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Perpetual event issue

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I was just looking at the event calendar, and noticed that there are some events which seem to be eternal. For example, the Redditch show:



Despite the way it's correctly showing the dates in the link above, when you look at it it says "This event began 02/03/24 and repeats every day forever". And on the calendar itself, there are events showing every day, which is clearly implausible.


I can't tell if this is caused by the event being incorrectly added to the calendar by the organiser, or whether it's a bug in the calendar itself. But, either way, it could probably do with being fixed!



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Also, there appears to be a glitch in the way some events are posted, sometimes the posting date causes everything

to be inaccessible until before that date, eg.



I don't think the problem is my end

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