better when it was on a decent liveried loco, that is awful Thought at first the ripples were some kind of flashes like the other ROG liveries
  5. Normally its limited to about 20 'passengers' but I wonder if this number could be extended if the saloon was only hauled for the tour
  6. What is the tour, can't imagine they would open it to the public as numbers are strictly limited on it so would be very expensive for a ticket and doesn't have CDL etc
  7. There are some quite nice cheap Chinese ones on Ebay which if the heavy plastic ladders are replaced are perfectly acceptable. Were around 5 to 7 pounds for five of them
  8. Was the width of met stock so wide because some of the line had been broad gauge for a while?
  9. I remember a load of these going into TJ Thompson about 1984
  10. Are they definitely air porcy? I remember a lot of vac braked Algeco ones
  11. Shame its going to be rebuilt as a standard BSK, would have been nice to have seen it restored as DT with two or three coaches through wired. WSR doesn't seem to know what certain coaches are for with it and the Dartmouth railway using DMU trailers to cram more passengers in. A driving trailer with a loco enables railways to run services without having boxes open for run rounds Mind with the current financial situation of the railway hopefully it will be sold to somewhere more appreciative of what it is
  12. Really, I just find the seats so uncomfortable and the ride isn't great quite a lot of hunting
  13. There was also a driving trailer that was converted from a BSK I believe in the 60s for some trials. It ended up with the structure gauging train. If I remember rightly it had a 45 controller and an EP brake controller. I was blue star multiple working but also worked with those RTC 47s
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