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Help with picture sources please

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I am seeking assistance in tracing the source of some images that I would like to use in a forthcoming book and wonder whether the collective wisdom in this Illustrious part of RMweb might be able to help?


It will be a new Wild Swan book on diesel hydraulics, authored by my friend Andrew Vines who has been collecting interesting images on the subject for a number of years, in addition to having pictures of his own. (It might even feature a photograph I took, but don't let that put you off!) The book will be an all colour production which will seek to show previously unpublished images, captioned as well as we can to provide information on locomotive identification, train workings and locations and we are seeking to get the colour repro work and printing carried out to the highest standards.


There are three images we would like to use in the book that we have found on the Internet and we would like to find out who took them and/or who has the copyright to them so that we can properly arrange for inclusion in the book.


First off is a shot of D600 in blue running west into Saltash in 1967.


Second is a shot of D601 running into Totnes in front of a Western.


Finally a cracking shot of Swindon Works on an open day in 1968, featuring D1015, D7000 and D838.


We would be very grateful for any assistance or information that would help us trace these images and the copyright holders as we would really like to include them in the book at the best possible quality.


Many thanks for your interest and help!


Simon Castens


Wild Swan Books Ltd





D600 1V33 Saltash 1967_01.JPG

D601 Totnes.JPG

D1015 D7000  D838 Swindon Works open day September 1968_01.JPG

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The open day at Swindon was 31st August 1968, D838 left 10th September 1968, D7000 left shortly after in GFY and 1015 stayed in works until November.


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The shot of 601 and Western is 21st August 1967 and the Western is D1017. D601 was being transferred to Landore to work in West Wales for a short period by 1M95 Penzance to Manchester service as far as Newport where the train reversed and headed towards Crewe with 601 going to Swansea.

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Obvious question - where did you get those copies of the pictures? If they're online, then there are possibilities for tracing them - though I would suppose you've already tried that.


(Not being awkward, just trying to help.)

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