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    My home planet didn’t want me, so I came here.
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    Interested in both the Southern Pacific RR and ATSF in California during the late 70's/ early 1980's but stopped modelling them because of the lack of dealers in the UK, so now modelling a representation of the Peterborough to Lincoln joint line in and around the Spalding area.

    The layout I'm now building won’t be 100% correct but I will try to be as authentic as I can be with the space I have.

    Also interested in London Transport's RT, RM and RML bus's, photography, aviation (both civil and military, riding motorbikes, music from hard rock to classical, depending on my mood plus loads more.

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  1. I recently went over to Boston to see the steel train arrive and I saw what I assume is the resident docks shunter. It’s 08375 which was previously at the cement works at Ketton and I was wondering what we’re the previous shunters over say the last 10 years. I’ve seen a picture of HNRC 08507 taken in 2011 and 09022, who I’m not sure who owns. I seem to remember that a Class 03 worked the docks until recently but I can’t find any reference to it or the number.
  2. If you went via the LT route, it likely to have been built to tube line specs as there would have to be capacity for it to run on both tube and surface lines. Acton works were quite adept at converting redundant stock into pilot motors, de-icing and other works vehicles. Again you could build something unique and say it’s on a trial, it did happen now and again and the BR Class 25 comes too mind.
  3. The Dollands Moor - Scunthorpe steel train still runs and is DBC Class 66 throughout, and I’ve seen run via LIncoln and ECML. The Plasmor block train again still runs, again with DBC Class 66’s. One train I forgot to mention is the Middleton Towers - Goole sand train via Lincoln and operating with a GBRf Class 66.
  4. Depending on your era, I think your onto a hiding to nothing using the chassis for a UK mainline prototype, though the Parry People mover sounds interesting. I would look towards industrial or maybe metro loco’s, maybe build your own creation and say in your world it was built by a local works to their design and totally one off.
  5. I was talking to a friend about the new Aberdeen to Spalding china clay slurry and started wondering what other modern day freight flows that go through Lincolnshire. I’ve compiled a list but not sure if there’s any more. Aberdeen - Spalding - china clay - Colas Class 70 Wolverhampton Steel Terminal/Bescot - Boston - steel - DBC Class 60 Carlisle - Boston - aggregate - DC Rail Class 60? Kingsbury - Lindsey - oil - DBC Class 60 Immingham - Scunthorpe - iron ore/coal - Class 66? Numerous Intermodal trains via Peterborough, Spalding, Lincoln, Doncaster hauled usually by DBC, Freightliner and GBRf Class 66’s Does anyone else know of any other recent regular freight workings that start or finish in Lincolnshire?
  6. Yeah, that might be the correct way of doing things but remember, we’re blokes and we apply the same amount of logic to using tools as following a instruction manual
  7. When I chipped mine, I dabbed a small amount of UHU onto the end of the screwdriver, both undoing and tightening back up. Even doing that, I still lost one
  8. I’m hoping that Bachmann reissue it again in maybe 2021/22
  9. I’m really happy with my two EMT versions (okay, I’m still awaiting for my latest 156 ) and I wonder what versions Charlie’s got planned next
  10. I was wondering if they are still available to order or has the order book now closed?
  11. I was wondering if the Wolverhampton Steel Works/Bescot to Boston steel train was now solely comprised of BYA wagons since DB Cargo got the contract? I’ve looked on Flickr and other photo sites and they seem to show just BYA’s but I’d like to add other steel carrying wagons if it was prototypical. Those Cavalex BBA’s do look tempting
  12. Not wishing to reinvent the wheel regarding “Rule 1” but I’d still get one with the explanation that it took over from a failed loco at short notice from a point “up north” and it’s back working from Marylebone
  13. This thread seems to have gone quiet, I hope Rails are chalking up the response to see if it’s a viable project or not.
  14. I’ve just found some pictures of Scotrail 156503 hired to East Midlands Railway earlier this year as well as several EMR Class 153’s now working for Transport for Wales. They appear to be in full former TOC livery except former lettering has been removed and new applied. Are these moves just temporary or is there due to be a mass migration of units? I ask this with ToW taking on former Greater Anglia Class 153’s and 170’s as well as EMR getting GA’s 156’s, is the EMR 153’s and Scotrail 156 just a short term thing?
  15. Thanks for the tip as I really didn’t want to hack bits off, fill windows in or loads of fiddly detail bits. I did seriously consider 37421 but then I realised it’s refurbished and the nose vents are different. Hiding the fact it was ETH fitted, I thought I could get away with it .
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