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  1. Unfortunately there are big gap in the oo car ranges , I can't think of anyone that does the models you are after The 80s austin rover range is even more poorly served in all scales just the Rover SD1 is available
  2. Ferry CCT, I was on the dart valley in 2019 and they have one possibly two of those which were adapted as match vehicles to couple to the original 150s and 151s with the two pipe air brake Some bloke was telling this couple who were looking at it ,it at been altered so a German steam loco could couple to a British one!!! After the couple went I said to him that wasn't the case and he was right and wouldn't listen When I said blue in the first sentence I was going to say idiot......
  3. I did my mp 12 in 88 and I don't think it was in the rule book then
  4. You can't do with 153s things you could do with original DMUs as each cab has a control cubical behind each cab So won't be any inspection vehicles or route learners without major rebuilding
  5. This box was the last place I remember doing time interval working
  6. When you compare locos and DEMUs the Hastings was basically a 25 on a five coach train and the BP on five or seven . None of them particularly rapid . If the pullman could have had an engine rated about 1500hp but remember it couldn't have been too heavy it may have been better . The 12cyl maybach may have been better
  7. But it's on a trackbed that is hopefully going to be reused. I'm not the greatest fan of preserved railway and almost had an accident on a similar bridge over the north norfolk on Sunday but I don't want some over zealous idiot to come up with a plan to fill it in!
  8. I read this the other it looks to je someone in highways England is empire building Unfortunately it's trait of modern society where someone comes up with something which alleges that public safety is at risk shouts very loudly and no one will dare to oppose them
  9. Thanks Paul I didn't realise some ammonia tanks were built that late, I actually used to work with them. Nor did I realise some were leaf spring suspension I don't recall seeing those in their latter days at Haverton Hill but1 then it must be over 35 years since they stopped using them Russ
  10. I didn't realise those tanks were that old. Hasn't some company just announced caustic tanks in oo
  11. Evening Gibbo They were indeed very similar even using the same power controller but it could be that they were better built and designed which gave them better availability Russ
  12. Weren't the MAN engines actually built by MAN rather than license built ones of the NBLs and obviously the rest of the powercar didn't go near the NBL spanner of doom!
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