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Milton Keynes - Saturday 15th / Sunday 16th Feb 2020

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Full details and tickets now available on our website:



£8.00 adults - 50p reduction on door only if valid rail ticket shown

£1.00 children


Tickets available now via WeGotTickets


Now a two day show with 33 high quality model railways in a wide variety of scales and eras plus trade support covering a wide range of railway modelling interests.


Local railway organisation support, miniature ride-on-railway, hot and cold refreshments available, level access throughout.


Free parking at venue and free vintage bus service every 30 minutes from Milton Keynes Central rail station.


Click image below to watch our 2020 exhibition video...





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16 hours ago, Pete the Elaner said:

I have enjoyed this show in my past visits.

I thought last year was supposed to be an /anniversary only' 2-day show? I guess it was successful! :biggrin_mini2:

That is true - and we convinced ourselves it was a one-off. But it went well and lots of feedback suggested we should make it a two-day show...so here we are!

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One critical comment does not make 'a history of being negative towards this exhibition' and my comment was not as critical as others concerning the 2015 event.Regrettably the trade at the MK show isn't as good as it used to be, why I don't know, perhaps the new customers with their kids aren't buying at the trade stalls, so the traders go elsewhere. Adding  Sunday to this event has improved it as it's a lot less crowded, particularly on the Sunday afternoon but the reduced trade is an issue for the enthusiast, though not for the parents of the young families who probably can't afford much anyway. This an expensive game.

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18 hours ago, PenrithBeacon said:

I'm a bit disappointed with the trade

http://www.mkmrs.org.uk/exhibitions/traders/ .



Trade at exhibition's certainly isn't what it once was, but you could have said the same maybe ten or twenty years ago. But it is what it is, and is a reflection of the hobby in 2020.


Still, at least the link worked for you, the thought police have filtered it out for me...


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Traders for MKMRS 2020


Full details at: www.mkmrs.org.uk/exhibitions/traders

  • 3d Printing Corner
  • AGR Model Railways
  • AirFramed Bespoke Glass Display Cases
  • Bedford Bletchley Rail Users Association
  • Ceynix
  • Check Rail (Dean’s Bargains)
  • Cheltenham Model Centre
  • Country Scenes and Trees
  • DoubleO Scenics
  • Ecclesbourne Valley Railway
  • Elaine’s Trains
  • Friends of Bletchley Station
  • Ian’s Trains
  • JB’s Model World
  • Keith’s Model Railways
  • LMS Patriot Project
  • Marston Vale Community Rail Partnership
  • Milton Keynes Model Railway Society
  • Milton Keynes Model Engineering Society
  • P & D Marsh
  • Pen & Sword Books Ltd
  • Plus Daughters
  • Powerbond Adhesives
  • Railroom Electronics
  • Railway Correspondence & Travel Society (RCTS)
  • Saddletank Books
  • Sunningwell Command Control Ltd.
  • Talyllyn Railway
  • Totem Signs
  • TPA Books
  • Wrenn Specialist – Andy Dayton


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As well as the traders listed above there are some 30 layouts in a variety of scales to enjoy.

Z Scale

Oberammergau (Graham Jones)

N scale

Brook Lane (Paul Butler)

Hartley Poole (Richard Hart)

Hawthorne Dene (Les Richardson)

Kayreuth (Ian Hogben)

Small N Working (Ian Redman)

009 scale

Hawkins Tower (Philip Moore)

Ilfracombe East (Brian Key)

Smallbridge Junction (Dale Gillard)

H0 scale

Elmwood Yard (David Dalman)

H0/H0e scale

Donnersbachkogel (Gerhard Novak)

00 scale

A Fracking Disaster (Ron Stanbridge) - Great Model Railway Challenge contestant

Abbey Park (John Polley)

Dublingham Goods Station (Tony Harris)

Ealing Road (Missenden Modellers) – Great Model Railway Challenge contestant

Frampton on Severn (David Fryer)

Great Minion Railway (Trevor Powell)

Hawkins Halt (Rodney Hodge)

Manygates (Steve Saxby, Chris Saxby)

Much Murkle (Nick Wood)

North Bridge (Mike Kelly)

Silverbury (Robert Thomas)

Troutons (Wakefield Railway Modellers Society)

Whitehall (Roger White, Don Hall)

0-16.5 scale

Appleton Dene (Tony Clarke)

Calstock’s Halton Quay (Chris Peacock)

EM scale

Roundtree Sidings (Blyth and Tyne Model Railway Society)

Scale 7

Cranmore (Eric Hines)

0 scale

Crompton Road – stabling point (Martin Litchfield)

Eastbridge (Les Pace)

G scale

Putnoe Halt (Simon Marshall)

G1 scale

Penphyl Halt (Martin Shenton, Tracey Shenton)



MKMRS leaflet 3.jpg

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