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Gallows Close Multiple Unit Workshop - Scraping the Barrel. DMU Hybrid

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The class 141 is looking very nice so far - keep it up!


Back to the Mark 2's. I'm calling the mk IIc finished, and that marks the end of the cross country set project. The coach has been flush glazed and mounted on a modified Dapol underframe, just a light weathering to go. I'd also like to tone down the roof colour as at the moment it is a bit too shiny.






I thought I'd post a YouTube clip of the inspiration for this train, it is the first thing you see on the below video.




And, here is my video response.....




Control must have been short on class 47/4's today - they have turned out a '50! The complete six coach cross country set heads north with a SW/NE working.


Thanks for looking in, next up it is the (Leyland) National Front (end),


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Scraping the Barrel




On 30th September 1991 class 108 DMBS 53969 found itself working the 13:24 Leeds to Sheffield service in the company of class 111 DTCL 54061. This hybrid combo was apparently quite long lived.  No doubt formed in a hurry at Neville Hill depot in response to the Sprinter crisis of the time, the pairing was recorded first in 1989, and again as late as 1991. After that 53969 was again paired with a class 108 trailer, being withdrawn on 26th November 1991.  The class 111 car was transferred away from Neville Hill, first to Cambridge and then to Longsight where it was finally withdrawn in June 2000. (Info <a href="https://www.railcar.co.uk/" )


Here the unit is reproduced in model form.  Both cars are from Bachmann, with the class 108 vehicle showing scars from having been fitted with window bars for working the Cumbrian coast, missing a ventilator on the roof and showing a Tyseley set number recording its nomadic career.  Damage under the center cab window has been replicated and a generous coat of Neville Hill grime has been applied.  The class 111 car has had all the usual treatment and been renumbered from a standard Bachmann car.  The vehicle has been rewired to accept a DCC chip of its own to control the lights.


Another useful addition to the Kinsley fleet.



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