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11 hours ago, jwealleans said:

Thanks, Brian.   Can you do me a smokebox number plate on your next sheet?  67230.


Emails sent

the other plates at at the Etchers

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On 15/05/2011 at 02:27, jwealleans said:

Well, we're finally back in business. Fully reroofed, insulated, reboarded overhead and almost as before. A few items have vanished into oblivion - for the moment - and I'm still getting rid of the awful fine black dust of almost 80 years which has got into everything, but I have been able to do some modelling at last.


I have some plans for summer projects, but initially I thought I'd clear some decks and finish off a few things which have been hanging around for some time.


These coal wagons have sat in the drawer for a long time. They make a nice contrast in sizes.




The opens are also done. I did end up using the Cambrian brake gear (you get a spare set on the sprue) for the 3H wagon. Not a lot to choose between them otherwise.




Toads, of course. LNER one now lettered and has since been glazed. My cunning plan to use the Dapol running lamps detailed in the manner Mikemeg showed back upthread has rather been stymied by their being one of the items which has vanished. I think I can make some more up from Evergreen section and rod, though. Thanks to a contact on the LNER forum I now have the major parts for a Toad E in the kit pile as well.




Like Micklner, I couldn't resist this at York. Everyone knows I'm a sucker for a horsebox.




It needs metal buffer heads when I next order from Andrew Hartshorne and the door handles have been carved off to be replaced with brass ones. Transfers from Cambridge Custom Transfers. I think Mick mentioned the toilet window is fiddly - one other problem I found with it is that the white paint from the window seeped through any gaps in the frame and I had to repaint round it on the other side. After all the years of wanting Parkside to do an LNER horsebox this may be the only one I buy as I have another two of these from D & S to build.


Finally I made a determined effort to complete this NE brake 3rd. The instructions had also vanished but thanks to Mr Worsdell I was able to obtain another copy and complete it on Friday night. It's now entered the paint shop.




They're a classy looking vehicle, these NER clerestories. There was a very nice rake on one of the 3mm layouts at York which was probably the best thing I saw there this year.

Do know of any LNER livery transfers for the Diag 5 horsebox?

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You can make up a lot of what you need from the HMRS sheet; the rest I'd commission from Precision Decals.  I haven't done one in LNER livery yet.

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A little more cleaning up, touch of filler under the dome and it's ready for paint.  Please tell me if you see anything I've missed - I've already seen some more sanding operating rods on a photograph I found yesterday and the vent on the front of the cab might just need beefing up.





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