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NIR photos - circa 1985 I think

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Some scans of photos that I took in the sidings near Sydenham, Belfast in 1985, I think.  I had a summer job at a Consulting Engineer's office in Elmwood Avenue and was staying at home in Ben Madigan at the time. 


One Saturday I walked over to Sydenham from City Hall and managed to get these photos.














The last photo is of a cut and shunt job I did at university around the same time using Lima Mk2 coaches and some plasticard - I still have this somewhere...









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Great pictures. The location is Central Services Depot built on the site of the former Queen's Quay station. This was all removed for the construction of the M3 motorway and relocated at York Road.

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A quick digression and a question. 


I had wondered if the red on the vehicles was the same between the first livery and the second - the first of the stripe livery , these lovely photos clearly show the later liver a much brighter red - more orange perhaps - any official colour name ? is the question .

I have heard the ivory colour called that but also buttermilk. Dear experts any idea of right name and rattle can or precision match.

Thanks in advance



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