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  1. I subscribe to this channel some really interesting stuff on there
  2. This chap was on it https://youtube.com/channel/UCLv46fD9l76uifRJN0LiUFQ His videos are absolutely superb and better presented than most modern documentaries he certainly hasn't 'popped in to lend a hand ' something which I hate on modern TV , must be good for Dixon shares as accross the nation size 10 boots go through many a flat screen! Seriously thought this bloke should be taken on by a TV company
  3. Shame it was probably the only ever RTR model of a 79xxx metcamm . Modelling 60s norfolk I could really do with a few of those but vast see Bachmann ever doing one . They haven't done a four light 101 I can convert either
  4. Was that one of the ones built without vacuum brakes
  5. The teesside system was extended in 1968 only to close in 1971
  6. Two great sets of pictures David. The North Norfolk back then made Barry look tidy!
  7. Absolutely stunning picture and 'real' colourlights no plastic LED rubbish. Can't see a six fingered man though Nidge!
  8. It may have been that some components from the 76 jumpers were reused. One thing to bear in mind is the 76 jumpers weren't actually that old only being fitted from about 1970
  9. I think one of the issues was exposing the public to a lot of electromagnetic radiation which amongst other things can cause issue with pacemakers
  10. You could run it with a Hornby rocket as I believe locos of this type were retained for steam heating until 1967
  11. It wasn't really that different to voyagers and those 5 car Hitachi units. At least with the APT the guard could pass between portions
  12. I wonder if it ever used its ETH?
  13. Did these wagons get used in domestic coal traffic or just in block loads to power stations?
  14. I know visually the third was was different to the first two but were they the same engineering wise?
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