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    Interested in both the Southern Pacific RR and ATSF in California during the late 70's/ early 1980's but stopped modelling them because of the lack of dealers in the UK, so now modelling a representation of the Peterborough to Lincoln joint line in and around the Spalding area.

    The layout I'm now building won’t be 100% correct but I will try to be as authentic as I can be with the space I have.

    Also interested in London Transport's RT, RM and RML bus's, photography, aviation (both civil and military, riding motorbikes, music from hard rock to classical, depending on my mood plus loads more.

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  1. I noticed that 72003’s tender still had the early crest on. Was that the last one to carry it or did a few others keep theirs?
  2. I’ve just acquired a Hornby Clan (72008 Clan Macleod) which was a Kingmoor engine. Would they be used on the Cumbrian coast route, even on local trains? I’m thinking of getting one of Hornby’s BR standard 2MT 2-6-0 78xxx and wondered if they were used on the line as well?
  3. I know this is slightly off topic but what were Polmadies’s Clan’s routes that they were used on. I know Kingmoor’s batch were well travelled, certainly getting to Stranraer via the Port Road and Preston, but I’m not sure about Polmadie’s.
  4. I did say “I thought” which implies that the ones I remembered were either all blue or refurbished white and blue
  5. I dusted off the cobwebs of my memory and I think the first ones that arrived on the western region were either all over blue or in refurbished reverse blue and white. I don’t think they were repainted into standard blue and grey until the late 70’s/early 80’s.
  6. I stopped hauling containers in the early 90’s and went to driving buses as the hours were better, but I do remember that at a container depot’s Southampton head office, asking the question what happens to the container once it’s been tipped? I was told that unless it’s been specified, they will always try to get a back working, so it’s earning money for the company. It’s journey might start in China, come to Felixstowe, to customer and then redirected to another customer, back to another UK port, to the US east coast, used several times in the US, departing the US west coast and
  7. I used to “spot” at Moor Lane overbridge in Worle, Weston-super-Mare and I remember the clamour when a Class 101 set suddenly appeared. It must have been about 1975ish as I think the same summer, the prototype HST appeared.
  8. Almost looks like a winter/spring snow scene. The snow starting to melt and the grass starting to push through.
  9. Seriously thinking of getting one, possibly two EWS/DBC Class 66's but I'm just holding back at the moment as I'm still concerned about the "issues", but at £119, there too good to let go. Can I ask, has anyone fitted sound to these and apart from the handrail issue, a easy fit?
  10. Hate to be a fly in the ointment but they should have been put up first after the baseboards have been built or not long after you’ve finalised the track plan. For the hidden sidings, insert some baton’s to attach to the scenic boards to after you’ve laid the track and happy with it. Just remember that the scenic boards go in front the hidden sidings. If you want, I can come over and show you what I mean.
  11. I’m definitely interested in a Northern “Midnight Blue” 156 and possibly a Class 144 in the same livery.
  12. Pictures look great, I’d love to come up again and see the progress you’ve achieved. I assume you’ve sorted the baseboard warping with keeping the heating on?
  13. I’ve decided to keep with my East Midlands Trains stock because less work when renumbered and weathered. The only reason I considered EMR was I could get a former Hornby LNER HST, rename it for EMR. But in reality, it’s too big and I can use the money spent on that, could be used on the layout.
  14. Having transported more than a few containers when I had my HGV license, a 20ft was secured with twist locks and either on a “shorty” 20ft trailer or placed in the middle of a 40ft. If the container was being delivered to somewhere were it was being unloaded, obviously the doors would be towards the rear but if it was going from distribution depot to another, it really wouldn’t matter which way it was facing.
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