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Hallside was built by Clyde Model Raiway Club (CMRC) and made its debut at Modelrail Scotland in 2016.

There is no station called Hallside but, if you travel about 10 miles south from Glasgow on the WCML, you wil pass Newton.

Newton serves commuters on both the Hamilton and Cathcart circles. This fact along with the WCML gives ample opportunity to run an interesting cross section of stock all of which could plausibly be seen in the early years of the 21st century.

the pictures below give a flavour of activities at Hallside


The layout also features here



Prior to its return to Glasgow (hopefully in 2020) the layout is undergoing an upgrade.

On its earlier outing our version of the WCML was not electrified!

Work is starting to correct this.


There will be further news as work progresses, but please don’t expect very rapid progress




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I should have pointed out that the Hallside footage starts @ 2.07 in the YouTube video.


Also the third of the pictures was taken last night and features the first few portals which have been constructed from N brass locos etches

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Good Afternoon,


I remember spending plenty of time to watch this layout in 2016 and did wonder what had happened to it. It stuck me as Newton straight away and am looking forward to seeing this once again, especially with it's ohle added. Do you have any more shows lined up or just Glasgow for the time being?



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A couple of shots showing prospective rolling stock.

In the first we have classes 303 & 318 from the Bratchell kits.

Secondly class 86 and a very short rake!

The observant out there will note the extra trees in the second shot between the Hamilton circle and main lines.

Also the strategically placed masking tape showing the approximate location and type of portal.



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Another couple of piccies from the undergrowth around Hallside.

So far there’s not a lot to show on the OHLE front.

As you can imagine retro fitting on a scenically “complete” layout involves some destruction before construction!

Hopefully something will emerge over the next couple of weeks.


In the meantime



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  • 1 month later...

I told you that progress would not be quick!

Malcolm P has been building the portals and learning on the job.

The work is fiddly but straightforward.

The problem arises when the time comes to “plant” the portal as the kit makes no provision for this.

A couple of options have been tried as can be seen from the attached photos.

Malcolm has now settled on this:

1 - Assemble portal as per kit instructions

2 - Take a regular 8mm diameter woodworking dowel and insert a small screw into one end

3 - Solder kit to screw

4 - drill a 21/64in hole in the baseboard 

5 - The assembly is now a tight fit in this hole.


This will allow a little vertical adjustment. The final step will be to paint the dowel resemble a concrete pad and glue everything in place.


Progress will now accelerate to sedate!


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  • 4 months later...

As I warned earlier progress has been slow.

As a plea in mitigation our main portal builder has been preoccupied for several weeks recently after an accident severely curtailed his wife’s mobility.

Happily health and mobility are improving. 
Plan A had been to build and install portals as they were assembled.

Plan B has meant that we now have almost all the portals, masts and catenary ready for installation


Hopefully we will have sufficient progress to warrant photos soon.



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  • 2 weeks later...

More of the masts and portals are now in place although the wires are yet to be added.

This encouraged young James to takes some piccies.

The Fife circle set is obviously lost since it is seen ascending onto the Cathcart circle!!




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Bit late to this party (!) but another good reason to make sure I get to ModelRail next Feb.  I was attracted to the topic as I thought “Hallside Loop” at Newton. I’m not disappointed.


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A significant milestone in the electrification of Hallside has been reached.

All bar one of the portals in the station/junction area have been painted up and installed.

Although we’re still not quite half way through fitting the OHLE the complex portals and masts for the junctions, turn back siding and station areas are almost done.

In the last picture below the position of the missing portal, which needs to be slightly shortened so as not to foul on the station building is marked by the price of paper.

Hopefully more progress piccies soon.




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  • 3 weeks later...

A couple of shots from last night. The first shows that all the portals are now in place on the front boards.


The second shows progress on the curved boards at the south end.


Lastly we have a rather fuzzy shot (my fault) of Malcom’s entirely scratchbuilt tensioner for the end of the turn back siding. I’ll try and get a better shot once it’s installed.





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  • 2 weeks later...


welcome along!


There has been a bit more progress since the last piccies but I decided not to post any more at the moment.

More will appear once the spaghetti goes in.

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The final phase of portal installation has started.

The picture below shows the stock of portals for the curved boards at the north end of the layout. Also visible are the spacers and jig for drilling pilot holes for the dowels.

Sods Law has come into play though, two of the portals will have to be replaced with cantilevered versions because they obstruct signals.



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