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    Interested in both the Southern Pacific RR and ATSF in California during the late 70's/ early 1980's but stopped modelling them because of the lack of dealers in the UK, so now modelling a representation of the Peterborough to Lincoln joint line in and around the Spalding area.

    The layout I'm now building won’t be 100% correct but I will try to be as authentic as I can be with the space I have.

    Also interested in London Transport's RT, RM and RML bus's, photography, aviation (both civil and military, riding motorbikes, music from hard rock to classical, depending on my mood plus loads more.

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  1. A friend of mine has just suggested laying down about 2ft of track on a piece of equal length 2x4 and then using DCC Concepts rolling road. Take’s up less space, plus the loco and anything else that needs a gentle run in can be left to it’s own devices while you do something else. Anyone else used that idea?
  2. Regarding the 465 and 466 Networkers, be careful as between the BREL built Class 465’s (465/0 and 465/1) and the Metro-Cammell units (465/2’s and 466’s) as there are a number of detail differences between the two builders. They were supposed to be interchangeable regarding spare parts etc, but just look at the difference’s between the below the solebar electrical equipment access hatches. There are internal differences as well, as well as ventilation. I’ve attached several pictures taken by me in 2009, so hopefully they are of some use.
  3. I’m thinking of building a simple test track with provision for both DC and DCC as a number of my models don’t have DCC chips in (yet). As I’m a complete dunce regarding electrics, I assume that if I install two drop feeds, one for DC and another for DCC, everything should work without issue? Or should I just have the one feed to a double throw switch and select which controller I want to use?
  4. When I left school, I started working in Clifton, Bristol on Whiteladies Road in the mid to late 70’s and on my way there, I used to pass Clifton Down railway station and apart from the usual “bubble” car doing the BTM - Severn Beach service, I occasionally saw freight traffic going through the station towards Avonmouth. I never saw any loco’s but the freight trains were made up of vans, 16t mineral wagons and flat wagons carrying pipes. I would have thought any freight would have gone via Patchway but if the freight came up from the southwest, it would have had to reverse at Bris
  5. I’m after two sets of the recent Hornby B4 bogies with NEM pockets and it would be great if Hornby would reply, even if to say that there not available at present.
  6. Has anyone else had problems with Hornby spare parts department as I’ve had to email them twice and I’ve never received a reply, even after a month. I appreciate that they have staff working from home but apart from “ticket” email by return, I’ve not heard anything. I don’t really want to call Hornby but am I wrong in expecting a reply after a reasonable amount of time.
  7. Also remember that Rails also have a number of other projects, such as the SECR D Class, the SECR Box van and the 18100 Gas Turbine and that have yet to hit the shelves. With the money tied up in those (probably best part of £300k), the Class 89 just might be just one too many for Rails to commit to for now, hence the EOI.
  8. Rails could also waiting for updates from ACLG regarding the Class 89 but as 7013 said, Accurascale could be so busy with their own projects that the Class 89 could be sitting on the back burner for now.
  9. I’m modelling Mk1 RBR 1730 as part of the Scottish Railway Preservation Society’s excursion set that I saw here at Peterborough in 2019, and according to Platform 5 publications, 1730 is riding on a set of B5 bogies. I know that the B5 is a heavy duty version of the B4 and used on Mk1 based EMU’s, but is there any visual difference between the two as I’m struggling to find any. Any help would be most grateful.
  10. I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring (if I had one) but I think normality will start slow but quickly improve because us “humans” as a species, need to interact and socialise, it’s in our DNA. I think this working from home experience will quickly fade away and the usual daily routine of commuting will become the usual drudgery and crush hour will return. If I was a betting man, trains and services will return to pre 2020 levels by early 2022 and we can put this horror behind us.
  11. With the decorated samples being shown, I assume that the production run can’t be far off. Will you let us know when they’re dispatched and on there way to us?
  12. Early western region diesels had different lamp brackets to fit the old GWR head and tail lamps, they were side mounted rather than at the back. I’m not sure when they reverted to BR standard brackets but I would assume in the mid 70’s after the hydraulic’s had been withdrawn. I’m sure others will clarify this.
  13. I keep looking at the Railfreight liveried Class 20 and seriously tempted by it. I’d like to renumber it to 20132 “Barrow Hill Depot” but then I’d stuck until Bachmann did a disc headcode Class 20 in Railfreight. I then could renumber that one to 20118 to pair them up as they are constantly seen together.
  14. I’d love to see Accurascale develop the Class 50 as their next diesel locomotive model, to the same exacting standard as their other loco’s. With the disappointment of Hornby’s latest release of the GBRf versions, I’d say that when Accurascale are in a position to announce another loco, the Class 50 has to be right for the picking.
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