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Question about Weddell's LSWR Carriages books

Jim Martin

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I don't recall ever seeing a copy of a volume 2 of Gordon Weddell's LSWR Carriages. I've seen volume 1 (1838-1900), volume 3 (Non-passenger Carriage Stock) and volume 4 (Goods, Departmental Stock and Miscellany); but not volume 2. I have, however, seen several copies of LSWR Carriages in the 20th Century, also by Weddell, for sale; and a photo attached to one current eBay listing shows the first page of the Introduction, which talks about the first volume being published by OPC in 1992, as volume 1 of LSWR Carriages was.


Am I right in assuming, then, that LSWR Carriages in the 20th Century is actually the second volume of LSWR Carriages, albeit with a different title?





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I am not at home so cannot look at my books but I think the first volume was published by Wild Swan. They declined the second volume which was, I think, published by OPC. The third and final volume were published by, I think, Kevin Robertson. The first volume was a smaller page size, (quarto?). the following three volumes were A4 so not uniform on the bookshelf, if you worry about such things!

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