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  1. This is a re-crop of a previously posted image from Ladmanlow, giving a narrower view: Thanks for looking, Al.
  2. Wills coarse stone (SSMP200) seems a fair match, but sadly as you know they are very thick, small sheets so it would be both expensive and a pain to do the whole building. Al.
  3. Looking back through this thread recently, and it appears I have never posted this view of Ladmanlow Sidings before, so here it is: Al.
  4. A BMW with working indicators - even more unbelievable... Al.
  5. Hi Steve, thanks very much for your interest. I will dig out and try to replace the photos on this thread, probably won't be until the weekend now, but I promise I'll do it. Al.
  6. No. It's far better and more natural if it isn't visible in places. Al.
  7. Go forward, definitely. What I and others have done is post a brief summary of photos from the missing period - that's always supposing you saved them some where else. Al.
  8. Thank you for those kind words John, but I have to say that at the moment Ladmanlow is sailing perilously close to being Jeff's pet hate, as it has had nothing much done to it in nearly a year. It's sort of a one-trick pony, in that it was built for a purpose, to photograph against nature, but as a result of that, I haven't really got scope to expand the core layout. I have as you know added various extra modules and buildings, but the main boards of the sidings and embankment haven't been touched, and there's only so many times I can take it out and photograph it before it gets a bit repetitive. It's probably due a refresh of various bits - the static grass is beginning to look a bit threadbare for one thing. Cheers, Al.
  9. In all but name I think you are 😉 Al.
  10. The daft thing is, you could spend 4 grand rebuilding it on a nice new galv chassis, and then sell it for £20,000 without breaking a sweat. Stupid, stupid money for Series SWB nowadays. Al.
  11. What you really need is a stripped down Land Rover in your workshop... 😏 Al.
  12. I used a silhouette cutter to make sash windows for my railway terrace on Grindleford, I cut the outer and inner frame, upper and lower sashes and a filler strip as separate items out of 10thou Styrene sheet and then joined them together to make a complete window. This gave me the opportunity to model them open or closed: Al.
  13. This works very well on IT equipment. In our server room there are racks and racks of blade servers on one side, and a workbench on the other. On the bench, prominently displayed, is the carcass of an old server, which has had a large screwdriver hammered through the motherboard, and lying beside it, the lump hammer used to do the deed. Since these were put in place on the bench, the incidence of silly failures on the part of the running servers has decreased markedly... Al.
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