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  1. I remember doing that on a few occasions bringing locos back from tinsley to thornaby often on a Sunday evening. Throttle response wasn't too good but five erupting 37s under the roof at York sounded fantastic. I wonder if the red circle locos would be better as there is no regulating air pipe. I've heard in the past that the reason for a maximum of three locos in multi was to do with moving rails under the locos BR did later authorise 4 x class 20s in multi
  2. More or less finished the moving section of the swing bridge unfortunately there isn't enough space for it to work. Been lightly weathered but may do a bit more As its not an absolute replica of Reedham ive planked the deck similar to the one that was at Trowse saved ne modelling waybeams etc
  3. When DRS fitted multi gear to the 47s they could and did work with 20s and 37s . It wasn't entirely successful and was replaced fairly quickly with the BR RFd green spot system This still can however work with blue star using an adapter jumper cable. 47s did occasionally work with the saloon , caroline
  4. A bit of progress on the Reedham type swing Bridge today
  5. I've been building scale model railway scenery kits its a type C but can also make a type A with modifications
  6. Cheers Ian, I will now have to find a type D ! I reckon there are two versions of type A , I'm so glad you have given me this information as I can bore people at work with different pway hut types!
  7. When were they last used? I was thinking when they got the road mess and tool vans but if some had power maybe later
  8. Cheers Ian I've noticed three different types A four section one with two windows on one side, a three section one with a larger centre section with a three piece window, this is the same as the first one with just one window a three section one where the sections are the same size and a two section window Do these compare to the drawings?
  9. I didn't realise Melton closed so early. Were the huts produced by LNER and BR?
  10. Cheers. The NNR museum isn't a place i trust for accuracy to be honest
  11. No much left of the BR four wheel wagon fleet at all now I take it all the vans have gone? Sad thing is hardly any of it has been saved
  12. Thats interesting, about six miles from where I live! Were they on the whole of the ER and NE region
  13. Been building some of the excellent scale model scenery models of these . Not really taken much notice of the real things before, but they are everywhere! I was wondering over what time period they were buit, what they were actually for and why so many? Cheers
  14. Hi Ian The class 25 in the LNE publications is certainly a recent thing. I wonder if the 25 that works on the esk Valley has prompted it and someone doesn't realise its captive to whitby- Battersby?
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