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Buying on line from HMRS

Clive Mortimore

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Hi All


Can anyone help, I am trying to buy 2 digital photos from HMRS. I have filled in the form asking my address etc. It will not accept my home telephone number or my mobile number, their form says my telephone number is necessary for delivery purposes. Delivery purposes for digital photos? the company they are using for trading is Sageplay.


How do I get around this?



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3 minutes ago, Steamport Southport said:

I haven't tried this website, but sometimes you need to use the international dialling code which is a 44 instead of the first 0.


So instead of say 0171 it's 44171.




Hi Jason


Thanks, it is a good idea, I should have mentioned I tried that.


Since posting I contacted Sageplay and the nice sounding young lady wasn't able to help, she said HMRS need to contact them. I have also contacted the HMRS, as they are volunteers I will sit back and be patient.


If anyone has a useful idea like Jason's please let me know.


Still cannot understand why they need my telephone number to deliver two digital photos.

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