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Model Rail Scotland 2020 - Glasgow SEC 21st - 23rd February

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On 26/02/2020 at 08:31, Legend said:



I spent 7 hours over two days at the exhibition .  I always come back inspired and enthused but this year more than ever . I note that Hornsey Broadway is in the spring BRM , so it makes it a must buy.


Congrats to everyone that exhibited and organised the show . Only problem is how do you top that in 2021 !

Its already underway and building to be another great show.


Glad you enjoyed this year and thanks for the great comments.

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Thanks to everyone who posted and from the many positive comments it would seem that this years show was well received..makes it all worthwhile.

The weather threatened but thankfully nothing dramatic happened and our friends making long journeys all managed safely.

We of course had Alloa running in what is likely to be its last appearance in Scotland and very enjoyable it was.


My personal favourite..Hornsey Broadway.

The detail on this layout is breathtaking plus it ran faultlessly so a big thank you to Kier for making the trek north.



A couple of Alloa residents..one of many J36s and a big green engine!



And the last bus to Glasgow but be assured it will be back next year to welcome you back. 




Thanks again to all our visitors traders and exhibitors.






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I would like to echo the sentiments about Model Rail Scotland 2020 - My team and myself thought it was a well put together event with some good quality layouts and trade support. The visiting public made us feel welcome, mostly adorned with smiles on their faces. A lot of visiting families and not one whiff of BO during the entire weekend. Thank you all for the nice comments about the layout.


This last week for me has been one of recovery, rest and recuperation, as bringing such a large layout many hundreds of miles does take its toll, and although the hotel was excellent in many ways, I'm never a good sleeper away from home. The weeks of preparation, travelling in not the best of weather conditions, being on our feet for 3 days, humping and shifting has all been very worthwhile.


I'd like to thank the organising team for putting on such a good show and making us feel welcome, namely Max Fowler for helping out on the layout during the course of the weekend to the detriment of his other duties, Ian P, Davy, and last but not least the stewards (in particular Richard in the car park) who did an excellent job of getting things moving smoothly.


Our heartfelt thanks to you all that made it a cracking weekend.

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A great show as always, thanks to the organisers as ever. First time to exhibit a 'local' (non Irish) layout overseas and it was very well received. 


Heres one of our guys being put on the spot about the layout






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