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Reference books on pre-preservation Ffestiniog Railway


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Looking for some books that have material on the pre preservation Ffestiniog Railway.  Ideally containing information on rolling stock, liveries, train formations and timetable information.


Happy for some information on the preservation era too but I'm keen to learn more about the railway pre-preservation.


Any other books on the line that are good I'd be happy to hear of too.

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Try the two Oakwood Press books by JIC Boyd as a starting point. Various editions and reprints over many years. Quite a lot of known errors, mistakes and assumptions but still worth having I think. Peter Johnston's two-parter by Pen & Sword also worth a look. For locomotive history look no further than Little Giants, it is absolutely amazing. In truth, I don't think there's one single modern publication that will cover all the bases.

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You could take a look at these of course.


The Railways, Slate Quarries and Tramways of Blaenau Ffestiniog





Tren Bach y Llan/The Little Train to Llan Ffestiniog: A History of the Festiniog & Blaenau Railway, the Area and its Community




Great Railway Eras Festiniog 1946-55 The Pioneers' Stories






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At Gwynedd Archives in Caernarfon you can work your way through all the ‘old FR’ archive documents. Open to the public 3 days a week and no need to pre-book. Fascinating but time-consuming, it’s quite a strange feeling to hold in your hands a letter written by a railway legend such as Colonel Stephens. 
Also, consider joining the FR Heritage Group. 

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