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=C=Rail= Intermodal Bell reefer

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HI All


The Bell 20ft reefer is now in production.


It will keep Charlie busy when he's in Dublin this year.


Regards Arran


PS more 20ft and 40ft Bells are being done as well , last ever time.


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What do people think about a batch of Bell Containers in a pack, un numbered with decals to add different running numbers????



Good idea. And while your about it would it be possible to add a few 'patch repairs' to the transfer sheet?

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Haven't seen any Bell containers yet. Which lines do they run on?



I don't think they run anywhere any more, as the Irish-owned company went into liquidation in 1997; for quite a time, their boxes were still to be seen, with ownership details painted out, but I haven't seen any for a while. In the early days of Eurotunnel, we used to see a lot of them, notably on trains to and from Italy.

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