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    Interested in both the Southern Pacific RR and ATSF in California during the late 70's/ early 1980's but stopped modelling them because of the lack of dealers in the UK, so now modelling a representation of the Peterborough to Lincoln joint line in and around the Spalding area.

    The layout I'm now building won’t be 100% correct but I will try to be as authentic as I can be with the space I have.

    Also interested in London Transport's RT, RM and RML bus's, photography, aviation (both civil and military, riding motorbikes, music from hard rock to classical, depending on my mood plus loads more.

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  1. I’ve tried contacting Dapol via email a couple of times to find out if they ever plan to re-release their OO scale GBRf MJA twin packs but without much success. There’s plenty in N, so I was wondering if they do a original run in OO, then a run in N and then repeat the process later on?
  2. As pointed out, 3rd rail electrification to Bournemouth wasn’t completed until 1967, so that ruled out a electric Bournemouth Belle in 1933 and as for the Kent coast, not completed until late 50’s/early 60’s so again ruled out a 1933 electric Golden Arrow. The London Victoria - Brighton line was seen as the “premier line” and given the high amount of celebrities, high society and royalty that travelled between the two at the time, hardly surprising that the Pullman Company had the 5-Bel’s commissioned.
  3. I wasn’t paying attention attention when the video first started as I heard the sound of a 37 and wondered what the hell was bringing the train into the yard, only to realise it’s a wagon with porch on it
  4. Sorry Fran, looks like I’m going to have to buy several of a competitors model, albeit a KIA
  5. I perfectly understand about being tight lipped but a polite reply speaks volumes and gives a sense that their suggestion has been listened to.
  6. Hi Fran, I’ve found a couple of pictures on Flickr (I searched Boston steel) and though you can’t see the TOPS code, their VTG lettered which makes me think their JSA’s, but they also could be KIA (Dapol’s model).
  7. I’m thinking of getting a set of the telescopic version but I’m unsure which ones to get? I’d like to model the Boston steel train in the Colas (mid 2010’s) era. According to the pictures I’ve seen on Flickr, the train was usually made up IHA bogie covered steel coil wagons but some of the trains were mixed 50/50 with I think JSA’s or a complete rake. The problem I’m facing is the pictures are not very clear as the photographer has concentrated of the loco. As IHA’s are unavailable as a OO scale model, I’d like to recreate the train if possible with JSA’s if they are correct.
  8. Agreed and when FY approached EMD, they wanted six but EMD convinced them that four was all they needed. And they were proved right, much to BR’s dismay.
  9. To be honest, I think it was allocated to a particular link at Westbury, so only a limited number of drivers knew it. It was worked quite hard and by a couple of drivers, thought it was better than a Class 56.
  10. If 47901 had been announced instead, Model Rail’s server would have crashed under the weight of emails
  11. I think I might have to resort to butchering a Lima Class 117 but the problem I’m having is which DTS trailers had gangways fitted as there’s loads of pictures of the driving end, but precious few of the of the non driving end. If anyone has a list or pictures of those that did and those that didn’t, it would be most useful.
  12. Hi Robert, I thought about doing the same with butchering a Lima Class DMS and TS which I think would be easy enough but would the models age in it's moulding compare well with the Bachmann model? It's almost in the same league as making comparisons between Lima/Hornby Class 156 and Realtrack's version. Hopefully Bachmann will read this and offer the DTS which I now believe was TOPS coded Class 149 either on it's own or as a boxed set with a Class 121.
  13. From what I've read on here and other places, the Southern Railway and later the Southern Region's Atlantic Coast Express (ACE) with it's multiple sections would be a great jumping off point but as I've read, your area is the North West, it wouldn't apply. I'm pretty sure that coaching stock would have still been used on branch lines during the transition period before DMU's finally took over. Remember Rule 1 on your layout and you could say that the train is either deputising for a failed DMU or DMU's were being phased in as loco hauled stock is being phased out.
  14. I'm going to be needing a couple of Class 66's soon but given the issue's Hatton's are having with theirs, I'm seriously considering giving them a wide berth. I know the Bachmann version is considered inferior to the Hatton's version but like the real thing, they run first time, every time straight from the box. I'd love to support Hatton's with their Class 66's but to be honest, I don't need the grief of returning one or both if their faulty.
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