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Decided to make a start on a second diorama in addition to Wot Halt. Again to try out techniques for scenery and buildings and re-educate myself railway modelling. Also to be a photographic background for models.


Started off with the timber, plywood & hardboard reclaimed from pallets at work. Cut down to rough size and then squared up as best as I can on my new toy of a table saw. I decided on a 4 road track plan with the engine shed at one end and just one end of the shed. I was pondering if I should enclose the end of the shed or not but have deiced against it so I can have as much of the inside of the shed on view as well which means I can look at detailing the insides.


I'm using the Wills 2 road engine shed but modified to be a 4 road shed. But I will need some extra wills brick sheets to get the interior done. I'm having to rethink the backscene area as I haven't got as much room between the engine shed and the backscene as I thought I would have so I may just keep that as a retaining wall of wills brick sheets with some sort of paper industrial scene on it and then I may have to trim the height of the backscene down.  







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Well has RMWeb was down and not causing a distraction to my modelling I decided to get on with a bit of work on building the engine shed for Basket Shed. Not a great deal done except to buildup some of the decorative parts of the shed walls, fit the window frames, make start on the interior walls and also the back wall which is to be solid brick wall. That will get painted white and then dirtied up. I'll see what I'm doing this weekend and I might get the track work cut to length and painted. 

I'll also need to glaze the windows and get more of the interior walls done and finish of the decorative bits. Then I can make start on building the roof which I'm planning to make removable. Even toying with getting interior lighting done as long as I can find something that gives a dull glow rather than a bright light like LED's do.

basket shed 8.jpg

basket shed 9.jpg

basket shed 10.jpg

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3 hours ago, Vallon said:

Nice start. Looking forward to seeing things develop. What are the dimensions of the  baseboard ? Thanks.

Well been making a start on the roof...made a bit of a cock up on it but still salvageable...Basically it was the cutting out of the northlight shapes, I should have thought about it a bit more as I may have more for one side than the other. Window frames are all painted and I now have to cut out the clear plastic from the Wills box to make the glazing. Then fit a second set of frames to the inside.

Dimensions of the baseboard are(sorry I only work in feet & inches) 32" & 5/16ths long (that is just because of the size of scrap ply I had) 12" & 1/4 wide and 14" in height although it will likely get cut down a bit as looking at things it's going to be too high even with the shed and a backscene in place but I'll work that out at a later time.

Right one more bit to cut out and then some lunch and a slob on the sofa in front of the TV. 

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5 hours ago, jetmorgan said:

Dimensions of the baseboard are (sorry I only work in feet & inches) 32" & 5/16ths long (that is just because of the size of scrap ply I had) 12" & 1/4 wide and 14" in height

Thanks. Don't worry. I can use imperial and metric system without any problem.

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A bit of progress this morning but nothing you'd really see in photos. Exterior window frames now painted matt white, glazing fitted and interior window frames painted and fitted. Gable ends for the roof are cut out but I think I have made a cock up with some and won't have enough to do the entire roof so will have to get a pack of plain bond brickwork sheets for some extra gable ends and also finish off the decorative bits. 


The trackwork has now been cut to length so next job is to fix that down and get it painted but I'll have to take it into work to get that done as I don't have the space in my flat. I can also get the woodwork masked off as well and once the spray paint has stopped flying about I can varnish it.


I did however decide to have a little play with my trains and get some of my loco stud out for photographs...


basket shed 13.jpg

basket shed 14.jpg

basket shed 11.jpg

basket shed 12.jpg

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As the weather wasn't conducive to being out in the garden I got on with a bit of work on Basket Shed. Not much done except for making a start on the roof. Gable ends now built up for the outer wall, with pegs of plastikard to slip into slots between the exterior and interior walls so it can be removable. A couple of gables cut and fitted on the inside wall as well and joined by an end piece. Took the opportunity for a couple more playing trains photos with some Midland locos this time.

basket shed 15.jpg

basket shed 16.jpg

basket shed 17.jpg

basket shed 18.jpg

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Well a bit more on the engine shed now as nothing has happened for a while. Time to start the roofing so using the Wills slate roof tile sheets I've cut pieces out to fit onto the back side of the northlight roof. These will eventually have some smoke vent towers fitted to them from old Hornby engine sheds but I need some more of those.


Because the gable ends had to be cut individually they aren't all, not quite of the same size, so each roofing piece is slightly different and when I was building up the roof it isn't quite square so some adjustments will have to be made here and there. At the moment I do have a weak spot that keeps breaking so I've glued sections of I beam to the interior to hopefully strengthen the roof as I plan to have it removable so I can do an interior. The roof probably won't have an interior at the moment just a coast of paint to hide the white plastic. But I might try something at a later date.


