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  1. Does that mean each controller has two accelerator valves? SSF drops the DSD if the reverse is put in engine only when the loco is moving, for driver only working it's a compulsory fitment
  2. I'm surprised the unions haven't had more to say on this, are they still washing wheels in citrus juice or whatever?
  3. That looks excellent , think I'd be there for ever with the individual one The rollers came yesterday, I intended to use them for a coal yard and a goods yard first using daz clay. If a bit rough I can hide it under stuff Later I have quite a large quayside to do . Will post updates as I progress
  4. You would think they would keep the 156s on Sheringham services get it back to normal and have the new units on other routes
  5. Probably not then, now you need all lines stopped all orange three hospitality units two offices and a helicopter landing pad!
  6. Any sign of the red one yet?
  7. Because they are saying signalling problems passengers are staying away from other services such as the east Midlands as they assume all trains are affected
  8. That could possibly be Barrow hill, there is a line in top right corner that maybe line to shed
  9. I hadn't been on Britain from above for ages but haven't been able to put it down since Ian mentioned it!
  10. Just looked at Norwich city, I know is MandGN but the coal yard is really hotch potch which I think I will go for that way I can incorporate the ratio coal merchants I should have asked my coal man as his business was originally there
  11. Croxton has had a 40mph on for years because someone thought that the road was too fast upto the crossing why they didn't put a speed limit on that....... don't ask!
  12. As my layout is supposed to be ex GER would the pens be adjacent to the track and discharged into the back of the pen from the wagon?
  13. Oh wow , would those wagons be discharged over the sleeper wall into the pens?
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