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1:76 LT diecast cabs - T-Stock? Help please

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Good evening all


Was hoping someone could identify some parts that I added to my "to do" box 30-ish years ago and have completely forgotten the source


Are these T-Stock or Dreadnought driving car cabs?  or one of each?

I'm assuming they are Model Centre Harrow spares as I used to frequent there but not entirely sure as I cannot recall buying them. Would like to identify before trying to find them a home with someone who'll actually use them...




2024-01-01 17.55.09.jpg

2024-01-01 17.40.59.jpg

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Pretty sure they are Harrow cabs, the flatter one for a driving trailer and the other one for a motor driving car.

They look similar to these recent ones on eBay for an idea of the full models.


I feel like I have seen people using older Farish coaches as basis for T stock so although they are just cabs, these could be put to that type of use. I’m sure I have some suitable coaches in my stock for a potential project…how long before I’d do that is another thing entirely(other projects).😂

Oliver SR

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Yes they are T stock cabs from the Radley models range. The flat one is from the 1929 driving trailer and the angled one is from the 1927 driving motor.


These would be useful if you are looking to convert some up. I have been using the Dapol (ex Airfix) LMS compartments as well as the Garfar coaches as well. 

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As I have said in other related topics, the Farish coaches are incorrect in just about every possible detail, but they do actually look the part! I have a rake of them representing Dreadnought coaches to go with Met Bo-Bo electrics Sarah Siddons and Sherlock Holmes. I have sometimes wondered about  the possibilities of converting some of these to T stock, so I'll be very interested if you go ahead with it, Chris. 😎

The photo was taken quite a few years ago, and shows how I was experimenting with different shades of brown. The darkest shade is supposed to be the correct one, but I think it looks too dark. The end windows are simply painted on here, but one day I will drill them out and glaze them properly.


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Thanks a lot guys, much appreciated.  


I've stuck them on the Bay of E at £20 on a 10 day auction, and aso filed some HMC Met Bo-Bo parts I had as a separate auction - if they dont go I'll knock a few quid off every time it relists until they do. No idea if theres even an active market for these things so long after the manufacturers shut down so valuing them's a bit of an issue


(My other big issue for this year is turning as much as possible of my Spares & Projects box into cash before the fixed rate on the mortgage expires in August...)

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