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Devon & Cornwall station quiz

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I am taking a liberty here and this may get shunted off!  I thought as it is Christmas I would share the family quiz of cryptic clues I have devised on the theme of D&C stations. I will post answers in the New Year if requested. All answers are stations currently in use in Devon and Cornwall. Have fun!


                                                                                                           The Railway Station Quiz

( all answers are current railway stations on Network Rail in Devon and Cornwall)


1 Expect bad weather here

2 From above The Stable to Easter

3 Lot of heavy decorating going on

4 Sounds like one should find a ship here

5 Get the animals in

6 Brass instrument

7 Strong language here?

8 You need this once you've changed the lock

9 Freshwater fish

10 Planetary Saint

11 There ought to be a beach here

12 Fisherman has catch and can't find his way home

13 Old rocker with a bad leg

14 As shams go this is the best

15 South coast pub

16 Between a Birdie and a Bogey

17 I would expect to catch a boat here

18 You may be relieved to arrive here

19 Holy people in the E.U.

20 You are entering black and white territory

21 Ripped

22 Good place to borrow a large sum of money

23 Holy man stopped in a recreational area

24 An illustrious queen has a highway here

25 She was either embarrassed or sunburnt

26 Chickens laid up by the water

27 Sounds like discard

28 Holy fire!

29 No slate, this is the Cornish one!

30 Very enthusiastic Saint.

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Just finished. Got 21 of them before getting the map out. It took a while to work out some of the rest even with it; surprising how many I'd forgotten existed.


Funny how the brain works, #29 was bugging me right to the end - I was looking for something much more complicated! 


Thanks, very enjoyable.



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I spent about 20 minutes to start with, got 7 fairly quickly, and then a complete blank.

This morning with fresh eyes I got another 5 in 5 minutes, so I think short sessions may be the way to progress,

(no resort to the atlas yet)



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Spoiler alert!


The first five were so easy that I'm sure you won't mind the answers:


1. Rainhill

2. Brent Cross

3. Plaistow

4. Surrey Quays

5. Shepherdswell

Hee hee !


Which reminds me (off-topic, for which, apologies) - does anyone know whether that fascinating interactive picture quiz relating to London tube/DLR etc stations has been repeated this year? 


(Minor edit;  I wish my fingers would actually type what my brain is telling them to...)

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