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  1. Not on Thunderbird tomorrow now, on route learner to Dagenham instead. Not sure which is worse
  2. I've downloaded model railway scenery old roadsigns which are pretty good but no left or right advance signs Is there any other sites which do editable old road signs ?
  3. Well I got a cracking run back from Ely tonight East Midlands train was late not sure if any basils had gone down too, even got a green approaching Trowse bet the spiders that live in that aspect got a shock when that lit up!
  4. Anyone know what is going on with the secondmans wiper on the 86 at euston?
  5. I'm supposed to be on afternoon colchester Thunderbird on Wednesday, hope there is something to do rather than sitting about all afternoon and evening
  6. Without sounding racist has anyone used those bulk packs of figures for from China? I'm going to need quite a few figures including some seated ones for a ferry but don't want to buy them if they are obviously Chinese. Some look quite garish which would be out of place in 60s Norfolk
  7. Been assured by the owner that 800 does still have the weights, apparently it's the only GEC 37/7 left
  8. I'm not sure if 800 has had the extra weights removed will check next time I'm on it The restrictions north of walsham hasn't stopped WCR and DCR taking stuff like 37/7s and 56s to sheringham on a few occasions Tornado went and was later found out it shouldn't have done
  9. russ p

    O no!

    Pretty certain it was Pete
  10. Really, standards have obviously slipped since I worked up there
  11. That BDA should have protection on the straps over girder edges, I would have failed that on a loads exam!
  12. Why does the NYMR use propelling lamps as headlamps they are far to big ,basically a tail lamp with white lenses
  13. Great pictures David, I think the one of the j72 is on the same day as one you posted earlier with a young me working as book lad at grosmont about to do the gates
  14. When safety briefs first started in early 90s drivers and signalmen were in same classes which was really useful to both sides. I have lots of friends who are signalmen and I've never pushed one down the stairs!
  15. Nothing wrong with that especially in HLS trim that that one is in ! Got a hire car for work at the moment bloody awful overly complicated Vauxhall thing would much prefer a montego, Sierra or Cav SRi anyday Getting back to 91s they are so much more stylish than those Japanese commuter EMUs with noses stuck on them
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