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Garry Morris

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    East Wivelshire.
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    The interaction of wheel on rail. The Grecians. Playing live. Serving the community.

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  1. Interesting that this has appeared. I own the slide. Happy to see it here but it is somewhere else on this thread I believe. A well powered 3 coach.
  2. Former Secondman on the great Western Region of British Rail.

    1. Captain Kernow

      Captain Kernow

      Where were you based, Garry?

  3. There was an Ernie Biddlestone who was Station Master at Paignton.We tested him with respect!
  4. Just returned to this thread (that I started) and am excited to see it's still going after all this time! Keep turning up those gems. Every picture has value. Only recently someone showed me a colour shot of a Class 123 at Kingswear ( Swindon Inter City dmu). They only worked through one summer I believe. There is somewhere out there a D600 Warship on the branch I'm sure. Nice to see recent activity after some fallow periods on this thread. I have more to bring but it may be a trickle! Happy New Year to all.
  5. This is a recreation of R.E Toops classic of the early 1960s taken this week.
  6. Paignton crew ready to relieve the Bristol crew.
  7. The old and the new! Tornado at Paignton 6.7.19
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