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If this has been dealt with before, apologies as I still do not have the hang of the site search engine...


Picked up the following from a well known home improvement retailer... wondering if I can use this on my baseboard instead of cork under my trackwork, and also use it for building up groundwork.


My biggest question is what are suitable glues to use? It says to use a suitable adhesive, but then doesn't say what type! So what should I use, to stick it down to ply, to stick track onto it, to stick it to itself? And of course, which glues or paints to avoid like the plague because it will react and melt etc!


Then again, the answer may be don't use it, in which case I shall use it as originally intended - to line stock drawers! The questions about glues would still stand!


Steve S





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Photo on its side!
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I have used the 5mm thickness of this product on a friends layout that I have helped to build and instead of glue I used 2in wide double sided tape used for carpets both from B&Q works well.


 Regards mike 

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1 minute ago, mike morley said:

I have also used the B&Q (and Wickes) green stuff but found that when it gets wet -as it almost certainly will at the scenery stage - it takes an eternity to dry.


I was thinking about using this but sealing it with varnish or similar before use!

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The whole point about cork is that it's quite dense. Dense things act as sound deadening.


In cars, they use butyl rubber pads to stick to the insides of the panels. It's dense and therefore heavy. great for stopping the panels rattling like a drum.


Polystyrene is not dense and so will not give the sound deadening that cork will provide.

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