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Western Identification Sought

Andy Kirkham

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The first tranche of Landore-allocated dual-braked Westerns were D1013/15/25/26/31/55/61/62/63/66/69, if this helps. d1066 was first. These became extremely rare birds in the far South West during 1968/9, the reason why D1031 was my penultimate cop at Exeter 9/69 and D1015 making me wait another 9 months to clear them........it may be famous now but it was infamous to me back then!


All Westerns were dual-braked during general overhauls at Swindon Works, as it was no simple task - therefore from 1968-on they'd all have been in BFYE livery. Regardless of how many pipes Dapol fit to their models there were no dual-braked maroon ones!

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