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Anyone able to identify this connector?


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I have on my car an lpg conversion with an AEB fuel level gauge in the centre of the tank. (pic enclosed). This has a 2-pin white connector plugged into it, but the connector has disintegrated due to age. The connector I need is female, with pins spaced about 2.5 - 3mm apart (difficult to measure in situ) and was coloured white. I have a feeling the name is Molex, but not sure, and it seems similar to a Hornby loco-tender connector. I'm sure they are used in the computer industry. I can source a replacement kit of gauge etc (at a cost), but would prefer to get the connector with a short lead attached if possible. Can anyone id the type?.

In addition, if I was able to source these, they would be useful for adding loco-tender wiring!

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1 hour ago, stewartingram said:

That JST loks possible. Impossible to get a better image due to location, though the connectier is as sharp as I can get it. I (roughly) measured the pin spacing at 2.5 maybe 3mm.

Might well be  2.54 mm i e. 0.1 inch, unfortunately Molex make dozens of connector types so tricky to pin down from manufacturer name.

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I'm hoping to narrow down the search on sites like RS Components, there are literally thousands of connectors to wade through! I do have the option of buying from my lpg supplier of a replacement gauge and wiring loom, quite expensive for what it is though so thats why I'm initially looking at components.

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This guide may help identify the type and ‘family’ then you can use the data sheet to assemble a full part number to search on which will sort the wheat from the chaff on the likes of RS or CPC listings...


Scroll the page and see extra ref outs to say JST deep guide.

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