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NBR Developments brake vans - heads up


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It may be of interest to some on this section of RMWeb that NBR Developments currently have all their NBR brake vans (Dias 21, 69 and 70) available to sell. This doesn't seem to happen very often, as Ian is frequently waiting for castings, so it might be an idea to strike while the iron is hot. 

In addition to working on the "grown-up" railway, one of these vans also worked on the WPR, and another on the North Sunderland Railway, which is the one I've modelled (see below). The kit is a beautiful piece of etching and goes together very easily. The handrails are a bit of a faff, but that's the NBR's fault, not Ian's... 



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Thought it appropriate to use this old thread to mention that my next two etched brass 4mm NBR Goods Brake van kits are now available and are listed on my website where more information can be found.

9109 NBR Dia. 88: LNER Dia. 36B: brake van (6 wheel, originally 17 Tons, uprated to 20 Tons) and

9110 NBR Dia. n/a: LNER Dia. 32B: brake van (4 wheel, 20 Tons. Designed by the NBR but actually built by the LNER in 1923)


Suitable transfers for the NBR period are available separately from Old Time Workshop 4820



4820 Old Time Workshop.jpg

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