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    Interested in both the Southern Pacific RR and ATSF in California during the late 70's/ early 1980's but stopped modelling them because of the lack of dealers in the UK, so now modelling a representation of Sleaford East junction in the late East Midlands Trains era and when DB Cargo picked up the Boston docks steel working.

    Also interested in London Transport's RT, RM and RML bus's, photography, aviation (both civil and military), riding motorbikes, music from hard rock to classical, depending on my mood plus loads more.

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  1. I attended the North Norfolk Area Group’s event and very impressed with what I saw. Very friendly crowd and happy to discuss modelling projects.
  2. Went to a nice small little show in Briston, Norfolk, it was the Scalefour Area Group open day and surprised to see Cavalex there. Had a really good chat with Alex and his son about the Class 56, as well as discussing the 3-D printed model they had on display. As pointed out that it was a 3-D version, the factory had exactly the same drawings and printed it off as per. Even though it’s rough and ready, I was amazed by the amount of detail and even discussed the possibility of it going around 2nd degree curves. They even had 3 different versions of the cab on display. It was a very impressive model and I look forward to getting my pair of DCR (2 x 56091) one’s and maybe a Colas one.
  3. All I can say is I won't be going because of the experience of the last time. As I'm disabled, I was pushed, shoved, nearly had my head taken off by some inconsiderate w****r with a rucksack who did a 180 without looking who was about. I'm going to avoid shows from now on unless the organisers can provide a safe way for those on crutches, wheelchairs, both push and electric can get around without being knocked over or abused. I'm not the only one but I know it's highly unlikely to change even with disability protocols in place.
  4. As @The Johnster said, there was no real discernible difference between Class 08/09’s and Class 10’s, apart from obvious build differences during their long build. I don’t think there was anything fundamentally wrong with them apart from being a small class with a non-standard power unit, but as pointed out, BR was losing traffic, closed yards and sidings, so no real work for them and as BR was reducing their fleet, their future was bleak.
  5. I’m hoping over time, Bachmann will re-release the blue and grey version’s
  6. I’m modelling in OO gauge and your list would be great, much appreciated.
  7. I’m not sure if this the right place for this to go, so here goes. I have a friend who’s getting back into modelling and is really taken with modern O gauge that’s available or announced, especially the Dapol Class 66. He asked if there are any plans for someone to produce a modern DMU, such as a Pacer, 153, 156 or 158? I said that as far as DMU’s go, the only one I really know about is Heljan’s 121 and 117 models and Dapol’s 121 and 122’s. Does anyone think if one of the big O gauge players would ever consider doing say a Pacer or 153?
  8. I’ve heard a whisper on the model shop grapevine that Hatton’s are awaiting a production slot before making another announcement on another batch of Class 66’s, but with the Chinese playing catch-up, it could be a long wait.
  9. Because of my health issues, doing fine scale modelling correctly is difficult for me, not that I really have to explain myself.
  10. I try Googling but all I got was the official website, but thanks for the link.
  11. I’m doing a little research on the Belmond British Pullman Pullman vehicles as I might like to attempt to recreate it, and I’m getting confused by which vehicle types make up the train. I know several are ex 5-Bel vehicles but which ones are these, also I’ve been told that several are Type K, again which one’s? If anyone could help with identifying which vehicle to which type, I would be most grateful.
  12. I’ve scanned my pictures and those on Flickr and as you pointed out, the only major visible difference is the DCR logo, positioned just behind the cab doors. I also noticed a very minor difference, on 56103, the cab door windows have black surrounds, whereas 56091 doesn’t. Number 2, duly ordered
  13. Thanks for the update regarding the nameplate but can I ask, are there any noticeable differences between 56091 and 56103? The reason I ask is that I’m tempted to order a second 56091 and renumber it to 56103.
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