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Woody C

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Hello Keith, Many thanks for your kind words and I am really pleased my ramblings were of use! I did surprise myself in looking back just how little the basic layout cost me in terms of an hourly rate. Using the £455 cost of baseboard, track and scenics and about 200 hours build time, it further breaks down to a weekly rate of about £4.50ish which is less then the cost of a single Mars Bar each day! I am beginning to sound like one of those life insurance adverts now but I think it does show that as a hobby railway modelling can be affordable and good value. Good value not just in terms of money but also the development of skills. I have certainly learnt a lot from Chalkdon. However the most fulfilling moment for me was as I was walking out of the Man Cave the other day I turned around just to make sure I had switched off the controller. I just stopped for a moment looking at the layout and it suddenly hit me that it was something that I had built and created from scratch and kits. That moment was probably priceless in terms of fulfillment if that makes sense.


As I said in the video, the most difficult part of the whole layout was getting started! After that everything else begins to flow naturally! I hope that your house move goes well but don't wait to long for that fresh start!


For anyone else reading this, my dulcet tones on the subject of both having just about finished (and I did not think I would be saying that for many years yet!) Chalkdon and the costs of it are available in this video



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