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Trams, coaches and other such whimsies

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This will be interesting to see  :imsohappy:  I thought about trying her in 3D but opted for brass etch. 




The biggest problem will be motorising her (unless you've something cunning up your sleeve) as in brass there is very little room in the boiler to hide a motor and practically nothing in the well tank, I managed to fit a Mashima 1020 motor in the boiler by thinning the walls down to .35mm and a high level gearbox in the firebox....it was 'interesting' !!


As for the motion......get some medication ready... :derisive:


It's a compromise as a 3D model, being designed to use the Dapol/Hornby Pug chassis. I'm looking into changing the wheels to at least make it look better to the eye. Still going to be issues with the model but nothing I can't live with. Huge ugly motor in the cab too so I might have to look for smaller alternatives!


Wantage Tramway Shannon/Jane - Further CAD Work




Some more work on Shannon, nothing too major but she is starting to look the part now. Some detailing has been trial and error, however it's all looking good to me.

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NEM Couping Pockets for older stock - CAD Work


I know it seems like either I'm a devil for doing several things at once, or for doing no actual modelling, or both! But I'm just trying to play catch up on years of procastrinating. Due to having several older wagons/coaches/locos and wanting to fit Kadee couplings, I've drawn up prototypes for NEM coupling pockets, making use of the two outer prongs on older Hornby/Triang/Mainline stock.




I've ordered a prototype batch (8 wagons worth) so will see how they work out before they go up for sale.

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Huge ugly motor in the cab too so I might have to look for smaller alternatives!



With it as No5 you can probably use the curtain sides she had to disguise the motor, sadly as 'Shannon' was open cabbed I couldn't do that.


Looking good.  :good:

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Hi Folks,


The Y6 has been repainted into Early BR bauxite brown instead of the standard BR bauxite which it was painted in the previous posts. It has also had its transfers applied, it has been numbered 68083 for that is the only one of the class to carry a BR number. I'm not sure that the locomotive even carried British Railways on its sides but I think it looks the part, so there it is.





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009 Andrew Barclay Saddle Tank - CAD Work


You can never have too many projects on the go, or at least I hope so! With the Tomix Percy coming back as a readily available 009 donor chassis, I decided to have a try at modelling a typical Andrew Barclay saddle tank for it. I've done two cab types, which I hope to include in the kits to give two options for building the model.









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  • Vanguard 5374 changed the title to Currently working on: G9 Tinkerbell, NEM couplings and a 009 Andew Barclay

NEM Couping Pockets for older stock - First Prototypes & Release


First batch of these have arrived on my desk:




All work great! Slight issue with size has resulted in the CAD file being altered to be a snug fit.






An easy way to convert older stock to suit Kadees, slimline couplings and other close coupling systems.








I've put these onto Shapeways, and you can buy batches of 32 couplings.

Standard length pockets:




Close length pockets:




Mixed (Standard and Close) length pockets:




I am also currently working on a version that will adapt Lima stock to have NEM pockets. Hopefully have more to show soon.

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