The front side of the northlight roof will get some sections of corrugated plasticard to represent clear window sections in between sheets of old asbestos roofing.

basket shed 20.jpg

basket shed 21.jpg

basket shed 22.jpg

basket shed 19.jpg

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Well tis the season to be railway modelling and as I have a bit of time away from work and some of the work has stalled on my other projects I decided to get a bit of work done on the shed diorama. Been having a bit of a struggle getting the roof all done. Simply because although I had an idea in my head I didn't plan things very well and built things ad hoc and also cutting out the northlight gables was a bit of a struggle and they weren't all quite the same size, the downside to the Wills kits. But I have the sheets of slate roofing on the backside of the northlights done and I have added some sections of plasticard to fill up some gaps. 


I've also now cut out pieces of plasticard to start forming the glazed side of the northlights. Each had to be individually cut because of the light differences in my cutting and measuring. Next job will be to cut out openings in the plasticard for some glazing. Then I can get on with a bit more detailing and hopefully finishing off then I can get on with other jobs like the ballasting.

basket shed 23.jpg

basket shed 24.jpg

basket shed 25.jpg

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AS I had made a bit of progress I thought as a reward I'll have another play with the trains. Change of era first off, BR Blue with my 03 and 45. Then back in time for a parade of my Great Western and BR Western tank engines

basket shed 26.jpg

basket shed 27.jpg

basket shed 28.jpg

basket shed 29.jpg

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More work today, I seem to be getting on with this one after nothing much happening. Now onto the floor for the shed both inside and out. I wanted the look of a concrete floor and looking at various products including Wills building sheets I could find anything that looked really suitable. However I've had various sheets of card of various thickness sitting at work trying to find a use for them.


I have sheets about 2mm thick and test fitting some offcuts they are about the same thickness as the sleepers are on the track. So the plan has been to cut the 2mm thick card into strips and glue them down to the baseboard around the outline of the shed to make up a base frame to which I'll glue a slightly thinner card will will make up the actual flooring.

basket shed 30.jpg

basket shed 31.jpg

basket shed 32.jpg

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So the shed was fitted into place and some of the strips fitted around the inside walls of the shed. The shed was then taken away and the remaining base frame work was glued into place.


I wanted the flooring to extend beyond the doors of the shed so that loco crews have clear footpaths to walk along rather than going straight onto cinders. Once the framework was glued into place, I still have some bits to do on that as I still need to do bits on the shed building, I fitted the shed back into place minus the roof so I could start cutting the sheets that will form the actual floor. I was hoping that the flooring pieces would be a simple cut to size and glue into place however the framework was quite high enough so I ended up having to cut a notch along the rail side edge of the card so it would fit over the chairs on the sleepers. But so far it's looking quite reasonable. Next job will be to get the last bits of the shed finished off...including the glazed side of the northlight roof and the ventilation towers (I need to find some old Hornby engine shed kits for that)

basket shed 33.jpg

basket shed 34.jpg

basket shed 35.jpg

basket shed 36.jpg

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Just a few little jobs today on Basket shed. A few more floor areas done to finish off what I can there and some more detailing jobs on the shed building. First off was some extra brickwork pieces to the bottom of the outside walls to make it look a bit more normal.


Secondly....I wanted some sloping brickwork for under the windows. Wills don't seem to do anything like packs of shaped brickwork so I used some of the strips of shallow ridge tiles and glued a strip of L shaped plastic strip to it so it will sit against the wall at an angle. Decided rather than just a short section directly under the window I'll have the shaped bricks at the top of the new sheet of brick work I fixed on earlier.

basket shed 37.jpg

basket shed 38.jpg

basket shed 39.jpg

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Hit a bit of a slow spot with Basket Shed but I did decided to get a bit of colour onto the building. Hide that white of the evergreen I & H beams, so a couple of coats of Revell Leaf green. It's a bit GREEEEN green but it will get a wash of Humbrol dirty black as well has some dark and light rust patches as well as smoke stains. I also want to build some ventilation troughs for fitting in the roof so I need to get some wood plank effect styrene sheets as well as some strips of styrene to make some roof beams for the roof windows. Still plenty of work to be done on the inside though so need to get more Wills brick sheets as well to finish that off. Have no fears about the H beam upright that is at an angle...when fitted to the baseboard it slots into a hole and straightens up. I also need to start making some roof vents, I had planned to modify Hornby engine shed roof vents but have decided to build my own from the same wood plank effect styrene sheets.

basket shed 40.jpg

basket shed 41.jpg

basket shed 42.jpg

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