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N Brass Locos closing - owner retirement

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Nick at N Brass Locos has announced he is retiring at the end of February so it’s a last chance to order.


After 32 years his etched parts will be greatly missed, especially the OHLE portals. It will make modelling modern electrified lines much harder in future.


A well earned retirement though.



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There are/were some cracking products in Nick's range.


I don't think I'm breaking a confidence to reveal that I was very interested in taking on his business and continuing it. Unfortunately the solicitors etc couldn't reach an agreement on the legal details. Although he never said as much, I think that he found it quite difficult to imagine passing on the reigns to someone relatively unknown and perhaps seeing things change.


I would like to give him credit for advertising the business sale and looking for the possibility of continuation. I think it's really sad when folk just shut up shop without making an effort to pass things to the next generation. Having taken on TrainTrax in similar circumstances 2 years ago, I'm now looking for my next challenge.



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I saw that Nick had some useful looking poster boards - happy to say they arrived quickly, and well packed and should really look the part.


I'd like to wish Nick a happy and long retirement.

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