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  1. This is an old post of mine but still rewlevent Nigel Spate
  2. Kenton was just a station on the Overground until RMweb
  3. Well said Kenton the problem is in many walks of life people set themselves up as impartial when in fact they have their own axe to grind and we are all guilty of this to a greater or lessor extent and that applies many on RMweb be it member or staff/volunteers on behalf of Warners. Censorship has a place of course at certain times however if it is overused or abused it can have a negative effect and can do more damage than issue it is attempting to silence! What a dull forum RMweb if everyone agreed and you heard the sounds twittering in the trees through your PC's speakers as you read o
  4. Realism in perspective When one person's Universe is another person's grain of sand!

  5. Realism in perspective When one person's Universe is another person's grain of sand!

  6. Nice own goal Andy as in one of your recent posts you described one of the Forum members as something you get if you touched a hedgehogs back somewhat negative I think! I will not use the expletive as it contravenes the Forums/your rules, so please stop being a hypocrite and preaching from the shaky high ground you appear to inhabit. Bye everyone!
  7. Over to Huey Dewey And Louie!

    1. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Classic Sci-Fi!

    2. Xerces Fobe2

      Xerces Fobe2

      I have discovered civilised life in the far reaches of the websphere!

  8. When there's no more right from wrong And the silence is your song And you know where you belong! Steve Winwood

    1. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      The Arkansas Chuggabug

  9. I am sure that SouterBeard Rail wil capitalise/ spin the benefits of having the Japanese trains with all sorts of promotions/ revenue upsell opportunities!
  10. It would be interesting to run a geiger counter over the IEP when it arrives given all the Nissen cars that were and are still being contaminated by the ongoing disaster which is Fukushima!
  11. On a lighter note the Highfield Lane overbridge in Maidenhead has reopened for traffic and is far more pleasing to the eye than it's rotting predecessor!
  12. Having Thomas & Percy out at the same time must have been very confusing for the Fat Controller!
  13. IMO A waste of time and last year Marlow Msidenhead Diistruct MRC were invited to have a stand at a craft fair in Maidenhead Nicolsons Walk Sopping Centre on a Saturday when very few people showed any interest so much so we packed up early and left. The usual comment I get is along the lines of "Thomas Tank for adults" or "I just don't get it, grown men playing with trains" We have lost the battle with the public apart from model railway exhibitions which tends to have a good family following as the younger children still like trains until they grow a little older! Enjoy our hobby
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