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Instant setting superglue fine for small bits in my experience (presume that Kirley’s Loctite sets a bit slower). If doing overlays etc I’d tend to use contact adhesive:  gives you a little more ‘change your mind time’....

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NIR Dining Car

I picked up an MIR etched brass kit for this MkII Dining Car earlier this year.  With help from Ian Sinclair and Ivor Hugh's drawing I was able to have a go at the interior in its enterprise days.



















Then disaster, paint came away with the masking tape.




Got it sorted.




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That looks really good and hopefully serves a good brew for the passengers, the interior is just the thing and I guess was fiddly but is well worth it . The glazing fits well - nice and flush as can be.  Just need all the other coaches now !

I did one the hard way with filler and plasticard but does need revisiting to match this standard. Another

 job   for the list. 

Thanks for showing.     

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Tamyia plastic  and Eurostar - I get this from Precision for precise edging, Tamyia paper for larger areas if not suitable for newspaper for large blocking areas.  I have also used vinyl lines precut from BECC model accessories. www.becc.co.uk. - A sheet of precut vinyl lining  lines down to  0.5 mm  .


The Tamyia and Eurostar are low tack  less than the paper and seem to leave no residue.   Sadly it is all down to prep and yes you can run tape through fingers to remove some tack but this can give issues with edge bleed and stretching  thus ruining straight edges - all of life is a compromise..  


The BECC lines I have used on a N gauge Cube wagon  which is baxuite with thin grey lines on panel edges so a mix of 0.5 and 1mm used on grey primer and a spray of buaxite primer and tape  remeoved - all worked even though it is not sold as a mask it does it really well.  


Sorry to thread hi jack, great  work  but must say blue lines and crests/ logos from Railtec are going to be my way forward on future coaches, happy modelling.       

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CIE 20’ Hopper Wagons

An unusual load was the cut down 20’ container with hopper shoots added to the bottom half. Made from plasticard the biggest problem was constructing the hoppers, had five goes before getting it right.



















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On 23/11/2020 at 08:58, Robert Shrives said:

Great bit of modelling, I guess load was coke or similar as  Centre of gravity very high.   were these ever craned as loaded or empties only ?   So I guess a hopper wagon swapbody concept - ahead of its time. Very interesting and showing CIE ingenuity.


There is a piece on the CIE hopper containers in a late 1960s IRRS paper on CIEs containerisation programme.


They were used for grain/malt traffic during the 1970s, there are several photos of cuts of wagons with hopper containers in Tralee North Kerry Yard.


It likely that road transfer was used at each end of the journey.


The paper indicates that CIE would have preferred to use a standard bulk container with end tipping discharge (by truck) but the hopper container was developed because of height restrictions in the customers premises.


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Harp Tank Container

I came across this unattributed image some time ago and it always intrigued me.  I have never seen any other pictures of it so this picture was the only reference I had to base the model on. 




I used C-Rail ISO 20’ Tank Container kit as a donor and while the tank dimensions were larger it was either use that or totally build from scratch.  Plasticard were used to adapt this kit.




I believe the picture was taken at Dundalk in the 80’s and the Harp Tanker along with a similar Tanker for Satzenbrau Pils were used to transport these lagers to Belfast.  I would welcome any more information on this traffic.




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I guess if I liked lager ! Tasty regardless.  Makes a party 7 look a bit limp.   Photos of wagons are still quite rare but looking on Fliker has been quite productive, folk always happy to phot the horse at the front, behind less so when film was fairly expensive and all wagons looked the same !!  Decals homebrew? ( sorry bad pun! )



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