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Seaside & Holiday Island Narrow Gauge

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The weather is generally chilly, we are all more or less confined to barracks, so I propose that we cheer ourselves up by thinking about seaside narrow gauge railways - sun, sand, sea, rides on small trains. What models/layouts do we have, and what prototypes can we highlight?


A few guiding principles:


- these should be railways or tramways that exist or existed purely for 'seaside' activities, leisure or industry, rather than "serious" railways that terminate at, or run beside the sea;


- any motive power is permitted;


- anywhere in the world;


- pier railways are included;


- none of those bloomin' awful rubber-tyred Dotto-train things that seem to have supplanted most beach railways.


EDIT: scope latterly expanded to include railways on small holiday-focused islands (we're thinking things ranging from a rock with a seagull perched on it, up to a few hundred square miles here, not huge slabs of land).


I'll start us off with a not very good photo of the Volks Electric.






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You haven't excluded them so here is Clevedon miniature railway in 1962. I am on the train!  The sea is just behind the bank on the left. Donkeys are in the field on the right. Punch & Judy were often in the same field.


UK 1962 Clevedon 1.jpg

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Well .......... since we're mentally on holiday here, a bit of slackness is permitted. Miniatures included.


Anyone got any photos of the Wells Harbour Railway? That sits right at the boundary between NG and miniature IMO, and is very "seasidey".

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Sorry haven't got a picture of the Wells Harbour line - or the Wells and Walsingham - but I can offer the following 10 1/4 inch gauge line pictured in 1963, which is (was) closer to your origins.




Southsea Miniature Railway.



Chris H

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HI everyone,


While it is not really 'my thing' I cannot help but have been impressed by the former Kerr's Miniature Railway in Arbroath (take thermals and waterproofs in summer), and the Wells and Walsingham line.  I had more of an opportunity to chat with folk and the latter, and found the crews to be engaging.





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13 minutes ago, Metropolitan H said:

Sorry haven't got a picture of the Wells Harbour line - or the Wells and Walsingham

I’ve got some of both but they are on the laptop. I’ll try to post them later.


Andi (currently posting from my phone)

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Many years ago, a short narrow gauge railway operated on the eastern bank of the Keyhaven River, Keyhaven, Hampshire. It linked a small boatbuilding yard to the river and was used to transport boats in cradles from the yard to the water. I only ever saw it derelict. Man hauled?

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14 minutes ago, Nearholmer said:

Goodness knows how long ago on the Lincolnshire Coast - the print is quite faded, and I think c1978, but I can’t remember - maybe before that.







Fading somewhat reduced.


John Isherwood.

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Brilliant - exactly the sort of railway I'm thinking of!


There was a really cracking Dungenessque layout in a mag that I read recently, maybe NG&IRM; I think a winner at an Expong challenge.


We did have a few horse-worked ones in Britain, although again nothing to really rival France, but here's a picture of one of ours https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_Tram_Terminus,_Barmouth_Ferry.jpg  IIRC, The Pwlhelli & Lanbedrog, which sounds made-up, was another one, and Douglas Bay probably qualifies, even if it lacks the essential sandy/shingly-ness.

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My own seaside railway model-building ground to a halt thirteen years ago, with this coach part-finished, although I did treat myself to the new loco in the interim.






Refreshment deliveries already sorted.



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I've got a few to throw in here, many of them long departed, or the locos moved elsewhere. I'm not sure which order these will come in, but they include:

Wells Harbour Railway

Southport Lakeside,




More in another post



021_k05_0002_Wells Harbour.jpg

021_b10_0001_ 15 Southport c1995.jpg


021_c22_0006_ 1865 Lowestoft c1969.jpg


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