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Murphy Models RPSI Cravens cars

Andy Y

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Please see attached the pictures of the RPSI cravens..



The limited edition RPSI Cravens coach models produced late last year

have proven very popular with modellers and collectors alike. The

models in the RPSI Blue and cream livery, standards 1505 and 1532

along with snack car 1508, were produced as a fund raising project to

assist the Society with the purchase of a water bowser truck. The

purchase of this truck will greatly assist the operation of steam

trains around the network. It will allow the speedy delivery of water

to the tanks of the locomotives and also allow the locomotives to take

water in places where currently it is not possible. Remaining funds

raised will go directly the 134 restoration fund. The overhaul of 134

is well underway in Inchicore works.


The three coach sets are priced at €159.99. To purchase a set of the

models please follow the link



The coaches are also available for purchase in Marks Models store on

Hawkins Street, Dublin 2. These coach sets will not be repeated so

don't miss the chance to acquire a set and in turn support the RPSI.


Once these coaches are sold out it is planned to produce a second set

which will have three of the other standard open coaches. This will

allow modellers to create a six piece train of RPSI stock.



unnamed (1).jpg


unnamed (2).jpg


unnamed (3).jpg


unnamed (4).jpg


unnamed (5).jpg

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