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  1. The Locos are o gauge Minerva Class 14s, cabs have been removed and re sprayed to Sherwood Green by Rail Match, locos also weathered.
  2. A few photos of my Minerva Class 14s ,cabs re sprayed locos numbered and weathered.
  3. The last time I can remember a fog man on duty was about 1977 at Walnut Tree Jct Cardiff Valleys. Each box had a list of fogmen and snowmen issued to them ,the last one I can remember issued was about 1978 because a lot of the Signalbox footnotes were amended to remove the fogman by changing the acceptance of trains. Also a few distant signals became colour lights,no need for fog men.
  4. Here’s a mid 1960’s photo of a 37 on a Parcels job at Cardiff. photo and Copyright is R Masterman. Also Class 37’s were regular on the Cardiff to Pontypridd and Merthyr Parcel workings in the 1970’s to early 80’s.
  5. Paddington , train worked out of Marylebone and returning to Paddington it is known that on one return trip the Beatles got off at Acton station.
  6. The Beatles film A Hard Days Night was filmed in March 1964 on the Minehead branch ,the reason being was the branch was closed on Sundays due to being no service in the winter, the same went for Marylebone station. For those Hydraulic fans , the train was hauled by Hymek D7047 from London , also D6333 played a part in it on the Minehead branch.
  7. Up date today due to problems at the factory the Class 14’s have been delayed with no release date yet. As per the website from Chris.
  8. Some great news off Chris hoping the Class 14’s will be here the end of April 2021. D9544 Brand new Swindon May 1965 my photo,
  9. 37411 went BR green about 2005 and was withdrawn and was scrapped in that livery.
  10. Here’s my Western with Builders Plate fitted above the the fuel point.
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