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  1. Ideal for my layout paul. I was told by a friend that secondmanned them at shirebrook that they were unpopular on passenger work as they had a tendency to rock at idle and when stood in stations this was partially transferred to the first coach. Love to know what they sounded like
  2. There is a removable cover on the front to attach a drawbar to couple two together nose to nose but the bars are no longer present. There is also an air brake pipe
  3. Nowadays all that's inside is a handbrake and a couple of shovels. Not sure if the BR standard ones had it but some earlier ones had a stove and benches
  4. Cheers Danny We have 059, 069 and 218 at the moment not sure what else we are getting. All the 4s are supposed to be safe but who knows
  5. You know I always do my upmost get them when I'm on that job
  6. Ah shame I missed you. We have four 37s, two 57s and 66s planned at the moment but that may change yet You will have me again this year was off all last season had to have an operation
  7. That was me but was Thursday. Were you on at Littleport, didn't notice the van
  8. How things have changed, I remember buying a big box of triang catenary at Harrogate show many years ago for a fiver
  9. Lovetts butchers in the Bachmann range is based on papworths in sheringham
  10. Were the air pups removed as they had no use for anything else at all
  11. Hard to see from the pictures but maybe the compact six wheel one from a deltic or a 50 with the HO bogies. Could also be from a foreign loco
  12. At least it hasn't got those stupid swirls that that overpaid idiot forces on TOCs he designs for which bear no geometric resemblance to the vehicle they adorn
  13. I never realised it ran in its blue livery with a yellow panel. This must be the only brush 2 to run in any kind of blue with a small panel Did 5579 go from golden ochre to blue?
  14. Absolutely fine Eddie not a problem at all. Does seem to be in an odd place though, obviously back then the equipment for moving locos by road was far more primitive than what they have now. Mind the roads were also fairly primitive so manoeuvring them must have been hell
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