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  1. I do hope this isn't just a rail link to satisfy the planners like the one at the nearby M&S warehouse. I know it would be difficult to do but I think most traffic is likely to come from the Trent direction where the new terminal points towards Burton but it maybe that trains can go into the M&S terminal to run round if coming from the other direction
  2. I believe there was a summer Saturday Yarmouth from Newcastle into the 1980s
  3. I was a driver at 21 , being made up during my MP12 course and on passing out I remember having a ding with an old York driver on the coil empties from Corby. I got on the locos at York yard south and gave or rather tried to give the old #### a key. He said where's your driver I don't take keys off secondmen . He wouldn't believe I was a diver and in the end I took his key of and put mine in and basically told him to #### off!
  4. There used to be motor worked ones at Darlington
  5. Is the green scene one a sieve type one? I'm hoping the Peco will be OK for big areas . Glad you mentioned watery PVA because was wondering if that would be better
  6. Basically is it any good? I was using it tonight and I don't seem to be able to get results as good as I did with my fly swatter and tea strainer home made one Am I doing something wrong?
  7. It can't be 1947 as there is BR liveried loco in the background, the number is in the post war LNER series
  8. The pipe trains out Hartlepool 44" mill were vac braked until the early 90s as were some of the containerised salt out of boulby
  9. I was a volunteer on the railway in the early 80s but can't recall it being very active
  10. The sand one is good too for rougher cast concrete I've used loads of it
  11. The high bunker was done there . The loco never really entered proper traffic, just used for goathland shuttles on galas. What happened to it?
  12. I was done to test the ride of mk4s on the ECML north of York before it was electrified. I believe the test was run well over 125mph
  13. Cheers, there has been some recent progress with roadways and buildings alongside the station which on hope to post some pictures soon. I've assumed there was some bomb damage which missed the station but destroyed adjacent buildings so I've used low relief 50s and 60s buildings in that road. I've fond the most convincing road surface is paint mixed to a darkish grey and applied quite thickly and sanded smooth this gives slight variations in colour which real roads have
  14. No , a BS most definitely has a handbrake as do all passenger brake coaches
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