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DMU Subsitutions

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As part of the preparation of stock for my china clay layout, I have turned attention to planning what I am going to need for my passenger workings. Having foolishly sold the majority of my 1980s passenger stock a few years back (and ploughed the proceeds into 1940s steam) I am now left with a half finished pacer (to be sprayed in Chocolate and Cream) and an NSE 101 which probably needs a respray into blue/ grey. I also have a handful of Blue / Grey Mk1s.


I recall that at times during the 80s there were shortages of DMUs in the SW (especially in 1988 when the 155s were withdrawn,) during which as a last resort Class 50s were substituted.


After a trawl of flickr I am struggling to find examples of formations, so I was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction?

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There were Barnstaple line workings as inspiration. I've posted these in a thread about 2 coach trains (not all class 50s)


Barnstaple line 1989 -  2 coach DMU replacement with class 50:


1990 - 2 BSK brakes plus class 50:


class 47 1990


class 37 with failed DMU 1991



Another of Ian Dimore's shots with class 50 + 3 coaches


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Bit more info on the Barnstaple services on other threads



I know it's not exactly Cornwall but hopefully still relevant.


There's a couple of references in John Vaughan's book "Diesel Days - Devon & Cornwall" to 'the glorious era when stopping trains between Penzance and Plymouth were formed of locos and stock'. The pictures show:

14/10/82 50 047 rail blue SK-CK-SK-BG

18/04/83 50 007 large logo BSK-SK-CK

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