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  1. or a 319 in Northern, when Farish release it. There's also a 323 kit from PH Designs too. Carl
  2. Steel cabs were fitted on 56056-56135. Carl
  3. Nicely done. The weathering and fading is very good. How about a steel cab variant in railfreight grey? 56064 maybe? https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/6220589719/in/photolist-atG9AT-atJRks-dFH4Z5-aGQrTi-duVY2D-4FRfH7-DVr2De-2g4fVHz-e9aTgY-9GpzsK-9GZpUu-5YQNaa-dMd3jY-DERwW8-9GWxyp-27xtSx5-GKH24p-bajRj4-bryvv8-Xc1UWC-nUP5Cy-sehqpt-hpALeU-Z7rMnN-U1XWyN-U89V3E-eaEP8F-8WLgiE-2uutS8-2hjRWAn-7BxVFm-3JzQEi-V7A9Lz-2ijqZ5Y-GszCky-2cSArqw-HJDriR-DoM5uy-bLhwpV-qvnRqE-2eqsv2i-2iK81Le-23RZWzY-VoUY4d-McNLs5-2gzrfLo-o5nSd3-2dd4wxE-9qNJ5y-2iJhAtn
  4. or even this! Note what's its' paired with.
  5. You can blame me for asking. Cottam power power station is (or was) fairly local to the area is my excuse. So's West Burton power station - I'm looking forward to a model of 56028 too. Modelling that will require some hacking with a razor saw. Carl
  6. Excellent choice. I remember seeing 37355 with Dad @Duncan. one night over 30 years ago at Treeton south junction on a speedlink. Carl
  7. wow, looks like its made from metal! The sheen once buffed is amazing , much better than I would have thought.
  8. I've seen it used to good effect for buildings of varying sizes and even rolling stock would you believe, despite its quality issues. People have told me the secret is bracing it and giving a coat of cheap superglue on the fibrous, un-coated sides of the card. A bit like the old days of shellac being used to stiffen card, same principle really. Mountboard used as backing for sketchpads is quite good too but that's an even more expensive way than cereal packs for sure! Carl
  9. The earliest listing I can find for the Minitrix one is in the 1980 catalogue if that helps. Carl
  10. Hi, I pretty sure its a conversion from an unfitted to a fitted van. When built if it was unfitted it had a solid concrete floor, fitted van had gaps in the concrete floor when cast to accommodate the pipes and other associated bits. Converted vans had pipework above the floor - I'm assuming that's where the through pipe went as well. Not a 100% sure, if anyone else knows better I'd be keen to hear. Carl
  11. Going slightly OT here, i reckon it was a dark green. In some shots in the title sequence the colour of the car looks green in some and black - or darker green, in others to me. Film stock used and processing may have some influence here. I remember a documentary about the prisoner and it said No.6's village jacket was actually a dark brown, it showed up black when the rushes were viewed. Anyway, i'll stop now. Back to 3d printed cars. Carl
  12. It does look great. I like the attention to detail; they've even got the swallow on the horn grille - alright the inter city logo is on the small side but still. It's hard to believe they're coming to the end of their front line service on the east coast mainline, I remember seeing them as kid on test at Doncaster and Retford, and when they first entered traffic with the mk.3's and buffer fitted HST power cars. I may have to go out an about with the camera for a few shots before its too late. Carl
  13. Hi, How about asking B H Enterprises? They can do the odd miracle - or know someone who might. Carl
  14. My Dad was telling me much the same thing. He went what i'd call super old school in the end, he sent a self addressed envelope with a cheque to guarantee a reply - it worked! Old school or whatever, having a good e-commerce website these days is a must I'd say for any business. If Brian doesn't want to do that it'd be good if there was a network of suppliers he could stock who would. Just my thoughts, Carl
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