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What did you do to yours today?

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Back to more traditional modelling today, no cakes, nothing on the computer (unless you count the printer humming away in the background). 


1st up. Some test running of a Farish 108, that was DOA so was sent straight back for a warranty repair (very quick it was too). Seems to run just as I would expect it to now so it has been running in for the rest of the afternoon.




2nd up, out with the soldering iron and return to a Worsley works dia150 centenary composite brake corridor coach. Having left this alone for the last couple of years I now feel like I am getting somewhere with it. 






There is going to need to be a lot of cleaning up with this coach when it is finished. 

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The Fleischman 6730 controller that I bought from eBay arrived today - in excellent condition too!  I absolutely love it, as I seem to have had an incurable mental block regarding the "Forward and Reverse" switch when using my Gaugemaster controller, resulting in numerous derailments!  Operations are now100% improved. :imsohappy:

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