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GoPro Fun - Ride on a model train


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A bit of fun with a short video clip taken from a moving model train.  The quality is not great due to poor lighting and I accidentally had the camera on LQ mode.   A whole new perspective being down at that eye level when you become a 1/76 scale version of yourself looking at the trains go bye. 



I popped it on a flat wagon in the middle of a rake of Irish Cement wagons (IRM's finest).  I had expected loads of camera shake especially running over points but it was much steadier than I had expected.  After I 'green' up the layout over the winter will take the GoPro for another ride, perhaps right behind a 141.  


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Very crafty!


And useful to see that a GoPro can do this. My son has been fishing for me to co-finance a GoPro, this could be his rescue  :)

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CIE 141 class cab ride.


Camera position raised inside cab for better visibility forward out over cab windows.  Cab interior also added.  



It's a bit of mad fun and a distraction for working on the layout and workbench, but I've had a lot of fun messing about with this. 

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