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  1. Cannonbury tunnel has a normal three aspect post mounted signal in the middle of it wheree the second track used to be. Not so bad getting stopped at it with an electric but you don't want to be stood there very long with a diesel
  2. Quite a lot of tunnels have colourlights in them . They are ground mounted and a quite a bit smaller than than normal heads
  3. Have you not noticed the Maestro van on my picture
  4. I used to quite like driving the old BR sherpas, the noise of those diesel engines was a very british late 80s sound
  5. I think it is a Italian Speno rail grinder. Going OT I love the Maestro and sherpa vans
  6. There have been so many electrification maps over the years from various BR sources, I've seen a map with Cromer and Hunstanton wired
  7. I've ballasted the depot in stone as that's how thornaby was and I have imagined mine is of similar age The transfer line through the yard will be stone as that was probably upgraded when the depot was built. With the closed station it wouldn't surprise me if that dodgy former station master in the old house has been selling the rubble! Police always seem to be there
  8. Thank you Derek, I'm glad people think I've got it right I've actually ran out of space i wanted to include some grain loading sidings but that would have been at the expense of the engineers sidings which I feel generates more interesting traffic
  9. When Spalding - Peterbrough closed was it just passengers or all traffic. I didnt know about the plan to electrify the entire GN section , would that have included the Nottingham branch or was it just the Lincolnshire lines? Very interesting
  10. Thanks Rob The pylons are just the old Hornby ex triang ones but when painted in don't look half bad
  11. Thanks for that Peter The dock edging is gaugemaster fordhampton, actually removed faller. It can be cut easily with a disc cutter. To be honest I didn't realise scale model scenery did it. I've used a lot of their stuff pway huts, bus shelters , lighting towers and yet to be installed road markings
  12. You must have done something right, I went on here about 7am and no topics were displaying pictures either
  13. Thanks Steve, I've preordered some Bachmann six wheelers to go with the crane but not sure if they would still be around late sixties. The coach with it at the moment is Hornby gresley I picked up at a local swapmeet They were in a set with a crane and N2
  14. In the longer term I will build a new repair shed to replace the metcalf bus garage based one i did twenty odd years ago I'm not rushing the layout but would like to get it into a state to operate before light nights and better weather arrives and my free time turns to cars There is still a fair amount of ballasting to do and many more signals to build The next job is fitting the colourlight signals around the main yard before ballasting the rest of it
  15. Still got to weather the ballast properly
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