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Fusion 360 Bodies keep moving

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I know it is me that is moving things by mistake but it is very fustrating when you spend ages working on a part that you think is aligned to find when yo turn the other component on something has moved.


Can you lock or fix the position of an item when you start so you can not accidental move it?

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10 hours ago, njee20 said:

Moving is quite a deliberate action though, are you sure you’re Accidentally moving bodies?


Yes the components are moving apart from each other, I should say I am using components but was not aware of the grounding and purpose of joints mentioned by Bill Bedford above. I'll have a play with this in a minute, to see if I ca fix some of these issues.


In the picture attached (if it works) the different colours are different components, when I was working on one and turned another back on I found that I had some how moved it. I have now moved them all based on their origin to the main origin and then individually moved items like wheels and headlights. This is about 1:84.8 scale as I am using dims direct out of a 1938 brochure, it will eventually be scaled down to 1:148.


Bedford - Tipper 1938 v46.jpg

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