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  1. Going slightly OT here, i reckon it was a dark green. In some shots in the title sequence the colour of the car looks green in some and black - or darker green, in others to me. Film stock used and processing may have some influence here. I remember a documentary about the prisoner and it said No.6's village jacket was actually a dark brown, it showed up black when the rushes were viewed. Anyway, i'll stop now. Back to 3d printed cars. Carl
  2. It does look great. I like the attention to detail; they've even got the swallow on the horn grille - alright the inter city logo is on the small side but still. It's hard to believe they're coming to the end of their front line service on the east coast mainline, I remember seeing them as kid on test at Doncaster and Retford, and when they first entered traffic with the mk.3's and buffer fitted HST power cars. I may have to go out an about with the camera for a few shots before its too late. Carl
  3. Hi, How about asking B H Enterprises? They can do the odd miracle - or know someone who might. Carl
  4. My Dad was telling me much the same thing. He went what i'd call super old school in the end, he sent a self addressed envelope with a cheque to guarantee a reply - it worked! Old school or whatever, having a good e-commerce website these days is a must I'd say for any business. If Brian doesn't want to do that it'd be good if there was a network of suppliers he could stock who would. Just my thoughts, Carl
  5. Driven by a man in a black suit followed by a hearse.
  6. If you have some already, do a test patch of static grass on a piece of old cardboard or the like. Simon George's model of heaton lodge junction has a thread on static grass here :- http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/138032-heaton-lodge-jct-static-grass-masterclass/ Simon uses rustoleum crystal clear from a spray can. Hope this helps. Carl
  7. Morning Corbs, After the tape finished off the numbers, how about doing it like this? https://flic.kr/p/qLc57B Carl
  8. I have seen modified and detailed Hornby models but it involves a lot of cutting and shutting. The dimensions of the Hornby 06 are completely wrong, it was designed to fit around their 0-4-0 chassis but the body does have some nice detail on it. Doing an etched kit would seem easier. Carl
  9. Some links: https://www.ukmodelshops.co.uk/suppliers/40503-JudithEdgeKits Judith edge kits are on the smaller suppliers section of RM web. Michael Edge, the propietor, is also a regular contributor to RM web. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/45248-judith-edge-kits/page-1 HTH, Carl
  10. Garnished with a sturgeon here and there too hopefully. Carl
  11. Some simple, basic weathering. Just finished working on 4 grampus wagons for Shirebrook. The wagons had their taunton concrete works lettering gently scraped off with the blunt side of an OLFA knife blade. I then painted the wagons in railmatch weathered black and then took most of it off with a microbrush or cotton swab. Drybrushing of railmatch dark rust, brake dust and weathered black was then applied to varying degrees. Finally, a wash of the black was applied to tone everything down and tie it all in. All that remains to be done is a coat of matt varnish - the acrylics do have a bit of a plastic sheen, and some silver or chrome for the buffer shanks. The Shirebrook operating authorities will demand it! Cheers Carl
  12. found this if its any help:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/N-Gauge-model-railway-low-relief-block-of-flats-/273439813089?oid=273449585363 Carl
  13. I've seen a photo somewhere with an 87 hauling it with a couple of other coaches, can't remember where i saw the picture! Carl
  14. Not that i remember. It was Lima that released one. Carl
  15. Like the 56. I look forward to picking it up next Saturday. Nice when dad offers to paint it up for you. Ta Dad. Carl
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